4FW Live in Bristol (8/11/14) Review

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Live from the Emersons Green Village Hall, Bristol, November 8th 2014

Great turn out for this event with a packed house at the Emersons Green Village Hall. The Bristol events for 4FW are usually aimed at showcasing the 4FW academy guys and furthering storylines for their bigger events in Swindon. Great also to see referee Chris Roberts working the matches tonight, proof that 4FW are a serious promotion that are growing and aiming to be one of the top companies in the country.

This one kicked off with a Number 1 contenders match between Jack Dynamo and JD Knight. Knight was accompanied to the ring by Nadia Sapphire who always gets pretty good heat whenever I’ve seen her. Dynamo and Knight are both great and this was a solid opener with plenty of outside interference from Nadia which eventually led to a victory for JD. After the match “Sensational” Saul Adams music hit and he came down to the ring to confront Nadia who had recently ditched him for JD. Nadia said she loved them both and couldn’t choose one over the other. She said that if Saul would win his match tonight then she would go back to him.

Saul took on Max Alexander. Only the second time I have seen Alexander but he is someone that could become a top star. It was another solid match but Saul was too distracted trying to impress Nadia which was eventually his downfall with Alexander picking up a surprising victory over the more experienced Adams. This of course resulted in Nadia leaving Adams and presumably sets up a new feud between Adams and JD Knight.

Next up was the 4FW debut of Sebastian Radclaw. I’m a big Radclaw fan and was proudly wearing my Uncle Eggbert t-shirt (in support of Uncle Eggberts charity for Egg Shaped Uncles). He took on Matt Lomax in a real David and Goliath match. Radclaw did some great comedy but once the match got going it was a good contest. Radclaw hit Lomaxx with everything he could but eventually it was Lomaxx who picked up the win following a devastating package piledriver.

Next up was a tag team match pitting the sleazy Magnums, also making their 4FW debut, taking on the Lionhearts, Jason Larusso and Eddie Ryan. Things didn’t go according to plan in this one though with the Magnums “Filthy” Chris Walker apparently injuring himself before they even locked up. Looked like he may have tweaked his knee, either way everyone looked confused and didn’t know if he was selling it or genuinely hurt. He slid out and as “Dirty” Dick Riley came into the ring he was quickly rolled up by Larusso for the pin. After some discussions between referee Chris Roberts and both teams it was decided that it would become a singles match between Riley and Eddie Ryan. Ryan picked up the win in a pretty good match, disappointing though as a tag match between the two would have worked much better. The injury was real as Walker didn’t interfere at all and was helped to the back following the match.

After the interval it was Saime Sahin taking on So Sai King. King was accompanied to the ring by the huge Colossal Kong. This guy is a monster and easily steps over the top rope. The match itself was ok, Sahin is great and won the match with a perfect looking moonsault. After the match Kong got in the ring and put a beat down on Sahin leaving him lying

Main event time, originally scheduled as singles match between Champion, Tiger Ali defending against Doug Williams however it was changed to a Triple Threat Elimination with JD Knight being thrown into the mix now that he is the Number 1 contender. This matched had a shocking start with Ali being eliminated in the first minute of the match meaning a new Champion would be crowned tonight. This was a really good match, I always enjoy watching Doug wrestle and JD more than held his own in there. Nadia was again on the outside getting involved at every opportunity. Referee Chris Roberts took a nasty bump in the corner allowing JD Knight the chance to go to the outside and return with the ring bell. Roberts recovered and took the bell but JD had the hammer from the bell hidden in his trunks. He swung and missed Doug who picked up the hammer and nailed JD with it while Roberts was distracted. Doug went for the cover and we have a NEW, 4FW Heavyweight Champion. JD Knight quickly left the ring as the hammer must have connected pretty badly as he was busted wide open. Far too many kids in the crowd for blood so JD was quick to get out of there. Doug celebrated in the ring and it was the end to a really good night of solid matches, good storylines and very cool to see a new champion crowned.

4FW have announced some great matches for upcoming events in January in Swindon, Westbury and Folkstone featuring former NJPW star Koji Kanemoto so if you are close to these areas it would definitely be worth checking them out.

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