EVOLVE 35 (14/9/14) Review

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EVOLVE 35 was held live on iPPV on Sunday 14th September 2014 where the main event was Ricochet defending the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Championship against Uhaa Nation.

Johnny Gargano vs Drew Gulak

The match started off with both guys trying to get the advantage but they just kept on reversing each other, they went back and forth with some nice mat work before shaking hands. The pair locked up, trying to work each other’s arms, Gulak grabbed an Octopus and turned it into a sunset flip. Gargano rolled through and turned it into an Indian Death Lock Submission but Gulak managed to position his body so that Gargano almost pinned himself. Gargano remained in control of Gulak by performing a series of leglock submissions.

Gulak managed to get back in control and started working over Gargano’s shoulder, he trapped Gargano on the mat and nailed him with several strikes then cinched in a chinlock. After going back and forth for a while they shook hands again. Gargano and Gulak continued to battle back and forth by using several arm drags before Gulak connected with a stiff dropkick and then applied the anklelock but Gargano rolled through only to be nailed with an uppercut. Gargano eventually came back and nailed several knees to Gulaks face and hit a leaping knee strike.

Gulak eventually managed to lock in the ankle lock once again but Gargano made it to the ropes. Gulak went to lock it in but Gargano nailed him with several kicks to the face and eventually they went back and forth in a small package with a series of near falls and then started rolling around in the ring until Gargano eventually was able to pin Gulak for a close 3 count.
The ending came when Gulak managed to lock in the ankle lock again and when Gargano got to the ropes and tried to use the ropes to help kick Gulak he missed and Gulak locked in a Crossface. Gargano managed to reverse it and lock in a Regal Stretch and Gulak eventually tapped out. Winner: Johnny Gargano – Match Rating: 4/5

Great opener, Gargano continues to climb the ratings to get a shot at the EVOLVE Championship and Drew looked really strong in this match as well. Each man looked to have tremendous respect for each other and had a nice back and forth pace.

After the match the two shook hands as they realised they were both in a war and the match could have went either way. Su Young and Mr. A from the Premier Athlete Brand came to the ring. Yung said Garganos victory at EVOLVE 34 was a fluke and that he better not get in their way again for there’ll be consequences. Gargano responded saying she’ll probably give him herpes too. Yu ordered Mr. A to attack Johnny but was taken down quickly until Tony and Caleb got to the ring but Johnny quickly escaped.

Timothy Thatcher vs Tracy Williams

The match started with both wrestlers going back and forth on the mat with some really good, crisp mat work and reversals. They each locked in a number of submissions on each other until Williams caught Thatcher with a stiff headbutt. The end came when Thatcher nailed a butterfly suplex and a Fujiwara armbar submission and Thatcher tapped out. Winner: Timothy Thatcher – Match Rating 3.5/5

Not much to say about this match other than that it was a good technical match and those who love submission wrestling will love this match. Williams dominated a lot of the action and Thatcher was really good at selling the intensity before getting the win.

EVOLVE Champion Drew Galloway vs Roderick Strong (Non-Title Match)

Before the match started, the ring announcer accidentally announced Drew Galloway as Drew McIntyre but quickly corrected herself but looked embarrassed beyond belief. Galloway grabbed the mic and said he wanted the belt to be on the line but the referee said that due to the rankings system he couldn’t allow it but if Strong beats Galloway tonight, he could be in line for a shot at the EVOLVE Championship. Strong said that he’ll beat Galloway tonight and then beat him for the belt and that Galloway would be a failure as EVOLVE Champion just like he was failure in WWE then Strong attacked him.

The match started with Strong and Galloway brawling all over the ringside area with stiff shots, Strong hit Galloway with a powerbomb onto the ring apron and hit a big back suplex on Drew in the ring for a 2 count. Strong grabbed a waistlock but Galloway was able to free himself, Galloway started to battle back with hard shots but Strong caught him with a forearm.

Strong was able to recover and nailed a series of strikes and an Olympic slam for a 2 count, Strong picked him up on his shoulders but Galloway slipped out. Strong nailed him with a Gutbuster for a 2 count and caught him with a Boston Crab but Galloway made it to the ropes. Strong went for the Gibson Driver but Galloway managed to escape and nail Strong with a big right and then Drew and Strong started trading blows. Strong hit Drew with a leaping knee strike but Drew managed to toss Strong into the turn buckles.

They continued the battle going back and forth with each wrestler hitting moves on one another, Strong hit the Gibson Driver after nailing a series of knee strikes but only got a 2 count. Strong hit the Gibson Driver again but Galloway kicked out again. Strong and Galloway went back and forth but the match ended when Galloway managed to nail the double arm DDT for the win Winner: Drew Galloway – Match Rating: 4.5/5

I seriously can’t put into words how good this match truly was, potential match of the year for sure. The crowd heat for this match was great and the crowd just kept on getting hotter and hotter with each nearfall. After the match, Strong attacked Galloway and then nailed him with the EVOVLE Championship.

Biff Busick vs Zack Sabre Jr.

They went into a test of strength early in the match with Sabre being forced backwards to the mat as he bridged his shoulders up. Busick cut him off with a headlock and grinded away at him on the mat. They returned to their feet and faced off. They continued some really awesome mat work and reversals. They continued all the back and forth until facing off.

Busick caught Sabre with a several big uppercuts that dazed him. Busick locked him in a figure four headscissors and locked him up on the mat, trying to wear him down. Sabre trapped him on the mat, then forced him hand and arm down in an awkward position before stomping it into the mat. He focused his attack on Busick’s arm. He continued the attack, snapping the arm awkwardly into a bad position, teasing that he might have damaged it.

Sabre came off the top but was nailed with a mid-air European uppercut. Busick finally caught him with the half nelson suplex then placed him on top for a belly to back superplex but they battled on top and Sabre went for a sunset flip powerbomb but Busick held on and nailed him. Both men are down and trying to recover as the audience rallied them. Sabre locked in a Kimura while vicing Busick’s body. Busick went to the mat, where Sabre tied up his arms. He went for the Backlund Bridge but was grabbed into a rear naked choke. They went back and forth with some nice counters for near falls. Sabre nailed another Dragon suplex. Busick grabbed a rear naked choke. Sabre tried to fight it out but was choked out. Winner: Biff Busick – Match Rating: 4.25/5

This match was great, lots of technical wrestling and I actually thought Sabre had broken Biffs arm, must watch for all technical wrestling fans.

DGUSA Tag Team Champions The Bravados w/Moose vs Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley with Mr. A & Su Yung for the DGUSA Tag Team Championships

AR Fox came out and says because he was allowed to have any match he wants, he wants to face The Bravados for the DGUSA Tag Team Championships, the The Bravados claim he can have a shit when he gets a partner and out comes Rich Swann and says he wants it to be an elimination tag match.

DGUSA Tag Team Champions The Bravados w/Moose vs Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley with Mr. A & Su Yung vs AR Fox & Rich Swann in a Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match for the DGUSA Tag Team Championships

Fox and Swann attacked the Bravados as the bell rang. Konley and Nese got involved and everyone began brawling. Fox hit a big dive. Swann went for one as well but Moose caught him and powerbombed him on the floor into Fox. The Bravados tried to score several two counts and started beating on Swann. The battle went all over until The Bravados were eliminated, which means we are going to have new champions. The Bravados, shocked, attacked Swann as the Premier Brand worked over Nese. The Athlete Brand told the Bravados to leave. Moose got in their face. Mr. A wiped out Moose.

Nese covered Fox and scored a two count. Fox tried to fight them off and tagged in Swann. Swann went nuts with all his intense, highflying offense but was cut off by Konley and nailed with a punch. Swann went for the handspring stunner but was caught and nailed with a one armed powerbomb in the corner and they went into an awesome series of hot moves and near falls. Su Yung even got on the apron to distract Swann but was taken out by an enziguiri because Nese ducked when Swann was aiming for him and she was nailed and was out.

Swann nailed Nese and Fox caught Konley with a Spanish fly off the top. Konley blocked it and nailed a Death Valley driver off the top onto the apron, which was one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen. Nese nailed a 450 splash off the top on Swann and scored the pin and we have new DGUSA Tag Team Champions. Winners and new DGUSA Tag Team Champions: Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley – Match rating: 4.5/5

This match was just absolutely crazy, nice high flying, sick spots and just overall great tag team wrestling.

DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion Ricochet vs Uhaa Nation for the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Championship

The match started with Ricochet trying to use his speed to get the early advantage on Nation but Nation but Nation managed to avoid this and hit Ricochet with a suplex. He picked him up for an extended vertical suplex and Ricochet tried to escape but Nation’s power was just too much. Nation stopped on the apron and went for a moonsault but Ricochet moved. He hit the ring and nailed an awesome springboard shooting star press to the floor as the crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.”

Ricochet nailed a springboard knee strike. They battled back and forth. Ricochet caught him with an Ace Crusher for a two count. He charged Nation and nailed a shooting star press for a two count. Ricochet tried to whip Nation out of the corner but he was too strong. Ricochet went for a move but was caught with an enziguiri for a two count.

Nation went for a German suplex but Ricochet landed on his feet. Ricochet nailed a Northern Lights suplex and a big brainbuster. He went to the top for the shooting star press but Nation kicked up. Ricochet managed to recover and went for a move but it was Nation managed to block it and caught Ricochet with a pair of powerbombs. He pressed and dropped Ricochet then nailed a standing moonsault but Ricochet caught him with a leg submission. Nation made it to the ropes.

Ricochet kicked him low in the knee and went for a move but was caught and drilled with a tombstone that looked brutal but Ricochet kicked out at the last second. Nation went to the top for a big splash but missed. Ricochet nailed a spinning enziguiri. Ricochet went to go for the ropes but Nation cut him off. Ricochet drilled him with a kick to the head and sails with a 630 splash for the pin. Winner and still DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion: Ricochet – Match Rating: 4/5

Great main event, Nation did a good job selling his injuries and both guys looked strong here. After the match, Nation handed Ricochet the championship and raised his arm. Ricochet took the mic and put over Nation by saying Nation has only been wrestling for four years and is one of the best in the world. He then said that Fox said he wants a title shot and he wants Fox but there’s no way Fox is taking it from him either. He closes out by saying that he was the best in the world.

Amazing show, definitely up there with one of the best shows of the year and there’s something for everyone, there was highflying, submission, technical wrestling and even brawls. My only complaint about the show was that the stream kept jumping a few times on the WWN live stream but I’m sure once they upload the VOD it should be fine.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

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