4FW ‘Super Show’ (23/01/16) Review

Added by Will Hodgetts

Crusher Lomaxx & JD Knight vs The Saint & Robbie E

Going into this match the only wrestler that I’d heard of out of the 3 that had been announced for the match was JD Knight, so I was interested to see what this match would bring. The Saints tag team partner was announced to be TNA Wrestler Robbie E which got a pretty huge pop. The match ended with JD Knight nailing the Saint with a double arm DDT. Overall the match was ok, it wasn’t bad by any means, but it was just your average tag team match **

Hikaru Shida vs Shanna

This was a match I was looking forward to as I’d never heard of Hikaru Shida as I don’t watch an awful lot of women’s wrestling, but I’ve seen how great women’s wrestling in Japan is. There was an awesome spot where Shiada was in the tree of woe and Shanna hit a top rope double stomp. The match ended with Shida hitting the GTS on Shanna followed by a running knee (from research I believe it’s called the Tamashii no Three Count). After the match Shida shook Shanna’s hand, then Shanna slapped Shida who then retaliated with a Falcon Arrow I found the match was very enjoyable, my only negative comment would that I was expecting more of a hard hitting Puro style from Shida. Regardless the match was great ***1/2

Tatanka vs Saul Adams with Nadia Sapphire

Before this match I’d heard of Saul Adams, but never seen him or any of his matches. I though his wrestling ability was average, his character was cool, and I was quite impressed by his beard!, I’d even go as far to stay I think he has the second best beard in wrestling! (The best beard being Matt Cross’). In my opinion the match went on a little too long. The match ended with Nadia Sapphire getting up on the apron, and going for a slap to Tatanka, but instead getting caught and getting a good old smooch off Tatanka! Then she jumped off the apron in disgust, and Tatanka hit Saul Adams with a Samoan drop for the 123 **

Pentagon Jr. vs Drago

This was the last match before the interval, and at first I was a bit unsure as to why these 2 had been booked to wrestle each other when it would of been cool to see each of them wrestle a British wrestler. But I suppose both of them wrestle a similar style, know each other and speak the same language, so I guess it kind of makes sense to have them wrestle each other. There was a huge pop from the crowd when both guys came out and for good reason. I enjoyed the match from start to finish. There was a great spot where Drago hit a top rope springboard frankensteiner on Pentagon Jr. In my opinion it would have been nice to of seen more dives in the match, but to be fair there wasn’t an awful lot of room between the ring and the guard rails, so I’ll let it slide ***3/4

4FW Junior Heavyweight title match: Kenny Omega vs Mark Haskins

Kenny the Cleaner vs HASKINS! was the match I was most looking forward to, and it didn’t disappoint. The match ended with Omega hitting the One Winged Angel. After the match Omega said he was giving up the title because he is no longer a heavyweight, so the title is still vacant. Omega went to hit Haskins was the belt, but he countered into an arm bar. Then he then said he would wrestle for the belt at the May show at the MECA. To be honest I thought Haskins was a heavyweight wrestler but never mind that. It was a fantastic back and forth match with great and sequences ****

4FW Title Number one contenders match: Doug Williams vs Saime Sahin

The match was originally suppose to be Doug vs Tiger Ali for the title, but then the 3 Kings said to Doug, to give Saime a chance to get Dougs number one contenders shot. Doug beat Sahin down for the whole match. The match ended when Doug went to the top rope and RJ Singh distracted the referee, then Rishi Ghosh pushed Doug off the top rope and Sahin hit Doug with a Discuss Larait for the win. The match wasn’t great, but built to the main event match quite nicely **

4FW title match: Tiger Ali vs Saime Sahin

This match wasn’t great either, but had some nice story telling. The match ended with Sahin going for a discuss lariat, but Ali ducked and Sahin hit the ref. Then the rest of the 3 Kings got involved, then Doug Williams came out, took out Rishi Ghosh and chased off RJ Singh. Then Sahin hit Ali with a Discuss Lariat and then went for 2nd rope Moonsault but slipped on the rope, but then hit the move the 2nd time around **

Overall not a bad show, not brilliant, but no where near bad. Match of the night was defiantly Omega vs Haskins.

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