AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament Night 2 (8/10/16) Review

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After a very solid night 1 (I wrote a review here!) we are here for the conclusion of the big time AAW tournament. Night 1 featured 3 great bouts, with ZSJ/Colt, Hero/Kong, and Fenix/Fox, all very good and you should watch as soon as possible. Some of the best from AAW so far this year. Tonight, looks like it even has a much better card so it is pretty hype! Let’s get into it!

Chris Hero vs. Mat Fitchett

If you had been following AAW, or even been reading any of my AAW reviews from this year, you would know how good this match could be. I have been hoping for this match for a long time, these 2 have been having the best year of their careers, albeit Hero is on the bigger scale. Hero bullied the hell out of Fitchett and it was perfect. Fitchett ragdolled and sold all of the great moves Hero had executed. The short lived come back of the baby face Fitchett was great to watch, and had the crowd fired up. But as I said, it was short lived and Hero got the win with a Tombstone Piledriver after an amazing final stretch. ****1/4

Fenix vs. Prince Mustafa Ali

Another great match on paper that really delivered, in an amazing way. With Fenix claiming AAW as his new home, a lot of pride was on the line, but I was rooting for Ali. The guy has busted his bottom to get this point, appearing on WWE programming and getting bigger Indie bookings. This was a sprint. A high paced match with a ton of great high spots. The only thing I did not like was the Crist brothers interfering, leading to Ali getting the win, did not feel right. Still an amazing match with a really bad finish. ****

Jeff Cobb vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

These guys had a match in RPW that was honestly very underwhelming and I wanted more. They have the chance to redeem themselves here, and they are 2 amazing wrestlers so it was easily possible. But it was not done. In a way, it was better than the RPW bout for the VERY short time that it lasted, which is my main problem. These guys were going at it and it felt so abrupt. Oh well, still solid but once again, very underwhelming between these 2, but this was more on the booking. ***

ACH vs. Chuck Taylor

Interesting match on paper, this could either be worked quite well or be comedy. And after a little comedy, this was a pretty solid match. This was even better than ZSJ vs. Cobb. Taylor had some solid heel work, and ACH was just having a ton of fun, which turned into me having a ton of fun watching. ACH eventually won with a great looking 450 Splash, love that move! Really solid match! ***1/2

AAW Heritage Title: AR Fox vs. Drew Gulak vs. Brian Cage

Looking at this match on paper, this looked like just from a pure chemistry stance, this would be such a bad match, and kind of sloppy. 3 different distinct styles clashing, but boy, was I ever wrong. This was such a random match to happen. But this was a beautiful myriad of maneuvers that worked together very well. There were a ton of great mutli man spots as well. At some points, I was scared for Gulak’s safety though, as he took some crazy freaking bumps. This was actually really darn good! AR Fox copped the W in this very good match! ****

Chris Hero vs. Prince Mustafa Ali

A first time match up, as far as I know, and this one really intrigues me. Hero and Ali are both top tier wrestlers on the indie scene. And this was very good once again on this quite stacked show. Hero had to try to defend himself from the high paced offense of the Lucha influenced Ali. It was entertaining, although I love Hero as a bully, this was great as well. Hero eventually got the W with some real nasty looking elbows in this very good bout. ***3/4

ACH vs, Zach Sabre Jr.

Another first time match up on this stacked card, AAW is really delivering on these first time match ups and I love it. It makes it a place that more people will now watch due to that, and it is sweet to see the growth of this promotion. The beginning of this match was straight heat, but slowly, it got pretty boring and I sadly lost interest in this battle between wrestlers that I really do like. They wasted too much time on the mat in my opinion. This could have been way better, but the beginning and end were at least on fire. Solid stuff in general. ZSJ got the win with a Triangle Choke to advance to the finals. ***

AAW Tag Titles: Davey Vega & Silas Young (c) vs. Marcus Crane & Kongo Kong

Fitchett was still rattled up after his awesome match with Hero, so Vega needed a replacement just for the night. He enlists the help of Silas Young, and I was thinking this could be pretty promising but man was I wrong. This was just really damn bad. Crane was so out of place. This also felt like it went on forever, it was just too long. The Champs eventually retain their titles, but I would say just to eventually skip this match. Worst match of the whole 2 day event. *

Fenix & Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan & Jake Crist.

There were a multitude of unneeded stipulations for this one. The most important was that if Pentagon was pinned, he loses his title, and that is what happened in this alright match. And the person that pinned him was obviously Sami Callihan. Crist was absolutely sup par in this match and brought down what could have been a way better bout between potentially 4 great wrestlers, but it was only 3 in this case. ***

Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Another bout in this almost friendly rivalry, depending on the promotion you are watching. While I wished there was another first time match up in the finals of this historic tournament, I can not complain. These 2 always put on great matches, and this was the case here. While I was still underwhelmed, and knew they could do better, they still did amazingly here. Hero stood out as the star here, which was a bit odd as it is usually equal in these bouts, but man, Hero was great, and he eventually won with a middle rope piledriver that I love. Still a great match despite it’s minor flaws I have with it. ****

This was way better than night 1, which is really saying something. This is just a notch down from some of the other top tournaments this year, but this was still great. AAW is just always so consistent. Thanks for reading and check out my twitter if you want @a7xweeman.

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