Beyond Wrestling “New England Mania 2” Review (4/24/16)

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Beyond is a great promotion out of the Northeast of the US and this show is a show case for New England talent. This happened before Before the matches started, JT Dunn came out to cut a promo which led to him attacking a ref with a vicious elbow.

Drew Gulak vs. Brian Fury

God I love Drew Gulak. Fury is a pretty solid technical wrestler who is getting a lot of opportunities in this promotion. Dijak and Ciampa are on commentary, they were on commentary for a show on By Popular Demand and they were awesome then and now! AS you can guess this was a technical how case and it was pretty sweet! Gulak was working over the ankle a fair bit and his holds are just awesome like when he caught Fury and put him into a sweet ankle lock that I loved. Fury also whipped out so cool maneuvers like a bow and arrow hold and many others. After hitting some big moves, Fury rolls Gulak right into a Boston Crab for the win. After the match there was a showing of respect as they shook hands. A very good technical show case. Gulak is easily my favorite guy who does this style and Fury has always been good at it so you know this had to be good!


Eric Spicely & Chuck O’Neil vs. Cam-An Connection (Cam Zagami & Anthony Greene)

Spicely and O’Neil are 2 MMA fighters. Fun fact: Cam Zagamia is currently a part of the John Cena hosted reality show, American Grit. A clash of styles here, Cam Am are very high octane but the MMA Fighters are grapplers and strikers but they hit a ton of cool suplexes. Greene tries to hug Chuck at one point and gets belly to belly’d. When Cam Zagami and Eric Spicely were in the ring together, it was a battle of reality TV stars as Spicely was on the Ultimate Fighter. Speaking of Spicely he hit a sick spine buster. Spicely hits a sweet arm bar after a sweet transition to tap out Cam Zagami and get the win.


Dave Cole & Anthony Stone vs. Da Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro)

The M1nute Men were on commentary. This is a personal feud as Cole was taken out for a while by Da Hoodz. Stone and Cole started the match off with some sweet dives. The action in ring was not as good though, as Da Hoodz are not the best. They are entertaining outside of the ring though, the gimmick is pretty funny to me, can’t tell if it is supposed to be serious. The match had eventually picked up and was pretty sick, including wheelbarrow German suplex’s and Coast to Coasts. A Wig Splitter got Da Hoodz a very close near fall. Dave Cole hits a Tiger Bomb for the win.


Tommaso Ciampa vs. John Silver

I was very hyped for this match as Ciampa is always awesome and Silver as a singles competitor is great too, and so is his stuff as a Beaver Boy but he is just so entertaining by himself. Death by Elbow were on commentary, which means Chris Hero is calling the match, that is dope! Before the match really got started they goofed around with a ref, giving him 2 for flinching. Silver is a tiny guy but he is STRONG and that was on display here. He even Gorilla Pressed Ciampa into the ropes and just chucked him across the ring. There was a ton of comedy with Silver’s size and I laughed. The outside brawling was sick, chops and signature Ciampa knees included. Ciampa hit an air raid crash after a monkey flip that made me go crazy! Silver eventually got the win with a dope spinning torture rack blue thunder bomb!  Overall this was a sweet match, Silver looked like a beast with the upset win and I really enjoyed it!


In just under an hour, this show left me wanting more, which is a good thing! Thanks for reading! You can find me on twitter @a7xweeman and if you want to watch this little show then you go to BeyonDemand! Well worth the 9.99 price tag!

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