Beyond Wrestling “Head Over Heels” Review (4/24/16)

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A stacked looking card had me hyped! Beyond is a great promotion from the Northeast of the US and constantly have solid to good shows! You can find this show on their YouTube service, beyondemand!

CLL All Star World Title: Shynron (c) vs. Chuck Taylor

Lio Rush was originally going to be in this match, but he got injured the night before this at a MCW show. I am not complaining as he is very entertaining and he was in this match. Chuckie T is just so funny. After he hrows Shynron onto the apron, he goes and hugs a fan. He also bit Shynron’s mask, not very gentlemanly. But Shynron is beyond entertaining, one of the best high flyers, the way he goes from move to move, flip to flip, is impressive. He transitioned into a Spanish Fly amazingly. He also hits a Phoenix Splash that was beautiful. Chuckie T tried to go for an Awful Waffle but turns it into a Soul Food, loved that. He goes for it again but gets it reversed with a jackknife pin and Shynron retains. A very fun opener, I love seeing Chuckie T whenever I can. A very suitable replacement for Lio Rush!


Crusade For Change vs. Massage NV, Milk Chocolate, Johnny Cockstrong

This was originally going to be Massage NV vs. Milk Chocolate, a rematch of a match that happened earlier at a Beyond Show. To say the least, I really did not like that match, was pretty bad. Cockstrong was supposed to be a guest ref. They wrestled for about 3 minutes and it was a mix of alright wrestling and annoying comedy. The gimmick of Massage NV Is just straight up annoying. But Crusade for Change comes out and they make it a 5 man. Cockstrong + Massage NV = WHY? The match was alright, but it was just cringeworthy at some points with bad comedy and solid in ring action. The M1nute Men were pretty entertaining, some good double teaming. Brandon Watts at one point hit a sick dive, but later on he gets hit with a chokeslam. Then they kill the momentum of the match by doing the NV massage oil slip n slide. CFC hit their 5 Man ultra finish that was pretty sloppy for the win. Apparently during this match Brandon Watts got injured which sucks, and it was on his neck. In general, this match just had meh written on it, and the comedy did not help. I am not against comedy, but it was pretty unfunny


Matthew Riddle vs. Suge D

Suge D had awesome ring introductions, a Prince tribute and was called Shinsuke Choclamura, amazing. Riddle is a fast learner and fun to watch. More importantly, a BRO! At the last main Beyond show, Suge fought O’Neil, another MMA guy and this promoted that. Early on Suge hit a headbutt. I knew from there on this would be a solid match! Riddle put Suge down a couple times with a Fisherman Buster and some German Suplexes. Suge D also hits a kick from the top rope to a seated Riddle which was sick. Suge brought the wrestling but Riddle brought the grappling and the strikes which was awesome. Riddle hit a springboard knee strike for the win. Very short and it sucks to see Suge lose constantly but I still really liked it. After the match, Riddle calls out O’Neil but Eric Spicely stops him. That back fires as Spicely gets kicked in the head.

The Colony vs. Team Pazuzu

Team Pazuzu is comprised of EYFBO (Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik) and Jaka. The ants that make up the Colony in this instance is Silver Ant, Soldier Ant and Fire Ant. The Colony are almost legends in Chikara. Silver Ant and Draztik started off the match and they were great together. Same thing happens with Ortiz and Soldier Ant, which then happens with Fire Ant and Jaka, with Jaka getting hit with a sick rana. Solid way to start off the trios action! The match in general was good, but it dragged a ton in the middle with both teams working over either Jaka or Soldier Ant. It went on way too long and the crowd felt dead on tape but they got the crowd back into it for a bit after Pazuzu hit stereo dives to the outside. At one point Silver Ant hits this sick looking DDT that got followed up by another DDT from Fire Ant. Jaka eventually wins with a spinning heel kick. This match could have been way shorter. That being said, this was still a good match! The Colony are always fun to see!


Jonathan Gresham & Jordynne Grace vs. Ryan Galeone & Veda Scott

Intergender style. Veda Scott and Jordynne Grace are currently in a heated feud. The match starts off with them attacking each other during entrances. They brawled on the outside for a few before the bell officially rang. I am not the biggest fan of Veda Scott, Galeone or Intergender in general but this match was pretty damn good. It was very well done yet a mess, in a good way, a lot of chaos. At one point, Galeone breaks up the Octopus lock by throwing Grace onto Gresham. After a Samoan Drop from Grace, Gresham gets the win with a Shooting Star Press. The match was about 9 minutes, which means this was a very fun sprint. A mini hoot.


Colt Cabana vs. Kimber Lee

I am not the biggest fan of Colt Cabana and Kimber Lee can be pretty hit or miss for me. If Cabana is serious, I like him a lot, but as you can guess, he was not serious here. They spent about 2 minutes without wrestling and when they started to wrestle, Colt kept acting like he did not want to hit a woman. He did it for way too long, and I just found it unfunny. They finally started to wrestle after 3 minutes that felt like 20. Colt looked so apprehensive to hit Kimber Lee a lot of the time. After Lee tried a Princess Tope but got caught and slammed to the apron, but Colt felt bad. Then we evolved into him being able to hit Lee unless it was in the chest, until he pie faces Kimber Lee and the crowd boos him. Kimber Lee gets Colt in an Alligator Clutch and wins. Lee was pretty good but man, Colt really dragged this match down. Pretty medicore.


Death By Elbow vs. Da Hit Squad

Da Hit Squad are great to watch, but even better to watch is Chris Hero and JT Dunn together. Early on, Mack hits a nasty gorilla press snake eyes. As per usual, Hero was awesome. He has some of the best strikes and I always love his senton. Tell me who has better elbow strikes than him? No frickin body! He plays so well as a cocky heel, he just let Mafia senton him which led to a senton war. The pacing was also great, making every thing feel so grandiose. I feel like Hero really knows how to pace matches, especially if he is being cocky. Dunn at one point Dunn hits a sick rolling cutter. Even after an electric chair Death by Elbow, Da Hit Squad were still in it. Just an awesome battle here. Even though Hero had Mafia pinned after a Gotch Style piledriver, he was not the legal man and JR gets hit with a sitout powerbomb and Da Hit Squad win! That was an epic match! Da Hit Squad can still go! After the match the bad Boy Joey Janela comes out. But even cooler, David Starr comes out and attacks Janela! Janela and Starr then brawl it out on the out side. Pretty hyped for that to be a feud!


Chris Dickinson vs. Donovan Dijak

These 2 are awesome and are in the hunt to both be the face of beyond, an ace I guess you could say. This match had such a big match feel, with a huge stare down in the beginning. These 2 just went at it, beating the crap out of each other and it was epic. They traded some nasty strikes to each other, it was awesome to watch yet freaking brutal! Dickinson kept going for the leg, putting in a bunch of submissions. He also hit a sick Pazuzu Bomb, but DIJAK KICKED OUT! He got hit with a Feast your Eyes immediately after but a kick out from Dickinson! This was epic, but the finish sucked to be honest. Instead of a clean finish that this awesome match deserved, we got a dirty finish. JT Dunn comes out and attacks the ref and the 2 competitors. That makes Hero come out and he was pissed but he elbows Dickinson and attacks everyone. Then Gresham came out, but he got laid out, same with Kimber Lee and Jordynne Grace.


Overall, a pretty good show from Beyond besides the fact the finish of the main event was pretty weak. Follow me @a7xweeman on twitter if you wish!

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