Wrestle Circus “Encore” Results

Added by Zack Monday

800 Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas, May 12th 2019

Louden Noxious welcomes the Wrestle Circus crowd back. He informs the crowd that Ring Master Champion, Brian Cage, is currently injured and the Ring Master Title is currently Vacant. Louden says that will change TONIGHT!

1)  Ring Master Championship Qualifier match #1: “The Best, The Best” Scorpio Sky w/Kevin Kondron & The Classier Man vs Dezmond Xavier

Winner: Dezmond Xavier after Kondron distracted the Referee, as Sky put Xavier down with a TKO and covered, Scorpio got up and argued with the Kondron and the Referee, giving Dezmond a chance to recover and score with a Gamengiri to Sky’s face, immediately following with The Jocay Kick and the pin!

2) Four Way match: Shazza McKenzie vs Leva Bates vs Christi Jaynes vs Alex Garcia

Winner: after Shazza blasted Gracia with a Knee Strike and then a Splits Stunner, Jaynes came flying in to knock Shazza down. Jaynes started making her way to the top, only for Leva to knock her off, before fighting off Gracia and Shazza. Leva says “I’m Cody Rhodes bitch” and hits the ropes for The Nightmare Kick, but Shazza counters with an Elbow Strike, only for Bates to snatch Shazza into The Cross Rhodes and get the pin.

3) Wrestle Circus Big Top Tag Team Championship Three Way match: The Dirty Devils (“Dirty” Andy Dalton & “The Unholy” Isaiah James) w/The Insidious Follower  vs The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) vs The Riegel Twins (Logan & Sterling)

Winners and NEW Tag Champions: The Rascalz after The Riegel Twins used a Doomsday Blockbuster on Wentz and covered, Isaiah broke it up, allowing Dalton to pull Logan up for a Brainbuster and Thomas to blast Logan with a kick, as Dalton snapped down and then covered, for a 2. Dalton hold Logan for The Insidious Follower to spit the Mist, but Logan moved and Dalton took the mist! Isaiah took out Logan with a Bicycle Knee Strike, only for The Rascalz to take out Isaiah. Trey caught Dalton with a Back Whip Kick to the face, followed by Wentz hitting a GNARLY Snap Mare Driver and The Rascalz dog-piled for the victory! (Really Fun! Clean!)

4) Six Pack Challenge: Lance Hoyt vs Colin Delaney vs “Pretty” Peter Avalon vs Fuego Del Sol vs Sprida vs Will Allday

Avalon got on the mic and wanted to change the match to a Six Pack Challenge, saying 3 of them was not enough!

Winner: Hoyt after Avalon dumped Spyda with a Death Valley Driver and covered for a 2, Delaney and Avalon traded Chops, until Delaney got on Avalon’s shoulders to attack Hoyt, who LEVELED Delaney with a Lariat and then Booted away Peter. Hoyt Chokeslammed Aldon to HELL and then Spyda, before Fuego came flying off the top and bounced off Hoyt, who then Chokeslammed Fuego and covered, but Fuego quickly rolled a Crucifix for a 2! Lance got up and planted Fuego with The Killer Bomb to get the 3. (Hell Yeah!)

5)  Wrestle Circus Ring Master Championship Qualifier #2: “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs “Mr. Wrestle Circus” Sammy Guevara

Winner: Sammy after they traded strikes, kicks, punches and after an epic exchange, they hit their knees, Joey fired up, but Sammy stopped him and hit a Destroyer, quickly following with a Lariat and BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Janela countered Sammy and applied a Boston Crab, torturing Sammy, who crawled and fought and got to the ropes! Joey positions Sammy, talks that shit and starts to make his way to the top, Sammy recovered and pulled Janela into a Torture Rack, which he spun into FEAST YOUR EYES and covered, but Janela kicked out! Sammy went to the top and flew off with a 450, but Joey moved, Sammy landed on his feet and rolled through, before launching back with a Standing Moonsault, only Janela moved, Sammy immediately snapped off a Standing Shooting Star Press and connected for a 2! Janela caught Sammy with a Superkick and quickly snapped off a Package Piledriver to a get a CLOSE 2! Joey punished Sammy with kicks and strikes, before lifting him to the top and following up for a crazy Package Piledriver, only Sammy fought him off and to the mat, before quickly firing off a Shooting Star Press and covering for the 3! (AWESOME STUFF!!!!)

6)  “The Superstar” Jake Atlas vs Puma King

Winner: Puma King after Puma fought for control on the top, but Jake tripped him into the Tree of Woe, only Puma used a Suspended Frankensteiner to take Atlas over. Jake pulls Puma in for a Piledriver, but Puma counters with a Backdrop and flies in with a Dropkick and the cover, but Atlas kicks at 2. Puma quickly pulls Atlas up and uses a big Sit Out Powerbomb for another close 2! Puma pulls Jake up, Atlas lands a Spinning Elbow, Puma responds with an Elbow of his own and lifts Jake up, Atlas escapes and catches Puma with a kick into the corner. Puma fights out and climbs to the top, Atlas continues to bring it, battling to the top, where Puma got the advantage and used a BOTCHED Pendulum Powerbomb to send Atlas crashing hard and follow with the pin. (Dynamite!)

7)  OVE Rules: JT Dunn vs “The Draw” Sami Callihan

Sami gets on the mic and calls for the match to be something different, he wants it to be OVE Rules!

Winner: JT after Sami used a Top Rope Hanging Reverse DDT and covered, JT kicked out, frustrating Sami and firing up the crowd. JT dragged himself up, Sami scored with a Jumping Elbow and rolled back, JT blasted him with a Pump Kick, Sami responded with a Big Boot, JT followed with an Elbow and Sami went for an attack, but JT countered and took Sami down with a Sliding Kick, covering for a 2. JT went for a Rolling Elbow, but Sami kicked him in the nuts and used a Piledriver to put Dunn down for a close 2! They get up, JT tosses a Chair to Sami, who catches it and then eats a Rolling Elbow into the chair, JT covers, but Sami kicks out. They get to their knees and traded hard shots, fighting to their feet, Sami SPITS IN JT’s face, JT kicks him in the nuts, Rolling Elbow, Rolling Elbow, Rip Cord Elbow, JT hits the ropes and Dives with a Elbow to the side of Sami’s head, knocking him down and getting the pin! (BIG WIN!)

Louden Noxious gets in the ring and says there is another piece of business to take care of with Brian Cage’s injury. Cage was also the Side Show Champion and the next match is going to be for the Side Show Championship!

8) Wrestle Circus Side Show Championship match: “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy vs “Gentleman” Jervis Cottonbelly

Winner and NEW Side Show Champion: Gentleman Jervis after Jervis put a Pillow on Orange’s stomach and hit The Bunny Hop Double Stomp, he covered for a 2, before going to the top and diving off, Orange moved and they traded pinfall combinations, ending with Jervis rolling a Quesadora into a pin for his SECOND SIDE SHOW REIGN!

Sunday Night, June 23rd, Wrestle Circus returns to Austin! “RETURN”

9)  Wrestle Circus Ring Master Championship match: Dezmond Xavier vs “Mr. Wrestle Circus” Sammy Guevara

Winner and NEW Ring Master Champion: Sammy after surprising Dezmond with a School Boy and folding it in DEEP for the 3! (Stream was choppy so I didn’t get a good look)

Scorpio Sky attacks Sammy, who was giving a big speech and Sky cashes in the briefcase opportunity!

10) Wrestle Circus Ring Master Championship match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs Scorpio Sky
Winner and NEW Ring Master: Sky after using a TKO for the deciding pin. (Chopped and screwed by buffering twitch)

Really, really good show, top to bottom fun! A little bit of everything, all paced right and the action was stellar and smooth! Janela vs Sami, Jake vs Puma, The Six Way were my top 3 matches! I would recommend finding this show and watching it!