Fight Club: PRO ‘All The Best’ (10/2/17) Review

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LIVE from The Fixxion Warehouse Wolverhampton

Dark Match

Omari vs Adam Cage vs Killian Jacobs

I was rather critical of Omari in my last review but then I hadn’t seen much of him but here and with me being there live he came across to this audience as a star. Omari, Cage and Jacobs had a well received dark match where all three put in a fine performance. Cage may have been a bit green but he did his spots well and bumped like a boss for his operants. Jacobs does a nice looking 450 and that was all he really did here as this match was all about making Omari look strong who won with his reverse book end in a perfectly acceptable opener which wouldn’t have looked out of place on the main card.

Fight Club: PRO Title Match: Pete Dunne (c) vs Joe Coffey

It kind of surprised me we got this match to open the show proper but it was a blistering match an both men delivered in a fine outing. Both men knocked ten lumps out of one another with some stiff looking fore arm shots which Misawa and Kawada would have been proud of. Pete and Coffey brawled all over the Fixxion warehouse as well doing some insane dives which myself and the crowd ate up in this match. Coffey got the nearest of near falls with a top rope brain buster. At one point I genuinely thought Joe was going over and reacted accordingly after Joe nailed Dunne with a lariat. I haven’t been one of Joe coffeys biggest supporters I’ve seen him have two good matches with Rampage and Angle but here he came across as a star and know finally see what a lot of people see in him. The finish saw Dunne nail Coffey with his ‘Bitter End’ but Coffey kicked out to the amazement of Dunne. Dunne then applied a heel hook and Coffey tried to fight out of it but just couldn’t and was forced to tap.

Nixon Newell & Kay Lee Ray vs #CCK (Kid Lykos & Chris Brookes)

This match was my match of the night and I would assume it was a lot of other people’s favourite match too as the crowd and myself were red hot for the action in this one. Newell, Ray, Lykos and Brookes were on a mission here to have match of the night and they currently did that. Newell and Ray did a pair of dives early on to Lykos in my row again and then beat the holy hell out of one another on the floor in front of me and I’m sure you’ll be able to see me on the VOD marking out over this one. Brooke’s and Lykos got the heat on Ray and effectively double teamed her. Brookes did his sickening wet willy spot which is just revolting and im sure it’s not to nice to take either. The crowd was more than ready for the hot tag when it was made to Nixon and this was when they stepped it up to 110 mph. Newell took out both Brooke’s and Lykos with a pair of huancanrana’s and some spring board ddt’s. She dived out onto Lykos and Brookes came out and put the boots to Newell. Ray got up and after selling her beat down and dives out onto all three on the outside. Back in the ring Newell was hoisted up onto rays shoulders while Brooke’s hoisted Lykos up onto his shoulders and Newell and Lykos duked IT out in a game of (find out name). The end of the match saw Newell nail Brookes with a reverse hurracarrana and then Newell did a shinning wizard off of KRL shoulders to Lykos to pick up the win.

Afterwards Newell began to swell up (I guess the rumours are true) and she said she was going to miss us guys. Brookes hit the ring the two feuded throughout the year in 2016 Fight Club Pro and it seemed if the two would bury the hachet but Brookes decided to deck Newell after giving her a cuddle to leave her laying. Jimmy Havoc then arrived and it seemed as if he was about to kick Brookes ass but Mikey Whiplash jumped Havoc and match number three was underway.

Jimmy Havoc vs Mikey Whiplash

You got you wanted out of this one as both men basically brawled for ten plus minutes and it went all over the building. This was a good match to see live but it really wasn’t anything special to be honest apart from whiplash whipping havoc into my section of chairs and then my chair broke. Havoc battled back and used the leg of my chair to stick it into whiplash were the sun does not shine. The finish saw havoc hit whiplash with a acid rainmaker to pick up the win.

Afterwards whiplash was hot that havoc had turned there match into a brawl and then began to call himself and Jimmy the c word. Whiplash then began to run down the crowd especially the female audience who he claimed where only here for one thing and that was the wrestlers dicks. Havoc was stood there listening with a beer in hand as whiplash began to tear into the audience. Anyway it all lead to whiplash challenging havoc to a world of sport rules match which havoc accepted.

Dan Moloney vs Andrew Everett

The man who had seen many things Dan Moloney was out after the interval as he wrestled a mystery challenger who turned out to be TNA wrestler Andrew Everett. This match was ok but again it wasn’t anything special and you knew dan was going over as he was the home grown star and Everett was the visiting american. The highlight of the match saw Everett go up top and point to the ceiling as to say don’t let me hit you please not with my knees, as he did his shooting star press. Anyway after not too much happened the two traded near falls back and fourth dan nailed Everett with a pinfall for the one, two and three.

Clint Margera vs Eddie Kingston

One of the few matches Fight Club: PRO announced ahead of time and I was kind of looking forward yo it’s. Eddie received a decent reaction at the beginning but then went heel on the crowd as he praised TNA and buried Margera, his girlfriend and the wwe network (I found kingston to be a lot of fun in this match espiecally with his banter aimed at the crowd and margera). They delivered what I expected these two to do actually as both men had a walking brawl all over the Fixxion. Both men chopped the crap out of one another towards the end which was a nice exchange and they did hit one another hard. The finish saw eddie introduce a bunch of chairs and pile them on top of one another then the two went up to the top rope and margera gave kingston a Death Valley driver from the top rope down onto the pile of chairs to pick up the win.

We had another break and were told to wait around because we wouldn’t want to miss this main event after 15 or 20 minutes it was time for the main event.

Four Way: Mark Haskins vs Tyler Bate vs Travis Banks vs Trent Seven

This was another really good match and I hope it gets uploaded to Vimeo with the rest of the show but with the rumour being out there wwe contracted wrestlers can’t appear on Vimeo it wouldn’t surprise me if you or I got to see this match again. Anyway all four men were incredibly over espiecally tyler bate who got a standing ovation from the Fixxion crowd. It was great to see Mark Haskins back in FCP and back on the Brit Wres scene in fact and he was another surprise to see in this match. Early on Haskins was on fire he moved from one spot to the other like a whippet and seems to not have lost a beat since his return from a “career ending” neck injury three months back. Seven was so much fun here making me crack up with his facial expressions and over the top selling. Travis FCP top fan favourite was made to shine throughout and didn’t get lost in the shuffle here but I do find it quzzling he didn’t actually go over here as the story in fcp the last year has all been about him trying to win. Yes he succeed in December by winning the Infinity tournament but still I thought he’d be going over to give him as much momentum as possible going into his big title match with Pete Dunne whenever that is. But then tyler is the hero of Brit Wres at the moment thanks to his big wwe UK title win last month. Tyler picked up the victory over Trent with his double under arm sit down powerbomb of course known as the Tyler Driver 97.

Afterwards all four men showed one another respect and celebrated in the ring then Tyler, Haskins and Seven left the ringside area as Travis continued to sell the effects of the match. Suddenly Pete Dunne hit the ring and nailed Travis with the bitter end not once but twice. Pete grabbed the microphone and said Travis wasn’t number contender martial as he had only won two matches in fight club pro history. Pete then said if Travis was a worthy number one contender he’d face him right now and if Travis beat him he would give Travis a title shot in the future. Travis nodded his head and the bell rang. Pete went to nail Travis with another bitter end but Travis countered it and leapt up to the middle rope and nailed Pete with a tridal kick for the one, two and three. Yep that’s right Travis banks the man who has won two matches in Fight Club Pro history beat Pete Dunne the Fight Club Pro champion in less than 30 seconds. To end the show Travis celebrated as the crowd and myself roared in delight.

Overall this show was a tremendous way to kick off 2017 for fight club after doing a joint show with Attack the previous month which was another quality show they really seem to have a lot of steam going Into its next show in 4 weeks time. Obviously you may think because I was there live my opinion my to altered if I had seen it on VOD. Yeah it maybe but you need to go out of your way to see this show once it’s on Vimeo as it really was that good.


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