Fight Club: Pro ‘Wrestle House ’19’ 01.02.2019

Added by Luke Hickey

Watching via the new Fight Club: Pro subscription service Unlimited on Vimeo, Wrestle House 2019 opens quickly with the announcer in the ring and we’re straight into the first match as Omari takes on Conor Mills. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen from both young men in the past, so I’m keen to see how they have progressed as wrestlers since then. Straight into a lock up and into the chain, going toe to toe with reversals and counter reversals. By the way, the crowd looks very full and they seem well up for it, as Omari and Mills continue their technical exploits before quickening the pace. It is actually a shame Omari wasn’t in Tokyo, as when I watched FCP before I instantly took a shine to him. Omari is on top as he forearm strikes Mills. Conor is coming back, the pace has really upped since the beginning, a nice spinning heel kick from Mills clocks Omari. Mills ascendancy doesn’t last long as Omari clatters him with a springboard double foot stomp and then a sit out powerbomb. Mills ain’t down for long but springboards into Omari who catches him a spins him out into what looks like his finisher but I don’t know what its called so please @ me on Twitter with the name! Good match that Omari won!

Next up is a trios match, heel unit Schadenfreude represented by Timothy Thatcher who appears to be manhandling a security member on the way to the ring, Chris Brookes and Lucky Kid. Their facing a now face it appears Dan Moloney, who was a heel last time I watched FCP, former champ Travis Banks and my compatriot, Jordan Devlin, who are competing under the banner of Team FCP. Lykos grabs the microphone before eventually handing it Brookes, who exclaims that their are representing NXT UK as part of Triple H’s barmy army, and lets be honest he ain’t wrong, he then targets Moloney by saying he got released and suggests a trip back to the job centre. From this point we’re into a brawl and the bell rings, Moloney is throwing Brookes about the ring while the rest fight ringside. Brookes cheats his way to control, tags in Lucky Kid who gets some unmerciful chops from Moloney who tags in Devlin. Devlin is picking his spots with precision and tags in Banks. Is Lucky Kid’s gimmick that of being a bit unhinged? This is another @ me thing, as this is what is coming across to me. Thatcher makes the tag and goes to work on Banks, as a efficient as ever before a quick tag to Brookes, and another quick tag to Kid is made. Schadenfreude isolating Banks from his teammates. Banks gets a second wind and starts charging into members of Schadenfreude until Thatcher knocks him down with a chop, Banks crawls to his corner and tags in Moloney, who goes strike for strike with Thatcher. Devlin in, and it quickens, Lucky Kid runs into a Spanish Fly, springboard cutter for Thatcher. Lucky Kid tags in legally, springboards into a German Suplex. Moloney Swanton onto Kid followed by a Double Foot Stomp from Banks. Schadenfreude back on top as Kid locks in a Crossface on Moloney, but Devlin and Banks push Thatcher and Brookes on top of him to break it, all men are down. Kid and Devlin go toe to toe with strikes. Thatcher butterfly suplex on Banks, Devlin with a Saito on Kid. Brookes Underhook Piledriver on Devlin for the win, another good match.

Yuu comes out first to face Millie McKenzie, who comes out proudly wearing the Sendai Girls Junior Championship. For those unfamiliar with Yuu, she wrestled in Japan for Tokyo Joshi Pro, a subsidiary of Dramatic Dream Team for about 4 years following her debut before going freelance this year. They start off with a friendly hand shake before going into a lock up and transitioning into chain wrestling on the mat. Yuu is a former champion in her own right, previously holding the premier championship in TJPW for over 200 days, crushing standing senton to McKenzie from Yuu, who definitely has a size and power advantage over Millie. Yuu is currently just outpowering Millie McKenzie, and it will be interesting to see how she counters this. Millie with strikes followed by a Cutter, two. Millie charges at Yuu but Yuu counters with a Judo throw. Superkick from McKenzie, but Yuu takes it and John Woo’s McKenzie into the corner, both are down. Yuu powerbombs McKenzie into the turnbuckle pad, sets up for another but McKenzie counters out and charges at her with a Spear, Yuu is unaffected. McKenzie German and follows up with a Spear, quick three count. This was okay, it had good moments. Afterwards she’s attacked by Charli Evans I think, again I could be wrong, who used a turnbuckle as a sort of fish hook on Millie McKenzie. Another singles match follows as Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open & Schadenfreude faces my personal favourite*, Will Ospreay.

*This is heavily loaded sarcasm, fyi.

Ospreay coming out with the NEVER Openweight Championship, making his way to his New Japan entrance theme. The crowd, at least whats coming through on the video, is mainly for Ospreay with a couple of shouts for Fletcher. Lock up, pushing against each other for power. Things start to go flippy as they fight on the outside up unto the rampway. Both men suffer impact moves on the stage and ramp, with Fletcher getting the worst of it. Ospreay returns to the ring while Fletcher is down, Joel Allen begins the count out. I drifted off when Ospreay was on top but Fletcher appears to be gaining some momentum right now as he throws Ospreay around the outside. At least Ospreay ain’t screaming like a wounded animal right now but I sure find him annoying. Fletcher’s kicks to the back of Ospreay seem to wake him up, still the pace is quite slow and perhaps the finish may be a gear or two higher. Ospreay chops the chest of Fletcher, Ospreay steps up a gear and has Fletcher on the ropes. The chest of Fletcher has noticeable welts. Kyle lawn darts Ospreay into the turnbuckle pad. Ospreay goes for the Rainmaker but Fletcher blocks it with boots. They trade hard Lariats. Ospreay gets the worst of it but comes back with a Rainmaker and retains wrist control, we know you’re Okada’s buddy. Follows this with what looks like two V-Triggers before Fletcher catches a third. Oscutter, two. Despite the FCP chants, this seems like a very contrived NJPW contest to me. Ospreay goes for that Execution Forearm thing he did to Ibushi but Fletcher’s head drops. Cheeky Nando’s Kick by like seven. Yuu and McKenzie could have done with another five minutes, which was probably eaten up by this. Oscutter, Fletcher catches, Essexs Destroyer, Oscutter, Stormbreaker, and its finally over. Bored with periods of excitement is the best way for me to describe this, strategically fitted with some puroresu greatest hits. Ospreay bows to Fletcher afterwards, as Fletcher stands he is applauded by the crowd regardless of his Schadenfreude allegiance.

A fatal four way match is up next, El Phantasmo is out first. His fellow Canadian, Mike Bailey is out next, followed by Shigehiro Irie, who much like Yuu has recently gone freelance, and lastly Shane Strickland completes the quartet. A real international feel and its not even International Tekkers! Irie is asking for some strikes, and just absords them before knocking down the other combatants. Bailey and Strickland now going at a brisk pace, Phantasmo continues the pace as both Bailey and Irie are on the ringside area. Irie and ELP now in the middle of the ring, big powerslam from the Japan native. Bulldog, rope assisted splash and Bailey and Strickland in to break, they double team the big man, who goes through the ropes and wipes out Phantasmo. Bailey and Strickland go strike for strike, Bailey to the outside and Strickland takes him and Irie out. Fast chaos, in a good way. Flurry of kicks from Bailey to ELP, Irie comes in a clocks them. Three really quick guys against one beast, currently holding against the big man but he continually does damage to the smaller guys. Strickland near fall on ELP but Bailey breaks, back to Bailey and Strickland in the ring. German from Strickland, rolling cutter. Irie and Phantasmo back in and they work together against Strickland. We’re down to Irie and Phantasmo, Phantasmo tries to lift Irie up, spins him around and onto the mat but Bailey breaks the cover. Irie cuts off Bailey on the top turnbuckle, Bailey comes back with a a spinning kick to Irie. ELP is back in. Irie piledrives Bailey onto the chest of Phantasmo. Death Valley Driver to Strickland, running cannonball to Phantasmo, Beast Bomber to Bailey. Follows up with a second, and its all over. Good match, its gotten me back into the show.

Tag titles on the line as Team Whitewolf challenge The Hunter Brothers for the belts, and I still don’t know which is which, I’m sorry. I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure which of Team Whitewolf is which either. But I’ve liked what I’ve seen of the Hunters previously and on Project Tokyo. Straight into some technical style wrestling. Quick tags now from the Brothers as the they isolate A-Kid I think, Team Whitewolf get up top soon after with some high octane offence. And momentum swings again in favour of the Hunter Brothers. Nice bit of tandem offence from them, they certainly have an experience edge over the Spanish duo, who I think are now basing themselves in Wolverhampton, or at least, Romo is. Some really nice wrestling on show, with the pacing varying depending on whose holding the momentum, it definitely heightens when Romo is in the ring, who I think is the long haired one on Whitewolf, this is some quality reviewing I know. A-Kid with some nice flippy move sequence of his own as the crowd chant Whitewolf. A-Kid going for an armbar but its reversed into a pinfall attempt and the hold is broken. All four down in the ring, I think Romo is legal for his team, and I think its Lee for the Hunters. Spanish Fly from A-Kid and its followed up with a Moonsault from Romo. A-Kid goes for a swing courtesy of a Brother a la Cesaro. Whitewolf with the momentum though as they look for the win. Hurricarana and Splash combo from the Hunters and they retain the titles. I shall have to educate myself on who is who.

Main event time as Mark Davis faces Walter.Davies is accompanied by the rest of Schadenfreude minus Thatcher who comes out with Walter. I’m unsure of the hostility between Davis and Walter, as both are aligned with Schadenfreude in Fight Club: Pro. Brookes proclaims that this match doesn’t need to happen as Schadenfreude are a team and not enemies as Martin Zaki is the enemy. Brookes offends Walter when he tells him to lie down and take the pin since he sold out to WWE, the match starts as Walter attacks, but Davis is on top until Walter chops him. Thatcher makes sure this is one v one. Davis fires back and is holding his own in this hard hitting match so far. Walter and Davis are fighting on the outside as they make their way through the card, Walter whips Davis into the chairs, edging closer to the ring. Walter drops Davis unceremoniously onto the ring apron and they eventually make their way inside. Davis is absorbing a lot of punishment which makes one thing this is a foregone conclusion, but Davis is a beefy boy and will definitely have his say in the match. Davis begins targeting the hand of Walter, trying to neutralise the chops of the big Austrian. The crowd seem to be behind the Austrian as Davis continues working the hand and arm of Walter, dictating the pace of the match. A chop unfortunately wakes up the Austrian. Chop to the back of Davis and follows it with a German, Walter regaining his grip on proceedings. Davis coming back and both are downed following a big boot from Davis. Davis misses a moonsault and Walter gets a big John Woo, follows up with a Powerbomb but Davis kicks out at two. Big chop from Walter knocks Davis to his knees but he gets back up and delivers one of his own, Walter responds in kind. Walter fires off a series off them to a cornered Davis, who runs out only to be met with a Lariat. Powerbomb from Walter, Splash from the top, kick out at two, Walter locks in a Crossface as Davis struggles for the ropes. Davis eventually gets there, his chest is heavily bruised, akin to corn beef. Davis piledriver, pin attempt, clean pinfall, Davis wins a very good and hard hitting match!

Post-match, the rest of Schadenfreude make their way to the ring, congratulating Davis on his big win. Soon they lurch over a downed Walter, Thatcher comes out, who looks to console his Ringkampf mate. The rest of Schadenfreude leave the ring. Thatcher applauds Walter and the fans join in. As Walter and Thatcher do the Ringkampf pose, Thatcher locks in a Chokehold and the rest of Schadenfreude return with a table and put Walter through it. Davis issues the challenge for the FCP Championship as Kid and Fletcher kick Walter out of the ring.

For me, opening contest, trios match, the fatal four way and the main event are all worth a watch, don’t forget there is a graps and claps review of this show also on the site, and I think they are much kinder than Ospreay than I am.

Luke Hickey