CHIKARA ‘Egg Monsters from Mars’ 28/7/18) Review

Added by Leon Noel

Chikara is a special wrestling promotion. It has an absurd cast of wacky character that makes it a blast to watch but that isn’t all Chikara is about. It tends to get typecast as just a silly wrestling promotion where time stands still and Ice Cream Cones hold the tag team titles.

Chikara is much more than that. For anyone that has been paying close attention, Chikara is one of the best storytellers in the entire wrestling business. They put out some of the most drawn out and most extensive wrestling storylines, that rival, not other wrestling promotions but comic book story arcs. Every story is meaningful with and extensive eye for subtle detail. Everything has a purpose you just have to wait and find out.

Besides all that which could seem overwhelming to a new fan, Chikara also puts out bangers of shows. They are all three hours and happen at least twice a month from now until December. You can stream them live on Chikaratopia for only 7.99 a month. This year alone has certainly made it worth it but they have an extensive 17-year-old catalog that features everyone from Cesaro to the Young Bucks to Miami Toyota.

Chiraka is in a very interesting position. They have their own talented homegrown roster but they also seem to have the pick of the best indy stars. In the last couple of months, they have hosted Matt Riddle, Colt Cabana, Glacier, Joey Janela and Penelope Ford all take trips to their home of The Wrestle Factory.

They, also,  have a large roster that ranges from 15 year plus veterans to recent Wrestle Factory Graduates. This crew has been chugging along for the past couple of years, putting out 3 seasons of work in the last two year, but right now they are really starting to heat up. These young wrestlers have really grown into themselves over the last year and are putting on one of the most exciting wrestling product out right now.

Egg Monster From Mars perfectly combine Chikara’s attention to detail booking with some of the best freelance wrestlers and put on one of the best shows of the summer. Every match felt vital and huge. If it wasn’t for the Grand Championship match being the obvious main event, any single one of these matches could have been the main event. It was a card that never took it’s foot off the breaks and is really a must watch for anyone who has watched Chikara but could be a great jumping off point for anyone who hasn’t as well.

The Whisper vs Blanche Babish

This match was a perfect example of the recent Chikara graduates making names for themselves. The Whisper has been in Chikara for three years now and is a spooky dude who likes to bother people. Blanche Babish is greaser from the wrong side of the tracks and made her debut earlier this year to an impressive start.

These two did exactly what a good opening match should do.  It was quick, told a good story and got the audience excited for everything that was coming up. These two had a fast paced back and forth match neither really getting too much of an advantage over the other. Babish hit and awesome La Mistica and started to work on The Whisper’s left arm. The Whisper hit a nasty looking leg drop sending Blache’s face into the mat.

Blanche Babish likes to use something called the Soda Jerk Arm Bar as a submission. Throughout the match she tried to go for it a few times but Whisper would work out of it. Babish hit the top rope and stomped on The Whispers arm resting on the ropes. The Whisper got her up in for a slam but she elbowed her way out and locked in the Soda Jerk for the tap out. Blanche Babish now has one point on her way to three and shot at a title.

Beast Warriors & Crummels and Defarge vs Legion of Rot & The Closers

Next up was the first Atomicos match of the day with The Beast Warriors teaming up with Crummels and Defarge as the technicos facing the rudo team of Frightmare, Hallowicked, and The Closers. The Closers started the match by attacking the now hand sanitizer Crummels and Defarge by throwing them into a wall. It was now a four on two between the rudos and the technicos who tried their hardest to hold on. They came out fighting.

“Who knew pigs could fly!” screamed Director of Fun Bryce Remsburg from the commentation station. As Proletariat Boar tossed himself over the ropes onto all of his opponents.

The rudos worked over Boar as he tried to take on all of them. Boar got a hot tag to Oleg who wrecked havoc on the Rudo foursome. But soon the foursome was also too much for Oleg. Sloan got a huge suplex and an impressive headscissors for such a big man. Boar got a hot tag and took out everyone. Frightmare got on Hallowicked shoulders for what looked a double team move but Boar punched his way out. This lead to a Tower Of Doom spot and everyone hurting. Just when all hope was lost Crummels and Defarge hit the ring. It looks like the day is saved until they betray their team. All six rudos attack the Beast Warriors and the match is thrown out.

Mr. Touchdown vs David Starr

David Starr would have a much more infamous match the next night but his first trip to the Wrestle Factory was a lot of fun. Chikara has a fun way of picking some of the best indies and pairing them with a dream opponent for a match you could only see in Chikara. David Starr vs Mr. Touchdown was exactly one of those matches.

These two worked a fast-paced exciting match. Both came out fast from the get-go working a lighting quick match. Things started to get heated when Starr punched Touchdown in the face hard. Touchdown came back with a huge shoulder tackle. The two went back and forth for a while when Mr. Touchdown hit a spinebuster so high Starr almost hit his head (it was insane). Both guys were tired and sweaty as this lighting quick match progressed, they traded suplex attempts on the edge of the ring.

David Starr got the advantage when he snapped the rope onto Touchdown’s back, hit a ddt to the side of the ring (that is the hardest part) and locked in a Boston Crab. Touchdown kicked his way out of the Boston Crab and the two traded roll-ups. Touchdown ended the back and forth with a huge palm strike. Touchdown on went for a superlex off the top but David Starr flipped out of it. With Touchdown still on the second rope David Starr ran back and german suplexed Touchdown hard on the mat then flipped him around with a huge lariat. David Starr got up shocked that the match hadn’t ended. The fans started to chant “CHIKARA! CHIKARA” because this kind of action you could only get at Chikara. Touchdown ducked out of another lariat hit a hard palm strike and the Flea Flicker for the three count.

Mr. Touchdown now has three points and will be facing for the Grand Championship Juan Francisco De Coronado at Chikarasorusrex on August 11th. This match was followed by intermission but it should be noted that even Chikaratopia’s commercials are great. There were two different packages for the Solo Darling vs Juan Francisco De Coronado match that rivaled most wrestling packages. Also getting to see the King of Trios line up is always a treat.

Lucas Calhoun, Jeremy Leary & B.M.D. vs Callux the Castigator, Vulgar & Frantik

Remember how Chikara has really intricate plotlines, well, this is one of them. All six of these wrestlers have been created by Professor Nicodemus. Calhoun, Leary and BMD all got away from the Professor’s evil clutches but these big boy monsters are still very much following his orders. All season these teams have faced each other in singles and tag team matches but now it was time for a trios match between all six of them.

This match had lots of hard striking and lots of power moves. It was fought by six men who really do not like each other and are at war with each other. B.M.D. went to the top rope and swanton which Callux walked through it like he didn’t even notice it. If you want to watch a big hoss fight this is for you. After the swanton the rudos started to destroy the rookie B.M.D. and the battle landed outside of the ring. B.M.D got dropped onto a stack of chairs and rolled back into the ring for a three count.

Icarus vs Razorhawk

Razorhawk is another standout of this group of Chikara rookies. Icarus won’t tell you this, he has chosen Tavis Huckabee and Tony Deppen to recreate F.I.S.T. Icarus has gone on to call all of the recent Wrestle Factory graduates weak and didn’t respect them. Razorhawk wanted nothing more to get back at him and Icarus started the match by taking his time and drinking two bottles of water before getting in the ring. Razorhawk was pacing the ring in anger unable to wait for Icarus any longer.

Icarus acted every bit of the cocky veteran he is and Razorhawk endured everything he dished out. Razorhawk really wrestles with his heart on his sleeve. Icarus hit a drop toe hold and Razor hit the ground hard. Razor got up and hit a big knee and a cool looking somersault elbow drop. Icarus toyed with Razorhawk as the toe went back and forth, going as far as to bit his thumb.

Razor got a bit of offense but Icarus cut it off by getting him in a Gory Special. Icarus would shove Razor into the ropes and shove his head back in a way that really added a level of drama to this match. At every turn, Razorhawk showed that he refused to give up. After a few hard chops Razorhawk got some offense with a head scissor and bulldog and finished it off with a shooting star press. Razor followed up with a pin but only got a 2 count.

Icarus was first to get up and tied his hair back. Razorhawk pulled himself up using Icarus. Icarus went for a Shiranui for the second time in this match. It looked over for Razor when Icarus went for a lazy pin Razor found his moment and rolled Icarus up with reversal giving him the three count and the win. Razor excited from his win stepped up to Icarus who kicked him in the stomach and laid him out with a Pedigree.

Kimber Lee, Los Ice Creams & Kikutaro vs Travis Huckabee, Merlok, Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad

If you have never seen a Chikara Atomicos match before boy you are in for a treat. Go find any single one ever and enjoy it because nothing is a chaotic, fun, suspenseful and everything pure about wrestling than a Chikara Atomicos match. That said to try and recap this match would be very very hard instead here are just some quick notes.

Kimber Lee is back at Chikara and boy was she missed. Kimber Lee fell back into her role perfectly never meeting a beat. The Suplex Kingdom will never ever not be cool because suplexes will always be the best.  Kikutaro is a funny wrestler and of course fit into Chikara real well. Travis Huckabee is really finding himself as a rudo and is about to go on a tear of a run I bet. He looked vicious, even his arm drag had extra bit to them like he was trying to tear off and Ice Creams arm.

HERMIT CRAB DID A MOONSAULT OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE AFTER CARB WALKING TO THE MIDDLE. It was beautiful! Merlok looked like a beast. Kikutaro is a Buffet Club shirt hit a shining wizard and pinned Travis in what was really a must see to believe match. This match is fantastic because it can lead to so many things. Tavis still needs revenge on Los Ice Creams. A match between Travis and Kimber Lee would be amazing and Travis and his Friends In Similar Tights now have beef with Creatures of the Deep. Just a ton of different possibilities here.

Solo Darling vs Grand Champion Juan Francisco De Coronado

The main event to an almost perfect show was an all out war between Solo Darling and Juan Francisco De Coronado. This entire show was fantastic but this match was the crown jewel. This match rivaled anything on the G-1 in my opinion.

Solo went for a quick roll up to start things off. Dueling Solo Darling embraced the ring. Solo hit some hard kicks and went for the Sharp Stinger quick getting a big ax kick instead. Juan locks in the Coronado Clutch on Solo who is hanging on the third rope. Juan refuses to break the submission up and finally tosses Solo to the floor, she lads with a hard thud. Juan throws her back in the ring and the two trade submissions and hard strikes.

Juan picks up Solo and body slams her into the ropes twice which looks equally as painful both times her legs unnaturally flopping off the ropes. Juan goes for another body slam but Solo hops out of it, only to be met with a dropkick to the face. Juan limps his way into a pin but only for a two count. Juan works the knee more Solo screams in pain but kicks her way out of it.  Juan tries for a figure four but Solo fights him from getting it in by pushing his leg up. Solo, finally turns the figure four around applying the pressure to Juan.

Both of them collapses after a long fought match because of leg injuries. Both competitors on their knees begin to strike each other, hard.  Solo works her way up to standing and hits hard kicks to the side Juan’s legs. Solo, limping, runs into Juan in the corner goes for a tornado ddt but hits a neck suplex instead. Both competitors can hardly walk, Solo manages to hit a Candy Crush Bulldog on Juan for a two count. Solo can’t believe it.

They switched out of germans neither getting one. Instead Solo goes for an O’Connor roll for a two count. Juan goes for the same move but turns it into a deadlift german suplex for a two count. Even Bryce cannot believe it.  It feels like any move at this point can win it but also no move would be able to put either one of these two away. Juan got up and hit not one but two tiger drivers, Solo kicks out. Juan throws a temper tantrum.

“You can’t beat her!” the Chikararmy chant

Solo takes off her elbow pad. Juan looks pleased with himself as he hits another tiger driver but Solo never lets him get the pin. Solo locks in the Sharp Stinger and Jaun is in the middle of the ring. He writhes his hand around, contemplating tapping.  Juan looks to the side and notices Solo’s leg he starts striking it hard with his elbow, Solo is too tired she collapses.

Solo goes for Juan’s Coronado Clutch but Juan clings to the apron pulling the curtain up inside the ring. Ref Bryce Remsburg goes to fix it Jaun rolls Solo into Bryce who fall out of the ring. Jaun goes for his flag but Solo hits the Bioelectric Blast, throws Bryce in the ring and only gets a two. Solo struggles to her feet and with everything she has kick Juan. Solo goes to lock the Sharp Stinger but Juan roll out getting the Coronado Clutch locked in tight. Solo is trapped in the hold for a while but refuses to tap, instead her arm drops to the mat three time and Juan Francisco De Coronado win his 13th title defense. An absolute classic of a match no doubt.

This show really shows how special Chikara is right now. They have a young and exciting roster who hate each other and are having amazing matches with each other twice a week. If you haven’t watched much Chikara this is a great entry point along with the rest of the season. Juan Francisco de Coronado is one of the most impressive champions on the independent scene right now. He has taken on most of the Chikara roster and no one seems to have an answer on how to beat him. His next couple title defenses are right around the corner.