Beyond Wrestling ‘Greatest Rivals Round Robin Show’ (26/9/15) DVD Review

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Drew Gulak vs Biff Busick

Perhaps the last meeting between these two mat masters with Busik’s recent departure from the Indys to NXT and WWE. Both men have had a well-documented rivalry in Evolve, CZW and Beyond wrestling. Pure mat clinic from the start, both men exchanging holds and trying to work over a body part with Busik squeaking out the win with his trademark side headlock takeover into the submission for the tap out and to go 1-0 in the Round Robin tournament ***

Eddie Edwards vs Timothy Thatcher

Indy dream match. Edwards has been a big player for the past 5 years and loved his stuff in ROH and PWG, but not seen much of him in 2014 and 2015 due to his association with TNA which I don’t really follow much anymore. Thatcher had a great 2015 winning the Evolve title and making his name across the US Indy’s. Great technical clinic similar to match 1 with both men grinding it out, trading holds and exchanging strikes. Edwards gets the better of Thatcher and gets the win via submission with his single leg Boston crab to go 1-0 in the Round Robin. Would love to see a rematch between these two, good match-up ***1/2

Rory Gulak vs David Starr

Big fan of David Starr. Young and talented and has a big upside. Rory also looks to be breaking out recently alongside his brother Drew. Change of pace from match 1 and 2 with a quicker match. Huge somersault dive through the second ropes and a hurricanrana off the stage by Rory wasn’t expecting that!. Also a huge backdrop into the buckles from David Starr (looked painful). Starr gets the win with a nice straight jacket German suplex with the bridge for the 3 count ***1/4

AR Fox With Mrs AR Fox vs Brian Fury

Fury gets credit from the announcers for training top wrestlers including WWE diva Sasha Banks! News to me! Quick pace, exchange of roll ups early on, Fury counters Fox’s trademark wristlock with multiple springs off the ropes bulldog by simply throwing him off! Simple but effective!. Fox hits the low mein pain out of nowhere and Fury rolls to the outside but of course he is not safe there in an AR Fox match as Fox follows up with his low mein rain dive to the floor from the top rope onto Fury. Mrs AR Fox gets involved on the outside with a choke. Fury shows toughness by kicking out of a Springboard (SB) ace crusher followed by a 450 splash from FOX. Fury then hits a nice pop up powerbomb, transitioned into a full Boston crab and gets the tap out. Fox seems to be tapping out a lot in Beyond lately as he tapped to Tracey Williams on a previous show in about 2 minutes, fun match ***

Timothy Thatcher vs Biff Busick

Back to some more Round Robin action. Another mat classic between two of the best. If you like pure mat wrestling this card is for you!. Fans solidly behind Biff in a test of strength struggle. Both men exchange holds and thatcher goes after the arm. Commentators describe this as the grittiest match of the card and I agree!. Both men show grit and determination to gain the advantage on the other. Biff flips out of a back suplex attempt, sweeps the legs and locks in his elevated headlock submission in a beautiful reversal. Biff gets pissed and goes for some chops and strikes but runs into a trademark European uppercut from thatcher. Thatcher then goes back to the arm and bends it in ways it’s not meant to go!. Biff escapes a Fujiwara armbar by reaching the ropes. Exchange of strikes and a suplex from Biff. Thatcher tries Biff’s own headlock takeover into his armbar but it backfires, Biff escapes and locks in his own elevated headlock and Thatcher taps. Biff is now 2-0 in the Round Robin and Thatcher is 0-2 ***1/3

Discs 2 starts off with:

Drew Gulak vs Eddie Edwards

First time ever match here!. Exchange of headlocks and wristlocks with a beautiful escape by Eddie ending with a dropkick. Exchange of hammerlocks and a stand off!. They then exchange slaps and Drew ends that with a quick side headlock takeover. Commentators play on the fact that Eddie is fresher than Drew as Drew wrestled in a longer match earlier on. Eddie attempts a suplex but Gulak counters into a dragon sleeper in the ropes on the apron. E follows that up with a flying clothesline off the top for a 2 count. Eddie fights back and hits his back pack stunner. Eddie tries a top rope double stomp but missed and Gulak comes back with multiple shotgun dropkicks. Quick exchange and Gulak counters a leapfrog into a sunset flip but Eddie counters into the half crab but Gulak back to the ankle lock. After a dive outside from Drew, Eddie gets back on the offensive in ring and counters a powerbomb with a reverse tombstone pildriver kryptonite krunch move dropping Drew on his head, followed by his own powerbomb into a half crab with stomps to the head for the knock out. Drew is out. Awesome match. Eddie is now 2-0 and Drew like Thatcher is 0-2 ****

Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee vs Team Tremendous

Tag team action!. Bit of comedy early on with Lee unable to nip up out of Dan Barry’s wristlock despite several attempts. Lee plays to the crowd and yes he gets that nip up but gets arm dragged down. Bill comes in and so does Everett. Some shenanigans and Carr does a cartwheel to try and show up Everett and then a handspring off the ropes!. Bill then gets serious with a stiff clothesline. Barry back in with his trademark slingshot moonsalt and a suplex on Everett. Action spills to the outside and Trevor lee does an insane flip dive over the ringpost to the outside, followed by a running backflip over the ropes from Barry. Not to be out done by Everett’s springboard plancha!. In the ring the Carolinas isolate Barry but he fights back two on one. Lee tries to spring in from the stage, onto the ropes but gets met with a huge dropkick from Barry!. In comes big bill with a hot tag and cleans house!. Back and forth leads to Barry and Everret missing stereo top rope shooting stars on their respective team opponents. Lee rallies and hits his flipping fallaway slam on Bill!. Impressive on the big man. Reverse rana from everret and a mushroom stomp from lee on Barry insane. Big bill then hits a freaking Canadian destroyer on lee, followed by a double team slice bread from team tremendous on lee, but Everett steals the win out of nowhere with a small package on Barry for a 3 count. Amazing match, lots of fun here ****

JT Dunn vs Ricochet

Another first time match with the impressive Ricochet making his Beyond debut. Exchange of wrist locks with a nice backflip reversal by ricochet. Nice exchange of holds with JT Dunn holding his own against the young veteran. Pace quickens with ricochet flying around Dunn with a handspring headscisscors takeover, followed by a great dropkick. Spinebuster, followed by the people’s (cough) moonsalt in ring by ricochet. Dunn fights back with forearms and chops and a huge flying clothesline off the ropes nearly taking ricochet’s head off. Dunn then slingshots himself back into the ring with a nice x factor. Later on, Dunn fights out of the corner and nails a nice rolling ace crusher for a 2 count. Ricochet then fights out of the corner himself, with a nice rolling DDT followed by a running standing shooting star press. Ricochet then hits a great spinning enzugri and a Regal plex into a pin for a 2 count. Dunn then avoids a shooting star off the top rope by ricochet and fights back with a Death Valley driver into the buckles. Exchange of strikes and kicks ended by a blue thunder bomb by ricochet for another 2. Dunn comes back with 3 roaring elbows and a sick Canadian destroyer for only a 2 count!. Dunn escapes a benadryller attempt but gets caught running off the ropes with a meteora. Ricochet then hits his trademark benadryller (basically a GTS into a big roundhouse kick) with great height and impact for the 3 count. Great match here ****

Drew Gulak v Timothy Thatcher

Having lost twice in the round robin, both men are desperate for a win here and this should be a war. Bell rings and both men scrap for holds, slaps, strikes and exchange back suplexes. The sense of urgency is there for both men to grab a quick win after already wrestling twice in the night. Headbutt by Gulak gets a 2 count. Action slows with both men trying for armbars and anklelocks but thatcher takes control with a suplex and locks in the armbar. Short piledriver from Drew knocks the stuffing out of thatcher and regains the advantage. Quick legbar from drew the gets the quick tapout victory out of nowhere!. Wow thatcher goes 0-3 and Gulak gets a win back and goes 2-1. Short and sweet match here, nothing to go crazy about **1/2

Biff Busick vs Eddie Edwards

I have heard great things about this one and hoping it lives up to the hype. Streamers from the fans for Busick as this is his farewell match in Beyond before he tries his hand at NXT. Both men with 2 wins a piece in the Round Robin and this match with determine the winner. Electric atmosphere from the crowd. Let’s get to it!. Half nelson suplex from a lockup by Biff sends Eddie out to the floor. Exchange on the outside. Both men back in ring and Eddie launches biff over the ropes back to the floor. Some of the locker room has emptied out to watch this one. Big fight feel!. In and out of the ring they brawl and Eddie sends Biff over the merch tables. Biff gets all sorts of merch thrown at him by Eddie and Eddie gets heat with the crowd. In ring Eddie starts chopping biff’s face whilst the crowd sings biff’s theme to get behind him and get him back on the offensive. It works!. Lariat from biff but a kick out at 1 from Eddie!. Powerbomb from Eddie but a kick out by biff. Biff then counters another powerbomb attempt from Eddie with a brutal Alabama slam into the buckles!. Brutal!. Fans solidly behind Biff as he attempts a dangerous looking top rope half nelson superplex but Eddie amazingly backflips out of it onto his feet making it look effortless and gets his half crab but biff escapes. Both men nose to nose now exchanging chops, uppercuts with boos and yays from the crowd. Kobashi chops from Eddie but Biff fires back with running elbows, flying uppercuts and a stiff lariat for 2!. Biff gets a sleeper, Eddie counters with a German suplex but biffs back up!. Eddie comes back with knees and kicks but biffs back with his own half Boston crab and he manages to transition into his trademark side headlock sleeper and Eddie taps out!. Biff wins and goes an impressive 3-0 in the round robin, leaving Eddie at a 2-1 record. Good match with an electrifying ending ****1/4

Overall, this is an amazing show from Beyond Wrestling. Top to bottom a great card. I give this show a solid 4 and a half stars for its consistency. Beyond wrestling are starting to break out as one of the bigger Indys in the US and remind me of PWG with the smaller intimate venues, hot crowd and amazing in ring action and talent on their cards. I urge you to check this out on either DVD, VOD or MP4 at or you can subscribe to Beyond’s own subscription channel to watch this and all the other great shows from Beyond.

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