ASCA Super 8 III (5/12/15) Review

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Super 8 Cup is the main ASCA show: its story is not very long, the first edition took place when ASCA had another name and a different background. It was won by Iceman, one of the faces of the federation, while the second one saw Tommy End walking out with the cup. This third edition was long awaited, because of the wrestlers involved, because the italian scene is still green and from the news given by ASCA we had huge expectations of it.

I’m gonna start saying that it was a six hours show with thirteen matches, so I’d like to give a general review without dwelling on too much and make it boring, but I suggest those interested in to check out the ASCA Facebook page ( because the digital download will be available pretty soon.

Hosted by Kobra, the current General Manager of ICW (Italian Championship Wrestling), the first half of the show started with a rematch straight from “Ready to Start”, a 2014 ASCA show.

Damian Dunne vs Mark Fit (Grudge Match)

At their very first match together, we saw Fit pinning Dunne and going to the semifinals of the Wrestling Italia Cup: the heat between them went on through the months to end up here, and as an opener they heat up the crowd effectively. They easily connected and raised their bar from their previous performance by bringing high flying maneuvers and athleticism. Dunne took advantage of a distracted referee to low blow Mark Fit and pin him, with the disappointment of the entire hall. Is it really over between these two?

Super 8 Cup Quarter Final: Trent Seven vs Kyo Kazama

Kyo Kazama is one half of the “Spaghetti Strong Style”, a tag team with his former rival Iceman and as its name could suggest they are well known in Italy for their strong style performances, which fits well with Trent Seven. Both wrestlers tried to best one another with violent chops, kicks: they went stiff most of the time. In the final moments a rounding package piledriver put an end to the match and gave Seven the opportunity to go to the semi-finals.

Super 8 Cup Quarter Final: Zack Gibson vs TG

First time in Italy for Gibson, who showed his strenght from the beginning by taking the control of the match. TG is the small man here and for the whole match he suffered the hard hitting of the Liverpool’s #1. With the support of the crowd and using his flying skills in a smart way, TG assured his win and went to semifinals.

Four Way FCW Tag Team Title Match: Headhunters (Kronos and The Entertrainer) (c) vs Shock & Horus l’Assoluto vs Italian Fight Club (Veleno and Fernandez) vs Brutus & Graves

Brutus and Graves were the favorite tag to win FCW belts and they tried their best against the undefeated Headhunters.

After a bit of chaos at first, the action is divided in the ring with the effort of the team Brutus/Graves to put their hands on the championship and outside the ring with flying maneuvers to get rid of the other teams. At the end Headhunters took their win after hitting a 3D, The Ascension’s “Fall of man” and a Doomsday Device to their opponents, but their celebration was stopped by the fury of Italian Fight Club and Horus l’Assoluto, unhappy with their loss. They attacked the champions announcing that their master, their one and only inspiration, was there: Jimmy Havoc. So a new stable is born, and it’s name is Arcadia.

In a confusing ending, Havoc entered and got rid of everyone in the ring, waiting for his match to come.

Super 8 Cup Quarter Final: Jimmy Havoc vs Mr Excellent

Mr Excellent is the owner of ICW (Italian Championship Wrestling), he wrestled across the world for more than ten years – his last experience was in Japan, at Michinoku Pro – and to go through the semifinals he had a tough hurdle to overcome like Jimmy Havoc.
The match started a bit slow, with both wrestlers going out of the ring and trying to annoy their opponent. Mr Excellent showed his technical style and tried to submit Havoc, without succeeding. They both went cheating with low blows and chairs while the referee was distracted, but a sudden Acid Rainmaker brought Havoc the win.

Super 8 Cup Quarter Final: Zack Sabre Jr vs Iceman

It’s the last quarter final of the tournament, and we got two of the crowd’s favorites. ASCA is like Iceman’s home, so it’s very appreciated not only for his potential, but of course Zack Sabre Jr is well known for his astonishing performances and has been welcomed with a standing ovation from the beginning of this match.

They started with a session of armbars and submissions, then they went more aggressive with a strong style and elbows straight on the face. The winning pin went – surprisingly – to Iceman, who hit two GTS to take Sabre down.
A match fought very hard and a great main event of this first part of the show; two italians and two english went to the semifinals, while we got to know that late in the evening Zack Sabre Jr will fight against another great technical wrestler: Mr Excellent.

Damian Dunne vs Doblone

The pirate Doblone came to the ring drinking his classic bottle of rum and hiding a flask in his ring attire. The flask was also part of a funny segment when Dunne tried to steal it and drink, but a pirate can’t let anyone stealing his booze. They involved the crowd and gave an entertaining performance and Doblone won with his Fisherman into a gutbuster.

Brutus vs Extreme Panther

After almost winning the FCW tag team titles, Brutus came to the ring again to fight against Extreme Panther. Their styles are very different, but they fit well together as the “high flying” Panther used his skills to oppose a more “powerhouse” Brutus. This is one of the matches that most surprised me (as well as Gibson against Lupo): hurricanranas and a mistica couldn’t stop Brutus, who took the win and celebrated with a crazy crowd.

Super 8 Cup Semi-Final: Jimmy Havoc vs TG

A brutal match where Havoc put his opponent to the limit. TG is an underdog, his size has penalized him in his previous match against Gibson, and even against Havoc he struggled to make his way. A moment worth to mention is when TG, after an hard bump to the corner of the ring, started to aplenty bleed, and Havoc was enjoying the view sitting in a chair near the crowd. His brutality and his trademark Acid Rainmaker at the end guaranteed him the final of the tournament.

Super 8 Cup Semi-Final: Trent Seven vs Iceman

Another strong style match, where the two gave all their best and went very physical. I still can hear the noise of the violent chops hit by Trent Seven, it was kinda hilarious watching the poor Iceman wrestling with an hand-shaped bruise in his chest. The match went to Seven with his package piledriver. After the bout Arcadia came to the ring to attack Iceman: this time they were accompanied by Kyo Kazama, his partner, who suddenly decided to join them leaving the crowd speechless.

Zack Gibson vs Lupo

Lupo is one of the most decorated ICW wrestlers, and he was disappointed with ASCA staff because he was left out of the tournament. He made an open challenge to prove that he’s the man, he should be noticed and given his spot: Gibson accepted to face him.
Both men did a great performance showing their powerhouse skills, and the only way for Lupo to stop Gibson as quick as possible was by distracting him and hitting with a superkick. Even in a not-so-clean way, Lupo has confirmed that “he’s the alpha male”, and had some angry words against his long time rival Charlie Kid (who couldn’t be there).

Zack Sabre Jr vs Mr Excellent

Probably one of the most awaited matches of the evening: two technical wizards facing each other.

It was literally a war of submission holds, where they tried to best one another, they found any possible way to trick each other and fall in their armbar game. Sabre put an end to a fantastic match (it left the crowd speechless most of the time) with a Fujiwara armbar. No ropes and no reverses could help Mr Excellent, but he went out of the ring as a winner as well with that performance.

Super 8 Cup Final: Jimmy Havoc vs Trent Seven (No DQ Match)

Here we are, the final has come, and the announce of a no DQ match made it even more interesting. The two tore the hall down: they fought in the crowd and even went all around the place, interacting with every possible weapon – even popcorns. Yes, popcorns.
In an unpredictable ending, Havoc hit the Acid Rainmaker and won the cup, “celebrating” with his new disciples, leaving the hall and a destroyed Trent Seven.

As announced during the evening, ASCA will return with a brand new show “This means war” on June 25th, with the current PROGRESS Champion Will Ospreay and the current ICW Zero G Champion Davey Boy already confirmed and a 2 out of 3 falls match between Lupo and Charlie Kid.

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