Fight Club: PRO ‘International Tekkers’ (12/8/16) Review

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This was my first visit to the Fixxion Warehouse, Wolverhampton to see a promotion I have heard so many great things about and I have to say that it will most definitely not be my only visit. The home of Fight Club Pro a promotion based on strong style wrestling is based in a small room in the Fixxion Warehouse that at first glance was a bit surreal, however, once the light went out with just a singular lamp beaming down on the ring, the atmosphere changed, a feel of intensity surrounded me amongst the fans cramped into the room that gave the whole event an unbelievable atmosphere and produced a great show that saw an ‘End’ of an era!

Show starts with Sami Callihan addressing the crowd and accepting the open challenge from Travis Banks.

Tyler Bate vs Jigsaw

A great opener that saw an element of comedy throughout the bout which seems to be something that Tyler Bate has added to his matches of late. Maybe I have a biased view of Tyler as I have become a big fan throughout 2016 with his style of wrestling and the great matches he has been having. Jigsaw is a New York native who I have seen in the UK before and there seemed to be some good chemistry between the wrestlers throughout this match. The two would swap submission holds at the start of the match replicating each other’s holds in a match where each one tried to outdo each other in particular moves. A nice spot saw Tyler running to the ropes only for Jigsaw to hit a sunset flip as he threw himself back into the ring and roll up Tyler for near falls which they repeated another two times! Tyler would produce a nice under hook suplex that saw Jigsaw’s back meet the knee of Bate which he followed with a side suplex to pick up the win. Good match that saw them shake hands afterwards and a great start to the show.

Clint Margera vs Chris Brookes

This matched saw Clint announcing that this would be an I quit chain match before it actually started. The ref, who looked really young, tied a chain around the wrists of both wrestlers and the war began. I say war because these two beat the crap out of each other. Whether you are a fan of these types of matches or not, and usually I do struggle with this type of contest, the work rate of Brookes and Margera can only be admired. Margera would be cut open in what seemed a genuine cut as he took the majority of the punishment, not that we would not expect anything else from Clint but many chair shots to the head, a face full of staples and even a Dildo saw Brookes unleash on the hometown favourite. Margera would retaliate until he found himself chained to the ropes as Brookes grabbed who I think is Margera’s girlfriend and threatened to put her through a chair which saw Margera shout I QUIT and Brookes announced as the winner. This match saw Brookes super kick Margera’s girlfriend to really set up more heat for this rivalry.

Nixon Newell vs Jessica Havok

The first ever Woman’s match to be held in Fight Club Pro and it did not disappoint. The former TNA star Havok, in my opinion struggled to keep up with the Welsh girl Nixon Newell who was outstanding throughout the match as well as being well supported. A stare down started the match before an exchange of chops ensued. Both girls saw themselves going through a lot of chairs as they took the match outside the ring; however Nixon was strong and finished the match with a nice German suplex which she followed with a kick to pin the American. A match that the crowd enjoyed and Nixon was on fire as Havok looked a bit rusty, a really good debut women’s match.

War Machine (Hanson/Rowe) vs The Facesmashers (Moloney/Wild Boar)

War Machine’s UK tour continues and this was my second time in a week to see the former Ring of Honour Tag champs. I have been won over by this tag team after two brilliant performances in which they have put they’re British opponents over. This match started with Hanson and Rowe running riot over Maloney and Wild Boar as they were threw all over the room with no forgiveness! Maloney saw himself perched in a Rowe suplex for a thirty count before he was finally brought to the mat. The match did settle down as the Facesmashers finally took control and double teamed well although this did not really last for long as both teams gave everything to put out a great match. Dan Maloney would cheekily roll up Rowe for the pin to somehow escape with the victory for his team to the surprise of the Americans. Not content, War Machine would put Wild Boar through the Merch table to the horror of the girls standing behind it! A great Tag match that impressed. Think Dan Maloney’s mom sat behind me was happy that her son got the win, and relieved that the punishment was over!!

Trent Seven vs Tommy End

So this is the end of Tommy End in Fight club Pro, so we are led to believe as he moves onto to new pastures. I am lucky to be in attendance for this match, my first time to see Tommy End in action, and also Trent Seven to be fair. This match was solid strong style wrestling from both guys. Neither was afraid of flying through the ropes and taking out their opponents on the ring floor with End adding a somersault as he flew to Seven who stood ringside. The match went back and forth with fierce offence from both. End hitting Seven with a huge knee as he stood on the apron. Seven would respond with a great under hook suplex which he transformed midair into a piledriver which got a near fall. Seven would encourage the kicks from the Dutchman as the match heated up to an intense pace. End tried everything to put the hometown boy away including a brainbuster and a double stomp which saw Seven barely kick out. Maybe it was fitting for Tommy End to bow out putting Seven over in style as he would succumb to a power bomb which Seven cleverly turned into a crab to force the submission. Tommy End would take the mic and address the crowd and thank them for all their support, also putting Trent over big time. He left the room hugging each fan in the room which simply put him over with me.

Fight Club: PRO Champion Sami Callihan vs Travis Banks

Sami Callihan issued an open challenge before tonight’s show and it was answered by the New Zealand up and coming star Travis Banks. Callihan sporting his Space Cat mask makes his way to the ring as the current champion, however Banks was all business as he opened with a spinning Lariat that almost finished the match as he scored a close near fall. The champion would gain the advantage as he kicked Banks as he sat on a chair ringside and would continue to punish him. Every time it looked like Callihan was gaining more advantage, Banks would find an answer, and this is how the match went on with Callihan growing frustrated at not being able to put his challenger away. Travis would gain momentum and a great Coast to Coast was a sight to be seen. This would all end in the simplest of finishes which was befitting for the match as a Travis sunset flip was met with Callihan covering him for the three count and retaining the championship. The two would embrace post match before Banks would kick Callihan sounding the words ‘Fuck You’ and hastily left the ring.

I cannot fault this show at all. The small venue was perfect and I truly enjoyed the show. Tommy End left his mark on the promotion and will be sorely missed. However if Fight Club Pro continue to host shows of this calibre then they will continue to grow. A show is planned for Manchester in October so already they are spreading the good work Fight Club Pro.

The Coast to Coast by Travis Banks is pinned to my twitter account.



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