CHIKARA UK TOUR NIGHT 2 (21/5/16) Wolverhampton, England Review

Added by Joe Milton

So night two of the tour brings us back to Wolverhampton, the ase for the first two nights last year’s tour. This time though it’s in Fight Club’s new home, the Fixxion warehouse. It kicks off much the same as last night, with Trent Seven as our hilarious host, as he runs down the rules, welcomes us to the new home and tries to sell his movie quality shirts.

Frightmare vs Travis Banks vs Fire Ant

A frantic, fast paced opening contest.

To start with it’s clear to see the excitement around Travis Banks as he more than holds his own with these two Chikara stalwarts. Both of who bring their quick action to make this opener the exciting rapid match it was. Each competitor gets the chance to take control of this one, especially when Frightmare works to keep Banks out of this one. He does manage to fight back in and we see a big dive over the ropes from the Fight Club star into the crowd.

It’s Fire Ant that picks up the win in the end.

Officer Warren Barksdale vs ‘Trent Baretta’

Hands down the funniest match I’ve ever witnessed.

It’s a new day and a new name for Chuck Taylor Scoot Tatum Rick Beanbag Bugg Nevans Touch Phillips ‘Bareback’ Benny Figg Trent Baretta. Who, by the way really distrusts cops, is immediately frisked before the match by Officer Barksdale who manages to find or perhaps plant scissors, pliers and an unknown white powder. Barksdale tests it, and it’s babypowder! Baretta admits he was going to use it to blind Barksdale, living up to Trent Baretta’s reputation as an awful cheater. Needless to say this earns him a ticket from Barkdale who once again is using the Georgia-Newport-Wolverhampton patnership to allow him to enforce the law internationally. Trent doesn’t take it well knocking Barksdale down before delivering a vicious elbow drop to the ticket. Trent takes charge earning enough time to head outside, but Trent Baretta can’t help his criminal desires and he steals a handbag from someone in the crowd. Barksdale tries to sniff out the crime and accuses Trent of the theft to cries of profiling and Trent bringing up Ferguson and Rodney King. He may not have had it in either hand but the bag appears when Trent raises both hands. And Trent Baretta is booked! Barksdale cuffs him and he’s heading downtown. Trent breaks free out on the floor, knocking him down for a 21 count, the ref was too stunned to count and the match continues. Trent attacks, getting the keys to his cuffs but Joel the ref tries to undo them, buying time for Barksdale to recover and put Trent away.

Officer Warren Barksdale wins but the main take away here is that Trent Baretta needs to be brought to justice as a filthy criminal.

Batir-three (Obariyon, Kodama & Nad Yenolom) vs The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee) & Clint Margera

This tag match became a trios when the Batiri revealed what happened to Dan from night one.

First to the ring come the Batiri with their newest and slightly taller member, Nad. Now the Hunters can see the numbers are uneven but they have a friend to help! Fight Club’s Clint Margera and so we get a impromptu Trios match. The Batiri work over the Hunters during the match, their new recruit rather the powerhouse as they work to cut off they tags. Jim and then Lee take a lot of punishment before Clint can get in to clear house. He tries to go up top but is pushed off, Clint landing hard to the outside. Batiri take advantage and the numbers win out.

Batir-three win after destroying the Hunters with some vicious team moves.

Tyler Bate vs Ophidian vs Chris Brookes vs Soldier Ant

Another tag style four way match.

First of all I have to ask… why has noone taken Chris’ bottle yet? He can’t be trusted with it, whether splashing people orspitting. We start with Tyler against Ophidian in some absolutely smashing grappling. Chris can’t help himself though and ruins a handshake. Lots of tags and switching around, with Tyler attempting his double spin many times, only to be foiled by Chris. Eventually he does get it, spinning Soldier Ant and Ophidian only for Chris to try and steal it. He can’t get it though.

Tyler wins and we get a showdown with Ophidian, Soldier Ant and Bate as we get salutes all round, even double ones.

Trent Seven vs Eddie Kingston

WAR! Some of the finest British Strong Style wrestling ever seen.

This really was a hard hitting brawl between two fierce warriors, as they traded blows, chops and strikes. The chops especially nasty as they echoed loudly while both their chests were reddened. Neither man backed down in this battle of attrition, with Trent bringing out dives and piledrivers and Eddie throwing him around the ring. Both men ended up out on their feet as they traded blows, rebounding off the ropes as they kept coming at eachother.

Trent does pick up the win after nearly taking Eddie’s head off with a wild rainmaker. We then get speeches drom both men. Trent talking about British Strong Style and calling out Sami Callihan whilst Eddie talked about his career coming towards the end and his hope to return back if he can.

Disney Princesses (Princess Kimberlee, Heidi Lovelace & Nixon Newell) vs KYS (MK McKinnan & Pete & Damien Dunne)

Our main event, trios action as Disney Princesses take on KYS.

KYS are really the worst, just really awful people… nasty really and it shows here as the pummel Nixon without remorse. Heidi, Kimberlee and Nixon do fight back, giving as hard as they take but KYS always take advantage of the number game and are always therw to team up on them. Nixon seems to take the brunt of it, her valient fightbacks constantly shut down by foul play from KYS. And when it finally looks like the Princesses are ready to take control we get a referee distraction and MK uses his Fight Club:Pro championship belt to steal the win.

KYS win, standing tall until the Princesses attack them from behind, Nixon hitting Dunne with her Welah Destroyer to leave the Princesses standing tall for the end of the show.

And that wraps Night Two. The new home for a Fight Club, the Fixxion warehouse was truely christened in the best possible way. With an amazing night of wreslting and the greatest British Strong Style match of all time. The first half of the tour and Fight Club:Pro’s hosting leg concludes tonight in London.

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