Burchill Looks Back At The First HOPE Supershow (17/7/15)

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Hello again Indy Corner readers, The Working Man is back with my review of the first night HOPE Wrestling’s Super Show weekender, featuring former WWE stars Chris Masters and Mr Anderson. The show started off with a singles match featuring two debutants, Gabriel Kid and Robert sharpe. Both wrestlers were out to prove a point and to get noticed by the promoter and fans alike, kid came with a strong style whilst sharpe displayed some unique moves. This was a very good open with sharp picking up the victory in his first outing at HOPE.

But next saw the debut of Pastor William Eaver take on HOPE heavyweight T-Bone, this was a very good singles competition with bone showing his strengths and Eaver showing his sense of the Ring awareness, after back and forth contest, T-Bone picked up the victory.

Following that encounter was the eight man tag match which saw the team of myself, Mitchell, Viper & Jimmy Havoc take on the team of Paul Malen, Flex Buffington, Blake & Money Benjamin. I decided to start this contest with a quick beat down on Paul Malen, this backfired as Malen stood his ground and unleashed a flurry of punches atomic drops and a knee to the head, needless to say this knocked me for six as I decided to put the boot to Malen however the boot I am talking about was Havoc’s not mine but a quick reversal from Malen forced me to eat leather from Jimmy’s boot, however a blind tag to Mitchell saw him into the ring, malen was as alert as ever and drop toe-hold Mitchell into my testicles which hurt. Malen took the advantage tagging in Blake, who showed his strength, Blake then tagged in money Benjamin who unfortunately got the better of me and Mitchell allowing the tag to fan favourites Flex Buffington, The crowd went ballistic as Buffington entered the squared circle, Flex decided to try a strong push on Mitchell, however a quick retaliation knockout punch was too much for Flex, as myself Havoc and Mitchell double teamed Flex it seemed like the match was going to end quickly, with the stroke of luck Flex managed to get havoc out of the way which allowed Malen to take him out of the match. As Blake, Benjamin and myself brawled on the outside, Flex locked to have had the match one via the split legged moonsault , Mitchell had this well scouted and rolled to the outside, where unfortunately Blake had other ideas by doing a cannonball off the apron on to us all, this left viper and Flex in the ring, in the latter stages of this contest flex decided to attempt a body slam on the mammoth Viper however Flex was unable to complete the move as Viper fell on top of flex and covered him for the win.

Up next saw former PCW heavyweight champion Lionheart take on the ever impressive Bubblegum, this was a fantastic match, Bubblegum using all dirty tactics he could try and conjure up, Lionheart using his experience, provided to be the missing piece of this puzzle as he took the pinfall over Bubblegum.

Next in singles action so former WWE and current TNA and a Star Mr Anderson take on one half of Project Ego Martin Kirby, Anderson rallied the crowd with his famous catchphrases, Kirby was having none of it, in a back-and-forth match Kirby again showed why he should be working for one of the big companies in America and Anderson showing why he is currently on TV, Anderson hit the mic check for the win.

Up next saw Welsh female wrestler Nixon Newell take on Australia’s own Toni Storm, this was a simple yet effective match and showed a crowd a different side to the HOPE roster, Storm brought the fight to Newell but she had done her homework and took the pinfall to win the match.

Following this match featured for my WWE superstar the ‘Masterpiece’ Chris Masters take on the beast from Belfast Big Damo O’Connor, these two heavyweights brought for what seemed to be an eternity, the fight ended up outside mid match, until the final stages where Masters went for the Masterlock, O’Connor had it well scouted and performed the rolling senton to pick up the win over Masters.

Main event time. LJ Heron vs Joseph Connors vs Chris Tyler vs Jack Jester vs EL Ligero vs Ryan Smile, this was a six way dance elimination for the HOPE championship, this could be arguably the best match I’ve seen at HOPE ever. All men did the UK wrestling scene proud that night. The order of elimination Chris Tyler was pinned by Ligero, LJ Heron was pinned by Ryan smile, Joseph Conners was pinned by El Ligero, following a double clothesline as Connors and Smile were down in the middle of the ring, que the lights and five masked men again entered the ring, this time they attacked Ryan Smile, as they left Smile in a heap on the canvas Connors seized the opportunity to take the pinfall, however in a strange turn of events the five masked men decided to beat up Joseph Connors to the surprise of the crowd, ‘Roughhouse’ Steve Mitchell who was en masked on the last show by T-bone, was quick to show his authority by driving Connors into the canvas with two spinebusters. The group left the ring with Connors laid out cold which allowed Jack jester to cover Connors and eliminate him, this came down to Smile vs Jester, after a flurry of offensive manoeuvers by Smile, Jester was able to hit a tombstone piledriver for the pinfall and become the new HOPE champion.

This was witnessed by a sell-out crowd in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Again another great show by Harvey Dale, again proving why HOPE is one of the main contenders and main promotions in the UK.

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