FPW Reloaded Rumble 4.0 (8/2/15) Review

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After two successful and entertaining shows at The Westcroft Leisure Centre Future Pro Wrestling was back home at Wallington Hall for their final show in the venue as the local council are knocking it down and building flats so what better way to say farewell then a loaded show with a 30-Man Rumble in which one man would not become No.1 Contender but would become FPW Champion!

Matt Burden welcomed to FPW crowd as always with some rather touching words in regards to being FPW final show in Wallington Hall, you can really see what memories and great times this venue holds for all behind the scenes in FPW.

Zero G Tournament Match: The Warden vs Terry Striker vs Ali Armstrong

Making his FPW debut Ali Armstrong instantly won over the crowd after an energetic entrance which features to me one of the best things I have seen in Independent wrestling where the crowd were given party poppers before the show began and then when Armstrong did the Kane taunt in the ring all you could hear were cheers and little pops of confetti all around the front row. The Warden made an instant bee line for Terry Striker in the ring following their recent rivalry which meant Armstrong had trouble getting into the match even being thrown off by both men while they were going at each other. I really do rate Ali Armstrong as a great wrestler and entertainer and have always seen something new and unique from his ringwork and comedy spots throughout the match. The first man to advance in the tournament was The Warden after picking up the pin fall on Terry Striker, The Warden then pulled Armstrong over Striker to ensure his rival wouldn’t advance but Striker kicked out. Armstrong and Striker went back and forth until Armstrong went for the Gainz Bomb but didn’t hit the mark and allowed Striker to snap on the anklelock and advance in the Zero-G Tournament. The result surprised a lot of the FPW crowd who although it was only his debut became fans of Armstrong’s instantly and I for one would love to see him back in a FPW ring.

In a surprise appearance for the FPW crowd RJ Singh and Darrell Allen, The Bhangra Knights came to address the crowd and say farewell to The Future Zone. It wasn’t long into a great speech from them two that they were interrupted by Richard Parliament who claimed the fans didn’t want to hear from them and would much rather listen to his plans for a better European Britain but nothing could have been further from the truth and one man that agreed was Rockstar Spud which led to an impromptu match between the two.

Rockstar Spud vs Richard Parliament

First of all it has to be said that Rockstar Spud’s England 1966 Football themed attire maybe one of the greatest I have seen and I still remember this sight even if I cannot un see Richard Parliament’s rear end full exposed shortly into the match. The match was rather back and forth with the crowd firmly behind Rockstar Spud even when Parliament was dominating the contest but Rockstar Spud would pick up the win after hitting Slice Bread No.2 on Parliament. After the contest Richard Parliament attacked Rockstar Spud from behind which led to The Bhanghra Knights coming to aid Spud but Parliament escaped unharmed.

The next match was the next in the FPW Tag Team Series but before the match got underway The London Riots said they wouldn’t compete in a Series anymore but wanted the FPW Tag Team Titles tonight and would put their IPW and NGW Tag Team Titles on the line as well so whoever won this contest would become IPW/NGW and FPW Tag Team Champions in a defence rather unprecedented in Independent Wrestling and a moment I found very memorable.

FPW/IPW:UK/NGW Tag Team Titles Match: The London Riots vs The Alpha Males vs The Swords of Essex

Before the match began Will Ospreay announced that Paul Robinson wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle and chose to defend the titles on his own and he almost did right out the box using his ever impressive aerial offense to take out both The Riots and The Alpha Males on his own and pick up a close two fall but this would be the last real stand Will Ospreay would make after the numbers game caught up on him and he was hit with two devastating double team moves from both The London Riots and The Alpha Males. The London Riots managed to isolate Charlie Garrett of the Alpha Males for some time but when Iestyn Rees finally got in the match it even the playing field and both teams came close to winning but Will Ospreay made his way into the ring for a final flourish hitting a double RKO off the ropes on The London Riots but would eventually fall victim to a devastating spear from Rob Lynch and we had new FPW Tag Team Champions in The London Riots. Once again these three teams put on one hell of a tag team match and really set the standard for tag team wrestling in the UK for my liking and I’m not liking the idea of not seeing this series continue as I was a fan of it but excited to see what FPW will throw at The London Riots to get the Tag Team titles off them.

Zero-G Tournament Match: Ryan Smile vs Pastor William Eaver vs Sebastian

I’ll say this from the start Ryan Smile is one hell of a talent! This was my first time seeing him live and he put on one hell of match, wrestled throughout the match, pulled off some unique offense, really sells up there with the best of them all while displaying natural charisma you can’t practice. That’s taking nothing away from William Eaver and Sebastian although being familiar with their work in Progress wrestling this was a much more of a physical contest that I have seen from them both. Eaver was as over as always with the crowd and Sebastian drew heat like nobody else with big ‘Joey Essex’ chants but clearly he’s a Made in Chelsea guy! Eaver advanced first pinning Sebastian and before he could leave he got into a verbal with Smile to which Eaver took offense and came back into the ring to deliver maybe the most sickening clothesline I have seen or heard and which sent the FPW crowd mad! Sebastian tried to take advantage but Smile fought back but Sebastian put away Smile to advance in the Zero-G Tournament. The FPW crowd gave a big ovation to Ryan Smile and I hope to be seeing him live again sometime soon and FPW need to get him back for the next show as I would love to see Ryan Smile against William Eaver.

30-Man Reloaded Rumble for the FPW Championship

The audio technical problems that happened throughout the show really came into play during a Rumble where I really realised just how important themes are when entering during a Rumble but in all honestly it couldn’t be held against the FPW guys as well Wallington Hall aren’t going to replace the sound system for a building that’s to be demolished! Speaking of challenges I must say staying on top of the action to write a review for Rumble sure is one. So I’ll do some little bullet points and recap the outcome of the Rumble.

*Sebastian was out first with Will Ospreay second.
*There was a lot of Projo Talent making their FPW debut in The Rumble such as Kyle Ashmore, Chuck Mambo, Damon Moser, The Omega and Shen Woo.
*Always pay attention during a Rumble match or you’ll suddenly be hit by a flying Chuck Mambo
*There was more male arse on display from a returning Johnathan Windsor
*Afro Diablo’s Disco Ball on top of his cane is just amazing

The final three were defending FPW Champion Greg Burridge, Thomas Chamberlain and Dai Konran, the masked high flyer last seen winning the 5 on 5 Survival Match on his own at FPW Trick or Treat IV. Greg Burridge eliminated Chamberlain after a long struggle on the ropes to survive but was then dumped over the ropes by the relatively unknown Dai Konran which really silenced the FPW crowd. Burridge went around ringside saying goodbye to the belt letting fans touch it and eventually got back into the ring and handed over the title to Dai Konran who accepted it but as Burridge was distracted by The London Riots on the stage Dai Konran unmasked himself and it was none other than Jimmy Havoc who was fired by FPW Management at Reloaded Rumble 3.0 and last seen assaulting Heavy D. The reaction from the FPW crowd reminded me just why I love wrestling, the moments you don’t see coming and are just incredible live! The London Riots and Jimmy Havoc beat down Burridge until several wrestlers came out to protect him. Burridge announced he would wrestler Havoc at the next show in a Revenge Match.

Matt Burden thanked all the fans for coming and every FPW was on their feet applauding the show and the wrestlers who helped put on a fitting send off to The Wallington Hall who I hope allow Matt Burden, Steve Evans and Lee Elmer take a baseball bat to the sound system just like the scene out of Office Space. It really was a great show and I look forward to FPW’s future under Jimmy Havoc as champion and The London Riots as tag team champions.

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