West Coast Pro Wrestling ‘Cruel Summer’ (July 12th 2019) Review

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From The State Room in San Francisco, California

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1. Titus Alexander over Slice Boogie.

This was really damn good. Titus is a star in the making and boogie is really good. Rolling pop up Cutter gets the W. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Titus. He is the son of a NorCal legend in Big Ugly and a proud representative of The Ugly Dojo. Titus is very young, with a killer look and a frame that can be built into a fucking house. High-flying, LOUD strikes and the timing, it’s almost like wrestling is second nature to this guy and knowing his pedigree and how long he has been in that ring, training with his family, I can only see great things for him. Give this man the ball and give him some opponents that he can showcase against. Slice Boogie is the fucking man. So good at making you hate him, but also respect for the vicious attack he brings in that ring. RECOMMENDED!

Commissioner Lucian D Light & Derek Slate come out and say their opponent did not show, challenging anyone from the back.

2.  Derek Slade w/Lucian over Keita Murray after a Slingshot Guillotine, Slade hit a Pump Kick and pinned.

 Boo. Slade is not that good. Murray was fun and tried to bring it. Lucian is a heel commissioner and bullied the ref to count slow for Keita

3.     RJ Santos over Rik Luxury after an Enziguri in the corner put Rik in place for Swonton Bomb and the pin.

 I hate Rik Luxury and refuse to watch his matches. That being said, I’m all for Santino students working their way up here. I am happy that Rik did not win

4.  Jheri Gigolo over Zeke Dice after Dice went back for the Card Paper Cut, only for Jheri to use a HEAD SPIKE Small Package for the pin.

Dice is a trashy magician and he pulled a long ribbon from his mouth. Card paper cuts to Jheri’s mouth and hand. Jheri is a very flamboyant, overly sexual character and was definitely something different in this small venue. Zeke is not bad, he has a smaller Brody King look and plays up the wackiness.

5.  Thunder Rosa over Aerial Monroe after Rosa countered a Rolling Forearm attempt into a Black Tornado Facebuster.

This was so damn good. Aerial was immediately over with the crowd, even though Thunder is the queen around these parts. But how can you not love what Big Swole brings to the ring, character wise and the bad ass assault. This was the first woman’s match in WCPW and a great way to kick off their division. RECOMMENDED!

6.  Trias aple Threat: Levi Shapiro over Steven Tresario and Jonathan Gresham after Levi used a School Boy on Tresario for the 3.

This was good, hated the finish, but Gresham and Tresario are really fun to watch and I’d like to see them 1 on 1. Levi was a great hand in this, being a towering figure and using his Iron Claw effectively.

7.  Will Hobbs over Trey Miguel after a murderous Lariat.

Fun David vs Goliath matchup. Trey is so damn good and combines sudden, vicious strikes with a smooth operator style in that ring. Hobbs is a monster, but sometimes you lose that force in his offense, chops are clubbing blows don’t seem to have the force you’d expect from a monster his size. That being said, the finish was a VERY vicious Lariat and a snapshot of what Hobbs could bring.

8.  Triple Threat Tag Team match: The 1Percent (Jorel Nelson & Royce Issacs) over The Stoner Brothers (Rick Scott & Scott Rick) and The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) after Royce used a Half Nelson Lift popped into a German Suplex on Ricky, Nelson followed with a Corner Springboard Ace Crusher to put Rick back down and cover for the 3.

BANGER! Match of the night. All 3 teams went out with a mission to light this fucking crowd on fire and they did just that. The Stoner Brothers are the best Tag Team in Northern California and I would love to see WCPW showcase them against teams from all over. Rascalz are on another level when it comes to athleticism and creativity, but the tandem attacks, precision striking and willingness to die for our entertainment make them a can’t miss act. Royce & Jorel are incredible as a team, play perfect off of each other and put together some big time offense. My good buddy Tim told me this was the best NorCal match he’s ever seen live. Me, I’m biased on the Cobb/Thornstowe epics from Supreme Pro Wrestling a few years back, but this was super special nonetheless. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

WCPW Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone comes to the ring. He positions a garbage can near the ring and then continues to cut a promo on WCPW not bringing him anything but “Soy Boys” for Title competition. Hammerstone said he is willing to throw the Title in the trash, if WCPW does not bring out a worthy opponent.

9.  WCPW Heavyweight Championship match: Hammerstone © defends over JR Kratos by Disqualification after Referee Sparky Ballard went down, Hammerstone nailed Kratos with a Low Blow and retrieved his Title. As Sparky and Kratos started to get up, Hammerstone threw the Title to Kratos and took the Eddie bump, leading to Sparky calling for the Disqualification. (BULLSHIT)

These guys were in an extremely difficult spot. Coming off of that absolute banger of a match, these two big men did not reach the level of excitement or anticipation needed for a Main Event of this show. I understand making the Heavyweight Title as important as you can, but, tonight, that’s a tough victory to pick up. Kratos is a NorCal staple and a monster of a man, who brought the pain to Hammerstone. Hammerstone is a cocky, creamy, prick of a heel and plays that up to the max. Not a fan. Looking for a rematch down the line, possibly with No DQ, but I could also see Hobbs being added to the Heavyweight title scene.

Overall, this show was fun as hell and brought a spark of energy that has been missing in these neck of the woods. Pro Wrestling Revolution brings a good show up here, mixing a lot of Lucha talent with some locals, but WCPW has the chance to be our answer to great Independent wrestling. Mixing really talented local veterans and promising young talent, Tresario and Titus, with guys and gals at the top of their game, from all over the country is going to bring a new audience to wrestling in the Bay. The fact that they streamed live on Twitch last night is already a leg up on promotions like APW and SPW, who almost fetishize the fact that nobody can see their shows unless they are there live. We are fully onboard for this WCPW run and can’t wait for their return on September 6th.

Top Matches:

1)     Triple Threat Tag

2)     Titus vs Slice Boogie

3)     Thunder Rosa vs Aerial Monroe