FPW Trick or Treat IV (24/10/14) Review

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I have been attending FPW show’s with my partner for about two years now and tonight was the biggest show for the company yet with moving to a new venue, The Westcroft Leisure Centre in Carshalton and with some big name import on the cards there was a buzz in the arena to see what FPW would deliver for Trick or Treat IV.

Welcomed as always by Matt Burden who seemed to be enjoying himself as much as the fans which I find is always great to see from a promoter but he would be cut short by Tom Chamberlain and his Valet who weren’t happy about not being booked on the show and issued an open challenge to anyone backstage which was answered quickly by Phil ‘The Warden’ Ward and Doug Williams so we had our first match of the pre-show.

Tom Chamberlain & The Valet vs Phil ‘The Warden Ward & Doug Williams

I couldn’t start the review of this match without mentioning what The Valet was wearing! Think Rockstar Spud black wrestling singlet meets amateur wrestling but being worn by a man who looks little over 100 pounds. Chamberlain and The Valet isolated Doug Williams for a long part of the tag team match before the match spilled to the outside during which Tom Chamberlain had handcuffed The Warden to the bottom rope with his own handcuffs allowing The Valet to steal the match with a roll up on Doug Williams.

Traditional Pumpkin on a Pole Match

Mr Massive Chuck Cyrus vs Terry Striker

What a match for Chuck Cyrus to make his FPW debut in. To pick up the win you have to retrieve the pumpkin off the pole and put in on your opponents head. The crowd as always taunted Striker with ‘Hobbit’ chants which he plays up to nicely and is then mocked for his physical condition by Cyrus who shows him how to push up properly but Striker couldn’t even achieve this but quickly got the upper hand once the wrestling started. Cyrus picked up the win after Striker attempted to throw Protein Shake in the eyes of Cyrus but it was kicked out of hand into his own face and for the second year in a row ended his night with a pumpkin on his head. Mr Massive Chuck Cyrus looked impressive on his debut and really hams it up with his gimmick which I always like to see.

The pre-show contests were over and the Westcroft Leisure Centre packed out with fans ready for the show to kick off.

Chavo Guerrero vs El Ligero

I’ll say this right from the start I was a little disappointed with this match up. Just something didn’t feel right about the match up which sounded really promising on paper but just didn’t kick it up a notch. Guerrero and Ligero went back and forth starting the match attempting to feel each other out and hit some impressive moves on one another. Both managed to outsmart each other when playing possum during big aerial attempts. The end of the match came when Guerrero kicked Ligero below the belt in front of the referee who instantly disqualified Guerrero giving Ligero the win. Guerrero would protest claiming he kicked the mid-section but Roberts would not reverse the decision prompting a small ‘bullshit’ chant from the crowd who like me expected a little more from this contest. Not saying either competitor isn’t talented especially Ligero who I’m a fan of but this just didn’t click for me.

Chris Masters vs Joel Masters

The Battle of the Masterlock featured FPW regular and crowd favourite Joel Masters against former WWE star Chris Masters who I have seen several times on the independent scene in the UK and has really improved as a performer and really made himself at home over here. This momentum in this physical match up went back and forth for some time even spilling over the guard rail outside into the crowd. Chris Masters claimed that Joel Masters was an impostor and was angry about him stealing his move, The Masterlock a move both guys would attempt to use and reverse out many times during the contest. Joel Masters who is an extremely tall guy had Chris Masters down after a massive Chokeslam climbed the top rope very preciously and went for a splash half way across the ring but Chris Masters was playing possum and mocked Joel Masters saying ‘he’s a veteran’ before picking up the win with The Masterlock.

Traditional 5 on 5 Match of Survival

Team Redman vs Team Stone

Team Redman: Joel Redman, Charlie Garrett, Iestyn Reese, Dai Konran & El Aguilla

Team Stone: Martin Stone, The London Riots, Martin Kirby & Marty Scrull

Matt Burden had said before the match that the 5 on 5 Match of Survival had been voted match of the year for 2 years running and I think all the competitors in this match took that as a challenge to make it 3 years in a row! After a square off in the ring all hell broke loose with fighting all over the arena which was impossible to follow until one by one Team Redman took the air vaulting over the top rope onto Team Stone with massive praise going to Iestyn Reese who for such a big man took to the air with such ease. Referee Chris Roberts got all the men in their corners and the bell rang starting the match. The eliminations came quick and all over the place, The London Riots and Martin Stone where eliminated early and left with the NGW Tag Team Titles they bought with them in a nice heel move from the last show. The match took shape and we were left with a 2 on 1 advantage for Team Stone with Kirby and Scrull left against Dai Konran who seemed to welcome the challenge after The Alpha Males were taken out of the match. Kirby and Scrull got the upper hand using the numbers advantage but to the shock of everyone Dai Konran eliminated Scrull and Kirby after Scrull hit Kirby with a massive kick to the head in the corner. This really was a great contest, the crowd went mad for each elimination and the opening was just so impressive live!

FPW Tag Team Championship

Swords of Essex (Will Ospreay & Paul Robinson) vs Bad Influence (Kazarian & Daniels)

Bad Influence came out and cut a great promo to the FPW crowd in the way only Frankie Kazarian and Christopher ‘The man with the wiggle to make the ladies giggle’ Daniels can but The Swords of Essex blew that entrance out of the water by entering to The Mortal Kombat theme music and dressed as Scorpion and Sub-Zero and just like Will Ospreay shouted ‘I love Halloween’. The double team action that both Bad Influence and The Swords of Essex was just incredible in this match with both teams pulling off such unique offence but nothing came as unique as Paul Robinson, sorry Sub-Zero freezing Christopher Daniels in place before Scorpion yelled ‘Get Over Here!’ and pulled Daniels into the corner. It was great to see both teams really enjoying themselves and putting on such a great tag team match for the FPW Tag Team Championships. As close as Bad Influence came The Swords of Essex won with the Shooting Star Press from each corner to a massive ovation from the crowd. Bad Influence came back after the contest and raised the hands of the retaining tag team champions and even after the 5 on 5 match I think this stole the show.

Sha Samuels vs Hardcore Holly

This one was set to be a physical contest and it more then delivered once the contest got under way that is as Samuels was pre-occupied with silencing his critics in the crowd and even demanding the referee check Hardcore Holly for weapons even though this wasn’t a No DQ match. Both men exchanged really heavy moves on one another it wasn’t pretty to say the least and I must say Hardcore Holly really hasn’t lost a step and picked up the win after powering out of Sha Samuels piledriver attempted and hitting Samuels with an Alabama Slam which got a big reaction from the crowd.

All or Nothing Career and Title FPW Championship Match

RJ Singh vs Greg Burridge

This was a big match for FPW whoever lost between Singh and Burridge would retire and even though both men made an enthusiastic entrance which really is saying the least for Burridge’s entrance in particular you could see a look of concern on both men’s faces before the contest. The action was back and forth with several near falls and even an interference from Tom Chamberlain but he was taken out by Phil ‘The Ward’ Warden before he could get either competitor disqualified which wouldn’t have been the way either men would want this match to end. RJ Singh had the Ethic Submission locked on twice but Burridge just wouldn’t stay down and in a surprising turn of events picked up the pin fall on RJ Singh after a great combination of moves. I must admit this surprised me and I’m a big fan of RJ Singh who is an incredibly nice guy as well as a good competitor in the ring. He talked to the FPW fan’s thanking them for the support over the last 3 years and thanked the promoters who came into the ring to see off who was a fantastic champion for their show.

Overall Trick of Treat IV was a very entertaining show and I couldn’t be happy for Matt Burden, Steve HD Evans and Lee Elmer it really was sight to see just how far the promotion has come over 3 years and with Alberto Del Rio making his independent UK debut on the next show I believe a lot of bigger things are to come for FPW.

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