Burchill Looks Back At HOPE 22

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Picture Credit (c) Brett Hadley & HOPE Wrestling.

Hello readers of The Indy Corner, for those who don’t know my name is Burchill, I’m a current roster member for HOPE Wrestling based in the Midlands (see facebook for details) I will be on the site hopefully on a weekly basis, this is my first instalment.This week my travels to me to a sold out HOPE Evolution at the forest town venue in Mansfield. This showcased stars such as Newly signed Global Force Wrestling superstar Jigsaw, alongside ICW stars Jack Jester and Viper.The show kicked off with Paul Malen vs LJ Heron, after a back and forth match a mistake by Harvey Dale took the heat off his game as Ryan Smile chased Dale away from ringside with a table tennis bat, Malen took advantage and took the pinfal over Heron. Up next was the hunter brothers vs the London Riots, this match went back and forth and both teams displayed why there some of the best tag teams in the UK. The Hunters picked up the win in this contest.Up next was not a comedy match as Martin Kirby took on Flex Buffington who was a replacement for ICW star Grado. Flex showed his lack of flexibility so speak as kirby took advantage of this match, Buffington out of nowhere hit a moonsault during the final stages of the match, but in an amazing turn of events, kirby decided to shove a pen in his pants and tried to use that to secure the pinfall with Flex realising this he quickly rolled up Kirby for the pinfal.

Main event of the first half was a rematch of the from the finals of the Kings Of Flight tournament as The All Day Star Ryan Smile took on the winner of the tournament Chris Tyler who was accompanied by Rainz, this was a back and forth match with some amazing spots, Smile at one point doing a dive in the corner to the outside. After a shower of moves from Tyler, Rainz taking a trophy shot to the head, Smile managed to connect with 2nd brain buster to obtain the win. Great match from two outstanding performers.

Straight after the interval was a clash between two of the U.K’s best as El Ligero took on Joe Conners, this match went back and forth as both wrestlers tried to look for the win, after a clash which saw both wrestlers laid out, the lights went out again and again 6 masked men entered the ring looking to take out Ligero as were to believe that Conners is responsible for these men. Instead Conners talked the masked men down from ringside, then men responded and gave Conners the thumbs up as they departed the venue. Ligero saw the opportunity and took the pinfal. As the crowd looked on Conners picked up his righteous jacket, put it on and walked out of the building, could this be the rebirth of the Righteous One at HOPE?

Up next pitted Viper vs Chardonnay after a reverse electric chair Viper took the victory.

In the main event we saw Jack Jester vs Jimmy Havoc vs Jigsaw in a three-way no DQ match, this match in my opinion certainly lived up to the hype, all three wrestlers put on a Stella show. Overall a great show which was enjoyed by a sold out crowd.

Next for HOPE is on the 7th June at Chadderson in Derby with a start time of 1pm. Tickets are available via the HOPE facebook page. Well that’s my first instalment written, hope you enjoyed and if you didn’t don’t read the next one !


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