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Following our previous announcement regarding us here at The Indy Corner working with One Fall Media in a bit of a cross promotion, we present to you the results of the latest Source Wrestling show featuring WWE UK Superstars courtesy of One Fall Media.

Here are the ersults from Source’s show on April 28th from the Pierce Institute in Govan featuring Tyler Bate Vs. Kieran McColm, Pete Dunne Vs. Joe Coffey and much more!

Rolling Video highlights can also be found on @sourcewrest on twitter or by searching #Source!


– Wolfgang defeated Massimo via pinfall.

– David Devlin defeated Grant McIvor, Matt Daly, Craig Forsyth, Luke Matthews and Shaun Walker in a six man elimination match.

– Scott McManus defeated Mikey Whiplash in Round 5 of the Mountevans Rules Match (6 x 5 minute rounds, two falls to a finish).

– “Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne defeated “The Ironman” Joe Coffey.

In a contest which quickly descended into a brawl, including guardrails, chairs, biting from the referee and small children (yup) being used as offensive weapons, the Bruiserweight proved to be the better man on the night. But, after such a hard hitting battle, we can only assume this is not the last we have seen of this pair going toe-to-toe (video hightlights @sourcewres on Twitter).

– Polo Promotions defeated Titans of the North via pinfall.

– Ravie Davie defeated Kai Williams via pinfall. As a result, Kai is now gone from Source Wrestling.

– Main Event: WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate defeated Kieran McColm.

In the biggest match of his career, “The Underdog” Kieran McColm was against the odds as he took on, arguably, the hottest talent on the scene today in shape of Tyler Bate. Kieran came out of the blocks, all guns blazing, going hold for hold with the UK champ and coming within seconds of pulling off the upset win, including an incredible hurricanerana counter from the Tyler Bomb.

In the end, however, the more experienced WWE UK Superstar proved too much for the up and comer, gaining the pinfall, but wouldn’t leave without making sure the crowd knew they had seen something special, with a hard earned handshake and sign of respect to close out the night.

Source Wrestling returns to Glasgow on Satuday 27 May in the Orbistoun Neighbourhood Centre in Dennistoun. Advance tickets are available NOW via Ringside World.

On behalf of Kurt Johansson from The Indy Corner and those at One Fall Media, thank you for reading. Please make sure you check out Source Wrestling on twitter and check out their rolling highlights of this show.

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