Burchill Looks Back At HOPE Wrestling At The Carnival

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Picture Credit: Brett Hadley & HOPE Wrestling

Welcome back to all you readers of my column here on The Indy Corner.

This weekend I was that HOPE Wrestling in Chadderston, Derbyshire for a carnival show featuring wrestlers such as T-bone,Charlie Garrett, Ryan Smile and Paul Malen.

The Show kicked off with Alton Thorne vs Kyle Kingsley, this was a back and forth match in front of a jam packed crowd with Kingsley obtaining a victory.

Up next was Money Benjamin vs ‘The Roughhouse’ Stevie Mitchell. Mitchell showed why he is one of the best up and coming guys on the UK seen, his crowd interaction was really good and the fact that money Benjamin was their local guy coming from Derby made the match even better. Money was on the offence from the start and proceeded to try and pick up the victory over Mitchell during this contest, however Mitchell being the villain used his ring awareness and beat money Benjamin into the ground, with a late flurry of moves from Benjamin, Mitchell was still only just able to kick out, then out of nowhere Mitchell hit the spine buster and took the three count.

Then came my match as the original ‘Mr No Days Off’ and the one they know as the Working Man Burchill squared off against House Of Pain Academy star Timberwolf ! At the beginning of the contest I tried to use my smart dog techniques to win the match early, I even told the dog to play dead so I could pin him, this unfortunately didn’t work, Timberwolf took the advantage until I used a my common sense to take control of the match. After a back and forth match it came down to Timberwolf hitting his running bulldog which I kicked out of. Timberwolf then went to finish the match when my friends Stevie Mitchell and Alton Thorne returned to the ring to beat up the dog, in an act of goodwill the local RSPCA called upon money Benjamin and Kyle Kingsley to make the save. This resulted in a challenge from the three from the RSPCA vs me and my motley crue later on in the afternoon. We Duly accepted and the six-man tag was scheduled for later on in the show.

The match before the interval featured Rob sharpe vs Ryan Smile, this match would certainly be booked on a main show in the UK, smile was at his best, proving why he is one of the best highflyers in the UK, sharpe to his credit kept up with Smile by taking away his arial advantage and keeping him grounded for the duration of the contest, however with a flurry of high risk moves smile was able to pick up the victory after a top rope frog splash.

After the interval Saw Paul Malen versus the weird Syntax this match was a very clear-cut contest with both wrestlers showing a wide variety of transitional moves and storytelling, Malen coming out victorious.

Next up was a triple threat match featuring LJ Heron, ‘The Italian Sensation’ Alessandro and Steve Harris. This was good preparation for Heron as he moves on to face Sebastian Radclaw on June 26th in Mansfield. The match went back and forth until out of nowhere Heron hit the spear on Harris and took the victory.

Then came the six man tag which pitted the team of Burchill, Stevie Mitchell and Alton Thorne vs the team of Kyle Kingsley, money Benjamin and Timberwolf. Mitchell and myself took the upper hand at the beginning of this match by taking out Timberwolf in the early stages, unfortunately for us Timberwolf gained some momentum and quickly tagged in Kingsley, Kingsley unleashed some strikes towards Mitchell and brought in Money Benjamin for the double-team, Benjamin had Mitchell up for the AA, Mitchell outsmarted money by wriggling off his back and pushing him straight into Alton thornes fist, The match proceeded to go in favour of my team until a double-team move backfired which gave Kingsley the opportunity to tag in Timberwolf for the hot tag and make his way into the ring and open up a can of well not whoop ass but dogfood ! As we put Timberwolf down on the canvas a flurry of finishes from everyone saw myself and Timberwolf remaining in the ring, with Timberwolf down I thought the opportunity was there for the taking, as I scaled the ropes lining up Timberwolf for the diving head-butt, the wiley mutt reversed this move into an KO and covered me for the pin ! Don’t worry next time I’ll bring a muzzle and a cage !

The main event so two of Britain’s biggest heavyweights go one on one as T-bone squared off against Charlie Garratt, at the moment these two are at the top of the game and produced one of the best singles matches I’ve seen in a long long time, it was hard-hitting strong start wrestling in front of a packed crowd in Derby, Garrett showed his athleticism with standing the insults top rope dropkicks to name but a few, T-bone showed why he is one of the baddest dudes in UK wrestling, his strong style no nonsense hard-hitting way keep Garrett out of the contest. A mistake by T-bone allowed Garrett to use a senton off the top rope and pick up the victory.

All in all a very good carnival show with new wrestlers coming in to HOPE. The next show for HOPE Wrestling is on June 19 at the Polish Club in Derby, tickets can be bought online just visit the facebook page, this show will feature former WWE superstar Val Venis, current TNA star Bram alongside British super stars such as Paul Malen, Nathan Cruz, Ryan Smile and many more.

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Thanks again for reading my column and like I always say if you don’t like it don’t read it. I’m off to get drunk.


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