DISCOVERY WRESTLING – THE ELITE (Edinburgh, Scotland, 12/4/17) REVIEW

Added by Craig Gordon

When a company that is in its third year of existance and they book the biggest show in ediburgh wrestling history,you have to go along and check it out. So I headed along from work on Wednesday April 12th to catch this mega event in the corn exchange in Edinburgh. I got there 90 minutes prior to the start,Got to meet Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll and all of The Elite before heading into the beautiful auditorium for the show.

1. Polo Promotions vs The Buffet Club

The opening encounter saw the King Of Chat “Jackie Polo” teaming with Mark Coffey to take on the returning Rob Cage & Gene Munney aka “The Buffet Club” to start the night’s proceedings. The two teams trade moves all through the match and it ended up with the former ICW tag team champions with thieir usual lift up belly to back suplex combination to get the victory to keep the fans happy.

2. Joe Hendry vs Liam Slater

This match saw the discovery vetran makes his return to the corn exchange and he faced a debuting Liam Slater who has had a greta year so far in NGW and WCPW. Slater dominated the early going of the match and he went for the finish but Hendry took over and was able to finish the match off by using the “Freak Of Nature” fall away slam to win the match.

3. ROH TV Champion Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay (Non-Title Match)

We had one of our main event matches next as the only two uk based holders of the ROH Televison Title locked horns in scotland as “The Villan” Marty Scurll took on the former champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay. These two guys put on what can only be described as a clinic in the ring, they used all their usual moves in a match that went a good 20 minutes. The end came when Marty slapped on the chickenwing submission hold which due to pror injury, Ospreay had to tap out and submit. Both men said they loved it, and would love to come back to Discovery in the future.

4. Michael Chase vs Devition/Dave Conrad

The match became a handicap match as Christopher Saynt comes out with the house of saynt and announced Dave Conrad as the first hand picked opponent for chase. He got that choice as punishment for chase who broke the rules set by management. Saynt but he then said he was making it a handicap match and brought out Deviation. The match was dominated by the two big men and included a bit of interference by Saynt and his crew on the outside. Deviation and Conrad looked good together as a team and got the win with the a double team move including a chokeslam. The House Of Saynt then attacked Chase and the match but was stopped by Lou King Sharp who ran out to help.

5. Session Moth Martina vs The Amazon Ayesha Ray

This match was the Moth’s debut appearance alongside of nother debutant and you would think both would would be nervous but they put on a half decent encounter and with the Amazon using her power and strenth to dominate the Session Moth but Martina was able to get the victory by pinfall

6. Main Event: The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) vs BT Gunn, Joe Coffey & Lewis Girvan

The place was bouncing as the ring announcer brought out team discovery to the ring. The Elite then were brough out to a thunderous reception shouting and screaming their names. The match was unbelieveable with superkicks flying in and all different flips, chops and shenanigans from both teams. Lewis Girvan was the man to lose the fall as Aspen Faith tried to help out and the both sufferd the ‘Meltzer Driver and The Elite got the win to start their tour off perfectly.

So another amazing show by Discovery Wrestling who now in their 3rd year are going from strength to strength and have their next show on May 7th at The Corn Exchange.

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