BCW No Blood, No Sympathy (06/12/14) Review

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I had heard many good things about BCW in the past few years and my regret was that I never went to one of there shows on this night in Kilmarnock, I was happy to finally see them.

After the success of there sell out show in East Kilbride the previous night, the crowd that helped make Kilmarnock a sell out as well were excited to see what this night would bring.

BT Gunn vs Kenny Williams vs Stevie Xavier vs Paul London.

The Winner of this four way match would be granted a Title Shot of Any BCW Championship for the next year.

One by one the competitors entered down the ramp until, the former WWE star, Paul London, made his way through the crowd shaking nearly every one of the fans hands as he made his way to the ring. This certainly more than already encouraged the fans to get into this match, not that it was needed, with Tag Team Champions, Just Uz(Xavier & Gunn) battling each other and add the kamikaze techniques of Kenny Williams, this match had the ingredients to be a fantastic match.

It did not disappoint.

From the start, it was London going against Williams, the two traded wristlocks to hammerlocks then to side-headlocks that reached a stalemate.

This was just the start to show what the crowd was going to expect. As the two traded high flying offences until it was time for the Tag Team Champions to engage.

Xavier and Gunn went on full tilt against each other showing the desire and drive that helped them capture the Tag Titles. In a near two minute spot that had the crowd chanting “This is awesome!” the two, pinned, counter-pinned, rolled up, schoolboyed and sunset-fliped each other in an attempt to get the quick pin.

Then London and Williams arrived back into the fray as London hit the double foot stomp and Williams excuted his droppkick as he hung his opponent in the ropes.

The best was yet to come as all four men prepared to hit the stacked tower of doom, as Williams faced London, Gunn and Xavier joined with stunning kicks, as they connected with the amazing move with Williams coming off worse, this led to the second well deserved chant of “This is Awesome!”.

The finale occured when Xavier fell victim to Gunn’s finisher then pinned meaning Gunn has that golden opportunity for one year.

Winner: Bt Gunn.

The question lies, does this mean unsettling times for the Champions in the future? But one thing this match proved is that all four men have the calibre to be BCW Champion, it isn’t a question of if, but when.

It was next Noam Dar who arrived to the ring, in casual clothes and Title in hand.

He had confessed to the crowd that sadly he wouldn’t be able to defend his Title tonight due to an injury and went to cut a fantastic promo that should give encouragement to anyone who is interested in working in wrestling or in training.

He conveyed that it was 7 years ago he was doing security for this company and how amazing this company has developed.

In such a short time, he is now known  as an amazing wrestler across the World. That shows that talent speaks volumes in this industry.

But the moment he had with the crowd came to an abrupt end with Chavo Guerrero, the man supposed to challenging for the Title tonight interupted his speech. Irate and furious at this news, he called Dar a liar and attacked the injured Champion with viscous stomps.

Then to the rescue, it was Wolfgang, who demanded to Chavo.

“You wana fight, fight me!”

As Dar was saved by Wolfgang, the incensed Guerrero, retreated to ringside and then attacked at the moment his opponent was distracted.

Wolfgang used his raw power to gain control of match but Guerrero tried to slow the match down using his side-headlocks.

Fantastically portraying the bitter heel, Guerrero worked over the leg, stomping on the knee, stretching and wrenching it then using the ropes to help his cause before using a leg lock to torture his opponent.

Wolfgang wouldn’t be beaten that easily as he regained control of the match and launched his adversary into the turnbuckles followed by his splash over the ropes but as he ran to the other turnbuckle to hit his double axehandle, Guerrero had it scouted ans connected with a shot to the ribs.

The great match continued with Guerrero in control as he hit a superplex off the second turnbuckle and the three amigos then attempted the frog splash from the top turnbuckle but Wolfgang had that scouted and moved.

The back and forth encounter had everyone cheering especially when Wolfgang hit his swanton from the top turnbuckle for a near-fall.

The sneaky Guerrero went into the playbook of cheat to win, as he hit a rollup and got the pin as he held the trunks and then the rope to leave Wolfgang despondent at what happened.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero.

No Holds Barred: Jack Jester vs Hardcore Holly.

In an amazing first half main event, the Hardcore legend of American Wrestling, Hardcore Holly against the man who takes brutality to the next level, Jack Jester.

The match kicked off as expected both men beating each other with clubbing blows and hard punches. Within minutes the action desended outside the ring as Jester seized a chair, then began belting Holly with it to the stomach and back.

Holly fought back, using the same chair, cracking it on Jester’s chest and then the two beat each other with a cane as the chaos reach new levels within the hall.

Fighting there way to the back of the hall, both men attempted to destroy each other with, sticks, bins, tables and the walls before returning back to the ring.

The crowd where loving this battle and rightly so, it was living up to the hype and more was still to come.

Jester was on the attack, hitting a double axehandle off the top turnbuckle and countering Holly’s attempt to come off the top turnbuckle by slamming him to the canvas, it looked like Jester might win until Holly fought back to hit his finisher on Jester to get the pinfall.

Winner: Hardcore Holly.

But Holly wasn’t done yet, as he stood in the middle of the ring, fans cheering, he took the microphone referring to Jester,

“This guy, he compete on any level, anywhere, he has it what it takes and I just got lucky”

The crowd erupted as Jester shook his hand and the two hugged, it was an incredible way to put someone over.

Team Mossy (Johnny Moss, TJ Rage & Damian O’Connor, Mark Coffey) vs Team Grado (Grado, Joe coffey, Davey Blaze & Lou King Sharp)

As all men stood in the ring, sizing each other up, Moss took the microphone and in brillantly heelish fashion,

“I’m disappointed with your team Grado”
then went on to say,
“where is your maw? I’m gona serve a special dish for her, a battered grado!”

As he snarled and grinned to the crowd, then said, “your mother was here I’d give her the same treatment”

This sent Grado into a rage, that only his tag partners could control him, as the teams went to there corners, it was “every mother’s favourite wrestler” Lou King Sharp facing the Monster TJ Rage.

Attempting to match strength with Rage had Sharp, retreating to the corner, but the crowd cheered for the man who couldn’t match size with Rage but could certainly match heart. In doing so, he used his aerial tactics to fight, connecting with a bulldog, running dropkick, headscissors and a 619′. The crowd began to believe after a series of high flying moves, Sharp could pin Rage, but after a distraction from the Moss team and drapping off the top turnbuckle, Rage pinned Sharp making it four-three to Moss.

Straight in without stopping, Blaze erupted standing face to face with Moss, both showed there intensity as they stuck each other with clotheslines and countered armbars, but to the fans dismay, Moss gained control and connected with stiff chops that had the fans whincing.

As the long awaited tag for Grado occurred, Moss then tagged in O’Connor, this led to Grado tagging in Joe.

The two destructive forces matched power as they connected with shoulder barges and stiff forearms, but Joe used his speed to hit a dropkick rocking the larger O’Connor down.

As both men tagged out, Mark and Grado were tagged in, from there Grado withstood severe punishment from the opposing team who broke the roles continuously to maintain the advantage.

Grado finally got the tag as he hit Mark with the bum bash as he came of the ropes, as Blaze got tagged in he connected with a spear to get the pin making it three – three. Then suddenly as Joe arrived in again he struck Rage with a hard forarm discus to get the pin quickly making it two – three.

O’Connor & Moss heeled it up brilliantly as they were outnumbered and playing it to the crowd.

In an excellent moment, Grado attempted his bum bash again, this time on Moss, except Moss caught him and connected with a back suplex. As overconfidence caught up with O’Connor and Moss as they double teamed Grado leading to the two of them colliding and O’Connor being rolled up for the pinfall making it one – three.

The ending was all but academic despite a titantic effort from Moss facing three of the best UK stars and after being beaten by all three men, Moss was defeated.

Winners: Grado, Joe Coffey and Davey Blaze.

Kasey Owens vs Kay Lee Ray

The daredevil wrestling ability of Kay Lee Ray would be tested when she came face to face with one half the Owen Twins.

Owens performed brilliantly in the heelish role, telling ring announcer, Simon Cassidy, that she demands that the crowd “be silent went she isn’t wrestling”

That the fans encouraged by Ray clearly ignored that statement, rattled Owens and fell pray to the offense of Ray.

As quickly as Ray dragged Owens into the ring and hocked in a wristlock, Owens was just as quick to retreat back out the ring.

As Ray turned, Owens attacked, viscously stomping on her in the corner and then using the ropes to choke her. Owens was relentless as the hit a long standing suplex to get a near fall.

Ray wasn’t beaten and fought back as she used a seated surfboard to have Owens almost screaming I quit. Ray was on the attack once more as the connected with a fierce suicide dive through the ropes, seeing Owens in trouble, she climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Owens caught her and managed to connect with a stiff suplex to regain control.

As Owens appeared to be in control, Ray surprised her with an enziguri, then seizing the opportunity to capitalise in Owens defeated state, Ray hit a barrage of the Ray-Bomb and then the Swanton to get the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray.

BCW Championship Match: Drew Galloway vs Kid Fite (Champion)

As the two men entered the ring, the Champion took the microphone,

“All I see is you buggering off to America, I’m the one who helped build this company and now suddenly your in all the main events”, “You put your Evolve title up as well, I may not be the biggest guy but i am the most dangerous”, the Champion was in a brutal mood.

Galloway retaliated with equal scorn towards the Champion, “You couldn’t get to  America cause you werent good enough, I represent Scotland where ever I go, I do this for professional wrestling and for Scotland”. The crowd erupted in unison for there returning hero.

As the ring announcer said, it was Evolve Title for BCW Title.

As Fite quickly went to attack, Galloway in equal quickness almost set him up for his finisher, this occurred a further two times, Fite was stunned that Galloway attempted to end the match so soon and retreated to outside the ring.

The action quickly went to the outside as both men furiously struck each other with everything around as the fans cheered for more, fighting all around the arena, both men showed how important both Titles are to each other.

As they returned the ring, Galloway hit a fantastic slam on Fite on top of the canvas, then wrapped the BCW Champion in the ropes to hit ten clubbing blows to the chest for a near fall.

As Galloway missed a legdrop, Fite started to work on the leg & back, using the russian leg sweep and hitting the double foot stomp from the top turnbuckle onto the back.

The two continued throughout the amazing battle to punish each other, at one point, Galloway draped Fite on turnbuckle to then hit him with thunderous kicks and then Fite did the same later on. Both men were givibg everything they could in this match.

The BCW Champion hit a running dropkick as Galloway was slumped in the corner and then hit his finisher and still a near-fall, Fite looked disappointed after the near fall, standing back, he looked to realise that he couldn’t defeat Galloway and commanded the referee to watch him connect with a low blow, demanding he ring the bell.

Galloway begged him not to, as the referee resisted, Fite then slapped the referee, he had no choice but to call the match a DQ as Fite stood there smiling.

Winner: Drew Galloway by DQ.

As he walked out the ring, the music hit, it was Lionheart, who walked to the ring with intent, seizing Fite, throwing him back in, Galloway hit him with the finisher.

Then Lionheart walked in and took the microphone, he had a request, he wants a match with his best friend, Galloway.

Both have returned to Scottish Wrestling, both best friends and the last time they wrestled was seven years ago.

Galloway had a somber response,
“I cannot be responsible for putting you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life answers no, Im your best friend, answers no, think about it from my perspective”.

There as Lionheart looked disappointed in the ring, Fite returned to mock him, the response, Lionheart hit him with a Rock Bottom to the cheer of the crowd.

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