CZW Decisions (8/4/17) Review

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CZW are back at the Flyers Skate Zone in New Jersey with the first show since Best of the Best 16 to present Decisions.

CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Joe Gacy (c) vs Lio Rush

The show started off with the CZW champion Joe Gacy giving a passionate and intense promo and calling out Lio Rush. The match began with Rush jump attacking Gacy during the introductions but Gacy quickly managed to get the upper hand on Rush, and took the match outside and delivered a running cannonball senton off the ring steps into Lio Rush into the guardrail. The match was soon brought back in the ring where there was some nice fast paced action including a sit out Liger Bomb from Gacy.

Gacy went for his front hand spring stunner finisher on Rush but instead nailed the move on referee Trooper Audubon. Then while the referee was down Rush grabbed a sledgehammer and brought it in the ring but was unsuccessful with using it, then Rush hit a pedigree and a frog splash on Gacy, then referee Nick Papagiorgio came out to count the fall, but Gacy kicked out. Then Gacy grabbed a chair, but was it taken off of him by Nick Papagiorgio.

While the referee was getting rid of the chair, Rush nailed Gacy with the sledge hammer and got the pinfall.
For a few seconds Lio Rush was the new CZW world champion, until referee Trooper Audubon reversed the decision and restarted the match. Gacy quickly pinned Rush with a small package and got the win.

Overall I thought this was a good match progressing Gacy’s heel run as champion. And based on the stuff with the sledge hammer and Lio Rush the Pedigree, that pretty much confirms that he’s going to Orlando.

Next Maxwell Jacob Feinstein came out to the ring with his girlfriend Maria Manic and said he wants a CZW Wired title shot. Then SHLAK (who is a fucking monster by the way) and Dan O‘Hare came down to the ring and positioned a door in the corner. MJF and Maria Manic hid under the ring, so SHLAK pulled out Manic, put a plastic back over her head and O’Hare picked her up in a powerslam position.

Then MJF stood up on the apron and looked as if he was about to help her, but then stepped down and O’Hare drove her through the door and then SHLAK nailed her reverse piledriver which was pretty bad ass.

Then when referees were helping Maria Manic out of the ring Lio Rush came down and low blowed referee Trooper Audubon and pedigreed him, and then challenged Joe Gacy for a CZW world title match at the next show “Sacrifices”, in a CZW rules match, and Gacy excepted.

Alexander James vs. Greg Excellent

Excellent starts the match with a buckle bomb to Alexander James followed by a cannonball in the corner and then a suicide dive, which was pretty impressive seeing considering Excellents a 300+ pounds guy. Alexander also hit quite a few impressive moves on the big man, including a pump handle belly to back suplex and a fishermen driver.

Excellent picks up the victory with the Tiger driver.

Overall this was a good little match where guys were impressive.


Rickey Shane Page vs. Tony Deppen

First of all, I think Tony Deppen is such a great and underrated young wrestler who should be being booked more places and really does put 100% into every match.

The match started with some offense from RSP then Deppen counted a choke breaker and hit a cross body followed by a nice series of kicks and strikes.

The match ended when RSP then attempted a top rope maneuver but then Deppen counters and pins RSP with a jackknife cover.

After the match RSP cashes in his Ultimate Opportunity Coin (which he won at Best of the Best in an 8 way match) and says that whoever is the CZW world champion at the end of year, he will face for the title inside the Cage of Death.

Overall I thought this was a really fun match. Good stuff!


Next Stockade and G-raver come out to the ring and say that Father Matthew Tremont has brought them to CZW to clear it of sin. They are then interrupted by SHLAK and Dan O’Hare, and Stockade and Raver leave the ring. Generally this was a pretty short but ok segment.

UWN Television Title Match: Scorpio Sky (c) vs. David Starr

I don’t really have an awful lot to say about this match. It started off at a much slower pace compared to the previous matches, and featured some chain wrestling. Eventually the pace of this match did pick up and overall was a good match.


Joey Janela vs. Nate Webb

This match was pretty enjoyable and it was great seeing Nate Webb back in the combat zone and seeing him do his Teenage Dirtbag entrance.

There were a few cool spots in the match. Janela hit a sick piledriver off the apron onto some chairs, Webb hit a spider suplex, and the match ended when Nate Webb went for a moonsault with the chair, but Janela got his feet up then hit a double stomp onto the chair onto Nate Webb.

After the match Nate Webb thanked CZW, DJ Hyde and Joey Janela.


Pits Of Thumbtacks Match: Danny Havoc vs. Drew Blood

During the match Drew Blood hit a sunset flip powerbomb onto some chairs and then hit a half and half suplex. On the powerbomb Havoc landed on the back of his head which looked quite nasty.

The contest ended when Danny Havoc hit Drew Blood with something that I really can’t explain but there thumbtacks everywhere, then Devon Moore’s music hit and he snuck in the ring and kicked Danny Havoc who had Blood in a death valley driver, then Blood pinned Danny with a crucifix cover.

Overall this match was decent but pretty short.


Cataclysm Of Barbed Wire Match: Jeff Cannonball vs. Matt Tremont

This match was a great and brutal death match, with head butts and many spots onto barbedwire wrapped items such as a rope hung spinning neckbreaker onto a barbed wire trash can, which honestly was a move I didn’t expect to see from Jeff Cannonball, who continues to impress me.

The match ended when Stockade and G-Raver came down to the ring and G-Raver got Cannonball in the ropes and stuck a hand full of tattoo needles in his head, and then Tremont hit a Samoan drop onto a roll of barbed wire.

After the match Joey Janela, SHLAK and Dan O’Hare came down to the ring. SHLAK and O’Hare AKA Storm of Entrails challenge Stockade and G-Raver to a match at “Sacrifices”, and Janela challenged Tremont to a match inside a 15 ft high steel cage.


CZW Tag Team Title TLC Four Way Match: Scarlet & Graves (c) vs EYFBO vs. Kyle The Beast & Monsta Mack vs. The Dub Boys

This match was your typical super fun multi man spot fest ladder match. The match ended with Scarlett and Graves being pretty much the only team left standing and easily being able to grab the titles. To be honest I didn’t really like end but I can understand why they did the end that way, to show that Scarlet and Graves aren’t deserving champions, as they won the titles at Cage of Death in an unfair fashion and haven’t had a cleanly won title defence.


Overall I really enjoyed this show, and it is definitely worth checking out.

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