Fight! Nation ‘Redemption’ Review (30/6/17)

Added by LD Ballard

This was my third Fight Nation on previous shows we’ve had Marty Scurll vs Mark Andrews and on the last show we had an amazing match between Matt Riddle & Mark Haskins that was amazing!

This time we had a returning Matt Riddle this time vs IMPACT Wrestling’s Moose, I must admit I wasn’t blown away when this match was announced as I’ve not seen any of Moose before as I don’t watch IMPACT and I wasn’t watching ROH when he was there.

We also had Mark Haskins, who I’m a massive fan off and Keith Lee making his Fight Nation debut and I was really excited about this!

The show started 15 minutes late which wasn’t a problem, I took my seven year old son to the merch tables where we saw Riddle who talked with us like we where old friends, he had a picture with my son and signed the poster he had made.  I don’t think there is a nicer bro in wrestling than Matt Riddle.

The show started with the news that Jimmy Havoc wasn’t going to be on the show. I was a bit bummed out as I remember Havoc being amazing villain  when I used to go to PROGRESS a few years back. Anyway the show must go on!!

First match was Joseph Conners who had recently appeared for the WWE on the UK special vs Jon Ryan. Conners looked in great shape and really got the crowd warmed up. Jon Ryan came out as a bad guy and the reaction showed this reaction and got a lot of stick for having no hair. Conners got the win with a slingshot DDT. Good match which got the crowed going.

Next up tag team match between Souls Of Smashmouth (James Castle & Sammy Smooth) vs Sid Scala & ‘Lightning’ Lewis Howley. I laughed when Castle called Lewis Rodney (Only Fools & Horses reference which for anyone who knows Scala will understand) at the start of the match ring side. This tag match screamed break-up between Sid and Lewis and that may be coming in the near future. Nice match Sid Scala is a big hit with the kids on the show. Souls Of Smashmouth got the win.

Next match of the night Matt Riddle vs Moose this was awesome and even though it’s disliked by many, it got a “this is awesome chant”. The crowd where split we had cheers of “BRO” For Riddle followed by the “MOOSE” chants that me and my son keep doing to each still 5 days removed. Amazing match everyone need to check this out on FITE TV app when it’s put up. Ended in a double count out when both men down and were unable to answer the ref’s count. Standing ovation at the end both men work so hard, fingers crossed these two are paired  up again in the near future at Fight! Nation.

Z Force championship six man gauntlet match: Match started with Drew Parker and Ash Draven, I felt sorry for the two guys and the crowd seemed to be on a come down from the last match and intermission. Ash Draven pinned drew Parker then we got Keith Lee which really woke the crowd up. Tonight was my first time seeing Lee in person, my god he is massive!! An all “bask in his glory” chant started and it was all over pretty quick for Draven taking the 123. Next in was Jossh Bodom, I was looking forward to this as I’m a Bodom fan. This was good, really hard hitting from Lee on Bodom and Lee was flying round like he could have been a cruiswerweight. Lee hit Bodom with the biggest power bomb I have ever seen, I could hear Jim Ross in my head saying “good god he is broken in half”! Bodom was pinned and out next was the recently turned fan favourite Robert Sharpe, the turn seems to have come from Joey Ryan putting a condom in Sharpe’s mouth on the last show, a match you can see for free on fight nation Facebook page.

Sharpe took some really hard chops that even made my chest hurt. Sharpe fought back after Lee missed a second rope moonsault and Sharpe pinned Lee after hitting and impressive Gotch style neutralizer, I really enjoyed Keith Lee and I hope to see him at more shows in the future.

Next in was Kip Sabian, kip beat on a knackered Sharpe for most of the match. Sharpe made a come back and pinned Kip Sabian to a massive pop from the Canterbury crowd.

Good overall match but the match was at its best when Keith Lee was in the match.

Main Event for the British championship: Champion Chris Ridgeway vs Mark Haskins.

The match started off with some nice technical wrestling that didn’t seem to please a few of the younger members of the crowd with one shout of “fight, you haven’t come here to hold hands and dance”. Another shout was that Chris Ridgeway looked like Finn Balor but not as good!

I wasn’t a fan of them chants and was glad when his mum told him to stop. I loved how intense Haskins was in trying to win back his championship that he gave up due to injury. The match was good but I could see my son and a few of the other kids where getting tired. Haskins had Ridgeway in some short of arm bar, Ridgeway was tapping the bell was rung only for the ref to spot Ridgeways foot under the bottom rope, the match restarted and with the refs back turned a low blow from Ridgeway to Haskins then the 123 and Ridgeway wins and keeps the belt.

Great show another awesome Matt Riddle match with Moose, Cant wait for the next show and seeing some of the matches coming up on the FITE TV app.

Please everyone give Fight! Nation a try, you wont regret it.