Fierce Females ‘Priscilla, Queen of The Walkabout’ (26/10/14) Review

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The night kicked off with the man who organised the night, the owner, Michael Gilbert and he was quick to address the several things about the night,

The most important thing was that tonight all the money raised was going to help fight Cancer with the funds going to Cancer Research, also that all three members Hardcore Glamour Gym won’t be attending tonight, clearly displeased with Kay Lee Ray’s attitude he had an announcement for her later on, equally annoyed at Carmel Jacob and stated that Sara as the one no-one really needed to see.

Before he could continue his speech, he was interupted by the one of the women in question, Sara of Hardcore Glamour.

She seized the mic and controlled the crowd attention as she slowly sat  crosslegged in the middle of the ring.

Looking into the crowd, she cut a venomous promo on the state of the industry, how she was the first woman to cause controversy within Fierce Females and scorned for it in the beginning of company, she then left the best part of her scorn for commenting on Nikki Storm, she advised Gilbert that,

“the procedes from tonight would be better reconstructing Nikki Storms face”

As soon as those words were said, a furious and vengeanceful Storm charged to the ring only to be heldback by security as Sara gloated in the ring. It wasn’t until, Viper, took her back that order was restored.

Gilbert had the mic back and had two fantastic announcements, he issued a challenge to all wrestling companies who have Womens Champions, face Fierce Females Champion, Kay Lee Ray, and prove who is the real Champion.

The next announcement is in the coming months there will be an Internet Championship Title. The Champion whoever they may be will always have to defend that title at every event and there matches will be shown on the internet.

The first match kicked off between Team Superficial – Faith Lehaine and Nadia Saphire vs The Owens Twins.

Team Superficial, a team that have wowed crowds in other companies  would have there handful facing the team that had an amazing Last Women Standing match with Hardcore Glamour Gym.

The match began with Kasey facing Saphire, the two traded headlocks, armlocks, headscissors and chinlocks as they fought to get the early advantage.

Kasey proving to be quicker the Saphire in the match, hit fast but as she went for a high knee was met with a clothesline. Lehaine would be tagged in and Team Superficial would exploit the rules as much as possible, pulling the hair and choking Kasey behind the referees back.

The four women would fight back and forth throughout the battle, Leah hitting a furious kick in the face of Lehane but Lehane would continue to fight on.

As Leah and Lehaine fought outside both crashing each others face into the canvas, leaving Kasey and Saphire in the ring and after a frantic exchange it would be Kasey with a roll up for the win.

After the match, the Owens Twins would dedicate this match to the friend, Connie.

Christopher Saynt arrived to the ring and suggested to Gilbert that “if you can’t control your bitches I will” and Gilbert agreed to let him have control.

Fiona Fraser vs Bete Noire

The technical wrestling assassin against the Master of the Kendo Stick. Both started early trying to rely on there strengths, with Noire using her power and Fraser focusing on the buildup to submission.

Noire excuted her cradle suplexes followed by stomps to the ribs as Fraser went after Noires left arm. As the match was getting into full swing, Debbie Sharp arrived among the crowd with a sign saying “Pray for Debbie’ and microphone in hand.

As she cut a promo infuriating Noire, whom Sharp blames for her injury, was the distraction that Fraser looked for and took her chance, seizing in her submission, the leglock armbreaker, Noire refused to tap. At this point the referee signalled the bell rather than any more injury done to Noires already injured arm.

Courtney vs Layla Rose

This feud began after Rose deverstated Courtney at the recent ICW Spacebaws event. Before the bout got started, Fiona Fraser, Courtney’s arch rival attacked.

Clearly injured from the earlier assault, Courtney was struggling to get into a rhythm as she fought against the monster Rose.

Rose was interested in destroying her opponent, with brutal punches, forearms and using the turnbuckle to propell Courtney’s back into it hard.

Then as Courtney tried to mount a comeback, Rose seized up for her finisher and got the pin. Normally that would be the end, except Courtney was down but not out as she grabbed the microphone and called Rose back.

Rose returned and beat Courtney hard, as the referee tried to tell the two that the match was over, Rose wanted to try to tame Courtney’s spirit as she excuted a full nelson. Walking away, Rose suddenly heard Courtney on the microphone again, another challenge issued and Rose showed no mercy as she beat her defiant opponent.

The bout was over as Courtney lay defeated but Rose walked away and new respect was earned afterwards.

Chairman of the night, Christopher Saynt arrived and his first action would be a Fiona Frazer vs Layla Rose match later on after Frazers interference.

Sammii Jayne vs Lana Austin

Both women excelled in a match where fans were slow to get into at the start and cheered for both by the end.

The two, who are widely respected in women’s wrestling showed why they are respected in a match that from opening bell treated the fans to a great chain counterwrestling exchange.

The two battled hard as Austin used her highflying skills to combat Jayne’s mat based offence.

As the fans encouraged both throughout the battle, Austin avoided a Jayne clothesline by doing a matrix lean back, but Jayne was relentless as she hit a double knee drop on the ribs. The action continued as Austin hit a spinning DDT and Jayne responsed a series of deverstating german suplexes.

Both battled outside the ring and the match was becoming hardcore as Jayne smashed Austin onto the table and Austin retaliated with the same.

Returning to the ring, Jayne with a bloody nose, was ready to seize the victory as she hit her spinning neckbreaker for the pin.

Viper vs Violet O’Hara

The size difference between the two was evident for the crowd to see and Viper looked almost looked to underestimate the former Bellatrix Champion, O’Hara.

By making jokes at her opponents expense Viper enraged Violet causing a her to be on the receiving end of a stiff slap.

From there the match flowed brilliantly as Viper used her raw power and agility to try to dominate Violet who used her quickness and tenacity to gain an advantage.

As O’Hara grew more determined to make sure she wasn’t going to be denied a victory, the more Viper hit with more stronger offenses. The finale came when Viper hit the splash and a viper bomb in a match where the fans were the real winners.

Danni Hunter vs Violet Vendetta

As both engaged in good match, they were here to make there mark, as Vendetta used a waistlock, then turning it into a front facelock, it was Hunter who would reverse it by using wristlocks and arm-bars.

Vendetta attacked once more with deep armdrags but Hunter cameback by hanging her opponent on the ropes and torturing her with hard chokes.

The two women had the crowd cheering as they hit hard forarms and Hunter then hit a powerbomb for a nearfall.

The battle continued on the outside as Vendetta decided to wake up Hunter by throwing beer in her face, and it did, as an angry Hunter launched an array of assaults on Vendetta but in a match that could have gone longer was cut short as Hunter got the win by rollup and holding the tights.

Fiona Fraser vs Layla Rose

The second match both women would be wrestling in on this night and Fraser was quick to make everyone know she wanted no part of the monster Rose.

As Rose began to assault Fraser, she quickly exited the ring only to return when she targeted the arm. In most cases, normally this would be a chance to take the advantage but the extreme power of Rose sent Fraser back out again and this time she pursued.

Attacking Fraser with fury for the comment she made earlier in the match,

“I helped you win your match earlier”   Rose wanted to make it clear she neither wanted nor needed anyones help as she then pushed Fraser back in the ring, hitting her splash finisher to get the pinfall.

But this wasn’t over as Fraser was getting up, Courtney suddenly attacked, viscous punches connected as security had to separate the two.

Christopher Saynt returned to sort this once and for all, next Fierce Females event, its going be three stages of hell – pinfall, submission and Glasgowsign street fight to the delight of everyone.

Sara vs Nikki Storm

The match kicked off at a blistering pace as the furious Storm made her way to the ring.

The two fought outside the ring, Storm smashed Sara’s face into the pillar and then into the tables but Sara wasn’t beaten as she returned the favour.

As the two made there way back to the ring, Sara began working on Storm’s ribs, punch after clubbing punch it was clear as the two entered the ring Sara was wanting to hurt Storm.

The two continued to trade nearfalls as the crowd were engrossed in the action, from Storm hitting a dropkick from top turnbuckle to Sara excuting a
Pump-handle side-suplex.

Seeing her chance of defeating Storm slipping away, Sara pushed the referee into the ropes as Storm climbed to the top, this allowed her to hit a stunning hiptoss off the top turnbuckle but only a near fall.

Regaining control of the match, Sara attacked the back of Storm, hitting punishing slams.

As Storm surprised Sara with a droptoe-hold, she was preparing her from a submission manoeuvre only for Team Superficial to return to the ring and bring there brand of hardcore on the exhausted Storm.

As the numbers overwhelmed her, Storm was looking in serious trouble until Bete Noire and Viper arrived. Evening the numbers the fan favourites stood in middle of the ring fighting off there opposire numbers for a great finale and the woman, Storm, who everyone thought had no friends in the wrestling industry finally has back up to face Hardcore Glamour Gym.

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