EVOLVE 83 (23/4/17) Review

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Austin Theory vs. Ethan Page w/ The Gatekeeper

The first match here is a rematch from EVOLVE 80 with Austin Theory taking on “All Ego” Ethan Page, who was victorious at EVOLVE 82 against Darby Allin in a last man standing match, whereas Theory was on the losing side against ACH. This match came about after Austin Theory’s involvement in the match between Page and Allin and had the potential to be much better than their EVOLVE 80 match. A few minutes into the match, Page is on the upper hand after a distraction from The Gatekeeper when Priscilla Kelly comes to ringside a few minutes in. I’m not quite sure what this indicates but more than likely this will probably lead to some sort of team between Theory and Kelly. Page gets the win in just under 8 minutes after hitting Theory with the Spinning Dwayne in an okay opener that had the potential to be much more.

Next up, Stokely Hathaway and Tracy Williams come down to the ring, where Williams is concerned about Catch Point, saying that they do more talking than they do fighting. Hathaway then announces that he now represents Catch Point and promises to “take them to the next level”. Fred Yehi, Chris Dickinson and Jaka then come out. Fred Yehi then quits Catch Point there and then.

Tracy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson

Dickinson wanted Catch Point to be about competition, but Williams did little to get the edge on his opponent. The match was fun to follow due to the storyline being slow building and getting me slowly invested, whilst also wanting to see what would happen within the stable. The crowd was into it with Williams winning with the Crossface. Williams didn’t really play his character well and even shook Dickinson’s hand after the match. A decent, fun little match.

 Jaka w/Catch Point vs. ACH

This match was a bit of a bore fest with Jaka and ACH not really having good chemistry with each other in the ring, with some of the moves looking weak and awkward. Jaka gets the win after hitting the Tiger Driver, which makes sense because it establishes Catch Point as a force and continues ACH’s losing streak storyline. A disappointing match that went on for about 4 minutes too long.

Keith Lee vs. David Starr

This match was originally meant to be Keith Lee vs. Darby Allin, but Allin got injured prior, I had no problem with David Starr being the replacement though. The Product, Your Favourite Wrestlers Favourite Wrestler, whatever you want to call him, had a fantastic showing with the crowd firmly getting behind Starr. With the action being about Starr countering everything that Lee threw at him. Lee won in a great fast paced sub 10-minute match with the Jackhammer. It would be a real shame if EVOLVE didn’t bring Starr back as he was tremendous in this match and his chemistry with Lee was second to none. Good stuff.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Fred Yehi

Fred Yehi’s first match since quitting Catch Point was against none other than Kyle O’Reilly. The match starts with Yehi getting the upper hand to the surprise of O’Reilly. As the pace of the match slowed down, Yehi focused his attacks on O’Reilly’s leg whilst O’Reilly was seemingly going after Yehi’s arm, in a war to wear each other down. The fans lifted the match by getting behind it, with Kyle O’Reilly getting the win in just over 20 minutes with the Cross Armbreaker. A good match, maybe went on for a couple of minutes too long but the crowd saved the match from dying out.

EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr vs. Lio Rush

The story of this match was that the only way that Lio could beat Sabre Jr. was by using his speed advantage on the champ, which triggered Zack Sabre Jr. to spend the start of the match chipping away on Rush’s leg, which seemed pointless seeing as the leg didn’t really come into play as a factor in the match. The match had some fast-paced action and some good exchanges which kept the crowd invested in the action. Sabre wins in just under 20 minutes with a pinning combination. A decent match that got quite stale towards the end. Good showing by Rush though.

After the match, Ethan Page comes down to the ring with The Gatekeeper to confront Sabre Jr. after Sabre Jr. broke the other Gatekeepers arm last night. Page challenges Sabre Jr. to a title match next month in which Zack accepts, The Gatekeeper then attacks the EVOLVE Champion from behind.

WWN Champion Drew Galloway vs. Matt Riddle (I Quit Match)

The match started with Galloway overwhelming Riddle with a flurry of moves, but Riddle mounted a comeback. Galloway started to focus on Riddle’s neck – which was injured during their match on WrestleMania weekend. At the start of the show, Galloway said that EVOLVE disrespected him and were out to get him, which then triggered Galloway to attack the referee for no apparent reason, this played into the match as during it, Galloway had Riddle’s hands tied onto the ropes, attacking him, before the referee untied Riddle’s hands, which further infuriated Galloway. Galloways EVOLVE send-off wasn’t all that spectacular as I thought it would be. It had some good brawling with Riddle making Galloway quit with the Bromission to win the WWN Championship.

After the match, Catch Point come out to congratulate Riddle.  Riddle says that there’s no chance in him being involved in Catch Point. Galloway then proceeds to attack Riddle from behind as Catch Point walk off, leaving Riddle. Keith Lee eventually then comes in for the save, Lee then puts the WWN title on Riddle’s shoulder and lets him know that he wants it.

All in all, it was a decent show with the match of the night for me being Keith Lee vs. David Starr. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Fred Yehi and Austin Theory vs. Ethan Page were underwhelming but overall they followed up EVOLVE 82 very nicely.

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