FPW School’s In 2 (14/9/14) Review

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Jenny and myself have become regulars at FPW and we really do look forward to an FPW Sunday this was no exception with a great card with some of the best on the Indy scene making their debuts we took our seats in Wallington Hall ready for some FPW action.

FPW’s host and announcer Matt Burden came out first as always to welcome the crowd but he also had some big announcements for the night saying ‘card subject to change’ has never been more relevant then at tonight’s show. Darrell Allen could not compete due to an injury but he was in attendance and the crowd gave him a good reception. Robbie X could not make the show, Max Angelus was stuck in Ireland and The London Riots with Martin Stone were nowhere to be seen with the show about to start! Replacements had been found and the show would go on as usual before Matt Burden could continue he was interrupted by Tom Chamberlain and his butler. Chamberlain wasn’t happy with the fact he is a professional and hadn’t been booked on FPW’s next show and out of nowhere Matt Burden was slapped across the face by The Butler who even Chamberlain had to hold back! Before Chamberlain and his butler could leave the stage Matt Burden announced that The Butler had just put himself forward to be in the Zero G Tournament and with that we had our first match of the evening.

Zero G Tournament Match: Martin Kirby vs El Aguila vs The Butler

With two new participants in this match it must be said how great Martin Kirby is to be able to bring as much as he did out of the crowd who really didn’t know what to expect from this match. The Butler spent most of the contest on the outside while Kirby and Aquila went back and forth with some fast offence with The Butler running in on occasion to try and pick up a pinfall. The move of the match came for me when Kirby climbed the second rope and walked along it making lobster hands and chanting Zoidberg style ‘whoop whoop whoop’ before dropping the aptly named Zoidberg Elbow drop. Kirby picked up the first pin and advanced in the Zero G tournament and he was quickly followed by El Aguila who dropped a massive spinning kick on The Butler to progress. The match wasn’t anything special but entertaining enough considering the circumstances.

Zero G Tournament Match: Flash Morgan Webster vs Marty Scrull vs Tommy End

I’ll say it right on the off this is the match of the night and one of the most entertaining matches I have seen! I love Marty Scrull’s new Villain persona, Tommy End is one of the best in Europe and Webster has a Mod gimmick and comes in to The Jam’s ‘In the City’ which is nothing but quality to me and he really held his own with two of the best! Scrull managed to isolate Tommy End for much of the opening of the match always knocking End back to the floor when he tried to enter the ring. When he got back in the contest after several back and forth near falls between the three participants Tommy End hit Webster with one of his trademark vicious roundhouse kicks but Tommy End was thrown to the outside by Scrull who picked up a pin on the fallen Webster and advanced in the tournament. Now it was down to Tommy End and Webster to see who would advance next and much to his credit Webster wouldn’t back down and really took the fight to End who had his legs worked on by Webster who was trying to take the game out of Tommy End! Webster came so close to advancing several times over Tommy End but all it took was one of Tommy End’s kicks to connect and followed up a bridging German suplex and almost in a heartbeat Webster was beaten and End advanced.

FPW Tag Team Champions The Swords of Essex (Paul Robinson & Will Ospreay) vs The Rockafeller Foundation (Terry Striker & Phil ‘The Warden’ Ward)

It really is impossible in text to tell you just how popular The Swords of Essex are here in FPW to call them fan favourites would be putting it lightly! The match was high offence right from the start with The Rockafeller Foundation getting the jump on the champions who then managed to keep Will Ospreay from getting the tag for some time but when it came Paul Robinson exploded into action and clashed heads rather badly with Terry Striker during a standing shooting star press which cut him open rather badly! The Swords of Essex’s retained their titles after a Shooting Star Press from the top turnbuckle from both Robinson and Ospreay onto Terry Striker and Phil Ward. After the match Terry Striker slapped Phil Warden blaming him for them not capturing the FPW tag team titles. The Warden attempted to fight back but Striker left the ring before he was able to!

After a short interval Matt Burden addressed the crowd about The London Riots whereabouts which the FPW fans weren’t happy about to say the least. Before Burden could continue Jimmy Havoc who was fired by FPW at Reloaded 3.0 assaulted Burden and then fellow promoter Heavy D. Havoc continued a violent attack on Heavy D whenever security tried to help scathing into the microphone about how he and The London Riots made this company! He dropped a horrible elbow on the back of the neck of Heavy D and left out of the main entrance before security could get him!

Matt Burden recomposed himself before announcing that since The London Riots and Martin Stone hadn’t shown up there would be a replacement match and introduced Wild Boar which led to Marty Scrull and Martin Kirby coming out as well and it looks like a triple threat match between the three after they had finished arguing over who was going to be the first FPW Zero G Champion that is. Burden instead said The Alpha Males & Joel Redman were here and this will be a 6 Man Tag Match.

Joel Redman & The Alpha Males (Iestyn Rees & Charlie Garrett) vs Wild Boar, Marty Scrull & Martin Kirby

The Alpha Males and Joel Redman dominated much of the early going in the match who it must be said are really become popular at FPW but this all changed once Marty Scrull got into the match and managed to isolate Charlie Garrett for a good amount of time away from his partners but when the hot tag came Redman and Rees were just dominant and too much for Wild Boar who was pinned by Charlie Garrett. After the match while celebrating with the fans The Alpha Males and Joel Redman learnt they will be in the traditional 5 on 5 survival match at FPW Trick of Treat IV with The London Riots and Martin Stone against them.

Sha Samuels Gauntlet Match

Sha Samuels claimed before the gauntlet started he could beat at least 20 other challengers during this contest and after the easy pinfall on his first challenger The Mexican Eagle it could be believed but he picked up a big assist from Terry Striker who attacked The Mexican Eagle making his entrance. Next up was The Pride of Wales Eddie Dennis and the two giant men fought around ringside which Sha Samuels picked up and advantage from after hitting a back body drop on Eddie Dennis into the hard wood floor. In the ring the two went back and forth but Sha Samuels hit his piledriver on Eddie Dennis and we were onto his third challenger Joel Masters. Sha Samuels I believed realised he couldn’t beat Joel Masters and attacked him with a steel chair from ringside and carried on a beating even after the disqualification. Heavy D came out to stop the attack and announced at Trick or Treat IV as he liked being hardcore so much he would face former WWE superstar Hardcore Holly in a No Disqualification match.

FPW Heavyweight Champion RJ Singh vs Sir Tom Chamberlain

The heated rivalry for the FPW title showed immediately in this match as RJ Singh and Chamberlain fought in amongst the crowd ringside before finally getting into the ring for the match to start. Early going into the match RJ Singh landed awkwardly on his knee as was down for some time a real concern of an injury to the champion who asked to be taken into the back by Burden and Heavy D but Chamberlain saw an opportunity and took it kicking the back of the knee of Singh who dropped hard on the floor and was thrown back into the ring. Heavy D and Burden wanted the referee to stop the contest but said he wouldn’t as Singh was refusing to quit. Chamberlain dominated the match working on the knee of Singh. He had a figure four leglock on Singh for some time but somehow Singh managed to turn over and out the pressure on Chamberlain instead who broke the hold. Singh fought back but Chamberlain picked up the pinfall and began to celebrate with the title but it was all in vain as Singh had his foot on the bottom rope which the referee noticed and restarted the contest. Chamberlain walked right into a superkick followed by The Ethnic Submission from Singh who retained the title after Chamberlain tapped out. After the match you would hardly call Singh the winner looking at the beating he had taken but he is after all still FPW Heavyweight Champion.

FPW School’s In 2 was an enjoyable show but maybe not the best FPW has put on recently but that can’t be held against them with the situations out of their control they still delivered a solid show with a great Zero G Tournament match between Webster/Scrull/End, an entertaining Gauntlet Match and a classic twisting main event match for the title. I am very much looking forward to Trick of Treat IV and I would recommend you come down and check it out with a great blend of UK Indy Talent and International Stars.

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