Extreme Warfare Revenge CHIKARA vs BEYOND Review

Added by Leon Noel

CHIKARA and Beyond have been going up against each other all year. Beyond’s Cam Zamgami won Chikara’s Young Lion Cup and refused to defend it anywhere but Beyond, making it Beyond -1 Chikara-0. Then came Clan Feuds where CHIKARA’s best battled against Beyond’s best in a best of five series. CHIKARA won that 3 to 2 in one very good show, bringing the series 1 to 1. Wrestlings largest tournament came around Labor Day weekend and Beyond’s trio made it all the way to the semi-finals but lost to the CHIKARA team of the Colony who would go on to win the tournament. CHIKARA took the year-long series 2 to Beyond’s 1. Then in November came 7-Man Army and the return of a CHIKARA classic Cibernetico. Team CHIKARA captained by Dasher Hatfield faced off against team Beyond lead by Chris Dickenson. Chris Dickinson was the last man standing bringing the series to Beyond 2 and CHIKARA 2. CHIKARA’s season finale came and went but Beyond issued a challenge for CHIKARA to come to their home turf of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, and do battle.

Stokely Hathaway vs Icarus

Stokely continues his streak of big wins of some of CHIKARA’s finest. He has beaten UltraMantis Black, Orange Cassidy, and Colt Cabana. Now he was facing a Gen1 CHIKARA original in Icarus. Icarus sadly started the match by taking off his sweatshirt and revealing a disgusting back tattoo, just the mention of it is bringing up awful flashbacks. Stokely started the match by asking Icarus to lay down. Icarus thought about it and decided against it. Hathaway then offered him $30 dollars and a signed Marvin Gaye album. Icarus thought about it but decided against it and rolled up Stokely. Stokely was pissed. They mess around in the ring a little and ended up in the outside with a chair set up on the hardwood floor. Stokely tried to F-5 Icarus onto the chair but that didn’t work. He tried 4 more times but Icarus got out and slammed him hard onto the chair. They ended up back in the ring and tried to get the other dqed for a low blow but ref Bryce Remsburg didn’t fall for it. Hathaway was able to roll up Icarus for the three count with a lot of tights in his hand. Beyond got the first point and Stokely will now face another CHIKARA Gen1 original in Eddie Kingston at Heavy Lies the Crown on New Year’s Eve.

Beyond 1 CHIKARA 0

Travis Huckabee vs Jay Freddie

This match made perfect sense on paper and played out really well. Jay Freddie was a badass veteran while Travis Huckabee was a young cocky jerk. They had a hard-hitting technical match. Freddie hit some hard chops, so hard that Travis apologized to him. This was the exact opposite of the match before it, there was nothing silly about it. Jay Freddie hit a huge lariat on Travis but Travis was able to lock him up in a new submission the Buzzsaw and Freddie tapped out.

This tied things up with CHIKARA 1 Beyond 1.

Orange Cassidy vs BLANK

This one was weird. If you have never seen BLANK before consider yourself lucky. CHIKARA is supposed to be family friendly but BLANK is without a doubt into weird sex stuff. He was followed to his ring by his clapping Still Life With Apricots and Pears to an interesting reaction for the crowd. BLANK delayed the match to pose his “work of art” Still Life With Apricots and Pears. Orange Cassidy and Bryce also wanted to be “posed up baybee” and BLANK posed them as well. Everyone was having a good laugh until it got serious. BLANK took off Orange Cassidy’s glass and Orange was not having it.

“You fucked up” the crowd chanted. Orange nailed a series of strikes on BLANK who seemed to come off unaffected. The match started to pick up but interference from Still Life slowed Orange Cassidy down. BLANK had enough and went to leave the match when Orange called out “hooty who hooty who”. Swamp Thing made his way from the back and forced BLANK back to the ring evening the odds. Orange went to drink his oj but caught a hard dropkick knocking the bottle into his face. BLANK got the pin and gave CHIKARA the lead. Swamp Thing carried Orange Cassidy to the back to end a really fun match.

CHIKARA 2 Beyond 1

Match 4 Ryan Galeone vs Proletariat Boar of Moldova
This match was certainly a banger. The two started off hitting the ropes and trading big boots to the face like it was no big deal. They traded hard sticks. Both these dudes were big boys and hit hard. Ryan Galeone pulled off one of the cooler big man flippy moves I have ever seen off the middle rope. Boar ended things with a gore.
This was my first time seeing him but Ryan Galeone is going to have a breakout year in 2019 dude is an all our star you should look out for him.

CHIKARA3 Beyond 1

Beaver Boys vs Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad

The Beaver Boys were coming winning the Tag Fucking Tournament and facing off against Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad. The Beyond crowd didn’t know how to take these salty sea creatures but I have to imagine they won some people over with their showing. John Silver has some of the stiffest kicks in wrestling and pelted Hermit Crab with them after begging to get in the ring. Cajun Crawdad got worked over and got the tag to Hermit Crab who ran house on everyone. They ended up outside. Hermit Crab hit the coolest moonsault off the middle rope to the outside. Hermit Crab walked the second rope to the middle and dropped and elbow. They wrestled some more and Hermit Crab went to try the same move again and got a hard kick from John Silver sending Hermit Crab to the outside. Beaver Boys hit their finisher on Cajun Crawdad and it was all over.

Beyond 2 CHIKARA 3

Penelope Ford vs Solo Darling

Next up was a Women’s Wrestling Revolution showcase match where CHIKARA’s Solo Darling faced off with Penelope Ford. These two seemed to know each other well and Penelope made quick work of Sdolo wrapping with her arms behind her back. Solo screamed in pain and eventually made the ropes. Solo pelted Ford with hard kicks. Penelope Ford nailed some kicks of her own. They went outside and Solo tried for an apron bump but Ford a ddt on the apron. Penelope Ford locked Solo in a cattle mutilation but Solo made the ropes. Solo eventually got her apron bump on Ford. Penelope kicked out of a brainbuster but Darling locked in a Texas Cloverleaf and Penelope Ford tapped.

CHIKARA 4 Beyond 2

FEAST Championship Cheeseburger vs Dick Justice

This match was mostly comedy and for the Cheeseburgers Feast Championship. I don’t remember any of it besides there was an invisible gun spot.

Boomer Hatfield vs Chris Dickinson

Boomer Hatfield isn’t a big guy. He made his debut the day of his 18th Birthday at Beyond’s Americanrana 18 in a fantastic CHIKARA showcase atomicos match. Chris Dickinson is a very big guy. When Boomer headed out the ring most of the fans were shocked to see how this little rookie would be able to put up a fight. The Dirty Daddy hit the ring angry and with his team behind. He wanted to win and win fast. The bell rung and Dickinson looked like a man possessed he charged at Boomer who did some lucha arm drags he loves to do. Dickinson got a hold on him and tossed him so hard with a german Boomer landed straight on his head. Boomer used his speed to keep Dickinson at bay and managed to kick out of a few moves most people did not expect him to kick out of. Boomer even managed to pull of some big moves on Chris Dickinson. Eventually, Boomer was trapped in a Boston Crab and was forced to tap. After putting on a hell of a performance. Giving Beyond another point. This match was fantastic and I will be honest and this short review isn’t doing it justice. Boomer Hatfield made himself look like a star and Chris Dickinson is one of the best indy wrestlers out there today. I hope more people get to see Boomer Hatfield in 2019.

CHIKARA 4 Beyond 3

Ophidian vs Wheeler Yuta

Any of these next three matches could have been the main event. If you haven’t seen Ophidian wrestle this year do yourself a favor and watch one. Ophidian has been good for a long time but he really stepped up his game. Wheeler Yuta is also one of the purest faces on the indy circuit, he comes off as one of the nicest dudes. These two had a very good match. They mat wreslted for a while neither one gaining much on the other. Ophidian hit some cool lucha moves off the ropes. Wheeler hit a superplex onto Ophidian who screamed in pain. Ophidian hit a huge double knees from the top rope. Wheeler locked in an STFU Ophidian slithered his way out and ended up winning the match. These two knew each other well and should without a doubt had a rematch.

CHIKARA 5 Beyond 3

Nick Gage vs Fire Ant

This was the match no one knew they wanted but everyone needed. This was announced as a no dq match and they used that stipulation well. They were almost instantly outside and Nick Gage was having fans hold chairs and throwing Fire Ant into them. Once they were back in the ring and Fire Ant set up two chairs and suplexed Nick Gage onto them. They fought around some more and Nick Gage screamed at some fans to grab a table from under the ring. Gage brought Fire Ant to the top rope but Fire Ant hit the beach breaker through a table. This was the exact opposite of a normal CHIKARA match and could only happen in a Beyond Ring. Gage hit his Chokeslam backbreaker on Fire Ant and got the win in an absolutely wild match.

Beyond 4 CHIKARA 5

Powerbomb Championship ‘Hot Sauce’ Tracy Williams vs Hallowicked

This was the final match of the night and Beyond would either be able to tie or lose the night. It was also for one of the most prized Indy titles the Powerbomb.tv Championship (a very good looking title belt), that Hot Sauce Tracy Williams has defended 16 times against some of the best of the indy scene right now. Hallowicked is another wrestler who is one of the best and underrated wrestlers on the indie scene. Hallowicked sticks mostly to his home promotion of CHIKARA and stays around the Pennsylvania area.

These two went out and had a perfect 22-minute long title match. That cleared the entire locker room and had both rosters cheering on their teammate. While it started slowly by the end everyone was losing their minds for this match. Tracy Williams was trained at the Wrestle Factory so these two knew each other well. Hallowicked rolled Tracy up when he tried to jump over him. Hallowicked hit the Go To Sleepy Hollow on Tracy. At the end of the match, Tracy had Hallowicked trapped in a submission and Hallowicked could do nothing but tap. Tracy retained the Powerbomb.tv title and tied the series Beyond 5 CHIKARA 5.

Even after 10 matches, the entire series is still tied so who knows what will happen next year for the CHIKARA vs Beyond Series.