Fight Club: PRO Project Mayhem VI Night 2 Review

Added by Keagan Barnes

Tonight was Fight Club: PRO’s 8th birthday and the stage was set for a hell of a night. The card was stacked, everyone was happy in the Wrestle House and everyone got the ‘bevs’ in. This was my first Fight Club: PRO show and I had the chance to go due to PW GrrrlGang being the awesome thing that it is.

Fight Club: PRO Championship – Chris Brookes w/ Kid Lykos vs EITA 

The first match of night saw Chris Brookes’ open challenge answered by Over Generation’s Eita. The originally scheduled match was #CCK vs Over Generation (CIMA and Eita) but of course with Lykos injuring his wrist, the match was replaced by this open challenge.

Chris took to the microphone stating how the antics of Night 1 were bullshit. He claimed he was a fighting champion and challenged anyone from around the world (which made it quite obvious it would be one of the Over Generation guys) to a contest for his championship. Out came Eita.

The match itself was decent, good opener and got the crowd in the right mood for the rest of the show. We saw a lot of back and forth action between the pair and it ended with a screwy finish with Eita bound to become the new champion until Lykos distracted Referee Shay. Eita then picked up the patent CCK baking tray, shouted ‘Shut Up Lykos’ and clocked him with it. Chris took advantage of this wasted time and picked up the win.

Winner: Chris Brookes.

Callous Hearts vs Scarlet & Graves (CZW Rules)

The second match of the evening pitted Jimmy Havoc & Clint Margera against Zachary Wentz and Desmond Xavier.. Callous Hearts got an overwhelming show of respect from the crowd because of their insane Night 1 match against Ricky Shane Page and Drew Parker. Let’s just say Scarlet & Graves’ entrance was a little different…

Wentz came out first, pointing towards the entrance way and then comes Dezmond dressed head to toe in Jimmy Havoc cosplay. I don’t know how much Xavier got paid to do that but I can assure you it wasn’t enough. “He must have a death wish” – Actual words from someone behind me. The pair of teams had a stare down mid-ring and the match got underway.

The contest was jam packed with crazy spots.. Wentz jumped from a steel girder, he flattened Clint with a ladder, Xavier did some mad flippy shit as per and Jimmy did his paper cut spot. The match was fun and I totally recommend it.

Winners: Callous Hearts.

Shane Strickland vs Omari

Perhaps the match I was anticipating the most. It did not disappoint. The fast paced, hard hitting, emotion evoking encounter had me screaming and sat on the edge of my seat for most of the match.

Let me tell you this: if you are not familiar with Omari, you better familiarise yourself real quick. The kid is going to blow up faster than you can sing the hook to Down With The Trumpets. Swerve was a class act as usual too. He had to play the heel here because let’s face it, you are not getting cheered when you’re facing Omari.

Omari gave it his all, sending the audience into a fray multiple times but Shane was just too much for the young wrestler to handle.

Winner: Shane Strickland.

Travis Banks vs Masaaki Mochizucki

Not watching Dragon Gate is probably the biggest regret I had going into this show. I knew seeing CIMA, Eita and Mochizucki was a big deal but I had no opinion on them of my own. Masaaki recently won the Open The Dream Gate championship from YAMATO and him coming to Fight Club: PRO being champion was huge.

This match was really hard hitting and was pretty fun while it lasted but it did feel quite short. A technical encounter which also featured Mochizucki killing Trav’s chest with a pair of his chops.

Winner: Masaaki Mochizucki


To start off the second half Chief Deputy Dunne came out telling everyone how everyone at Fight Club: PRO had been having too much fun-ahhhh. He said Session Moth was the biggest offender and got her to come back into the ring from behind the bar. She came in, the segment was filled with innuendos and then Dunne kicked her in the face. He then began to beat her down. Out came Shay! Damian got the upper hand on both of them still and then out came Jack Sexsmith! The trio sent him regrouping to the back and then danced in the middle of the ring. Fun little segment and I hope it makes the DVD.

Scramble Match: Jordan Devlin vs Mark Haskins vs David Starr vs Millie McKenzie vs Kyle Fletcher vs Mark Davis vs CIMA

The first actual match of the second half was great, all fighters wanted the W from it.

The first two fighters in the ring was CIMA and Mark Haskins. The pair had a decent little sequence and Millie McKenzie came into the ring replacing Mark. Now this was the first time seeing Millie for me and let me tell you, it won’t be the last. She popped me big time several times throughout the match and turned into Brock Lesnar at one point too. Here though, she was getting out wrestled by CIMA.

It wasn’t long until the match broke down into chaos and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. There was some scary moments, like when Mark Davis threatened to do his patent piledriver to Millie McKenzie. She reversed and hit him with a hurricanrana. Jordan Devlin was a bastard in this match. I don’t know why I’m so against the ‘big head’ chants but it just doesn’t feel right shaming a wrestler on his appearance. He caught Millie mid air hitting her with a mad power bomb and he also gave her a package piledriver. Millie went a suplex streak and got everyone in the match and everyone popped massive when it came to Mark Davis.

Although Millie was definitely the star of this match, she was outside the ring when CIMA picked up the win.

Winner: CIMA

Jessica Havok vs Kay Lee Ray

This match was fine. Sloppy in some parts but it more than made up for it with some cool spots. I hadn’t seen much of Havok prior to this show but I had an idea of who she was. Very dissimilar from Kay Lee Ray who is one of my favourite wrestlers to see live.

The problem I had with this match wasn’t really even the match, it was a chant after. There was a small ‘women’s wrestling’ chant spreading across the crowd. Even though it didn’t gain much steam, I couldn’t help but cringe. As wrestling fans I thought we were far past the point of dividing wrestling between women’s and men’s. Especially in Fight Club: PRO where intergender wrestling happens quite frequently.

Jessica took the win with an avalanche tombstone.

Winner: Jessica Havok

The Wrestling Revolver/OI4K (Sami Callihan, Jake and Dave Crist) vs British Strong Style

I have no other words for this match than wow. It was every I thought it was going to be and more. Completely smashed my expecectations for this bout and they were very high. I’ve wanted this match for a while now and I had the pleasure of seeing it live last night.

Pre-match saw Sami Callihan take to the mic saying how there would be no FCP without him and the crowd did not take too kindly to that. I don’t know if that was his intention or not but he took that negative reaction and ran with it. He cut a promo on Trent and Pete after that.

Out came British Strong Style. It felt so good cheering BSS. Mainly going to PROGRESS I never cheer them. It was the same with CCK, it felt so weird booing them. The matched kicked off quickly and boy oh boy was this good. I’d put it up there as one of my favourite matches I’ve ever seen live. The teams’ styles meshed so well. Expectations exceeded, I was screaming, edge of my seat for the whole match if I was even in it. Barriers were flying everywhere and so were bodies. I highly recommend this match to any wrestling fan.

Winners: British Strong Style.

After the match Sami took to the mic once again, saying that Pete is the best wrestler in the world and that he’s bound to win the WWE World Championship. Sami also made the announcement that at Wrestlemania weekend next year, we will see a Fight Club: PRO vs The Wrestling Revolver show.

Project Mayhem VI night 2 was fantastic and I can’t really speak for night 1 myself as I wasn’t there but the entire weekender was amazing (source: fucking everyone) so you should definitley purchase the DVD or VOD when it’s released.