The Resistance: Blood Feast (July 12th 2019) Results

Added by Zack Monday

From Summit, Illinois

1) Blood Feast Deathmatch Tournament – First Round match: “The Wizard King” Orin Veidt vs SHLAK

Winner: Veidt after using a Death Valley Bomb onto a Bundle of Light Tubes, Veidt covered, but SHLAK somewhat kicked out. Veidt clubbed down on SHLAK and covered for the 3. (Not bad.)

2) Blood Feast Deathmatch Tournament – First Round Dog Collar match: Eric Ryan vs Aidan Blackhart

Winner: Ryan after both men, bloody faced and brawling, traded hard punched with the Chain wrapped around the fists, Ryan pulled out a Fork and STABBED Aidan’s head, before using a Side Tiger Bomb, while wrapping the Chain around Aidan’s legs and covering for the 3. (Good. Stabbing frenzy to open the match.)

3) Blood Feast Deathmatch Tournament – First Round Scaffold Deathmatch: G-Raver vs Markus Crane

Winner: Raver after using a SICK Half Nelson Exploder to dump Crane on his head, Raver positioned a Car Door across unfolded chairs and put Crane on top of it, before climbing to the top of the Scaffold and using a RIDICULOUS Swonton Bomb to crush Crane and pick up the victory. (Really good. Wild shit from these two, fun and innovative spots incorporating violence and weapons is my favorite part of Deathmatches. Raver’s Lucha influence plays into his attack and the Springboard Arm Drag, Light Tube smash is a thing of beauty.)

4) Blood Feat Deathmatch Tournament – First Round: Mad Man Pondo vs John Wayne Murdoch

Winner: Murdoch after they fought to the corner, where Murdoch had set up a Barbed Wire Board on unfolded chairs, Murdoch was able to take Pondo off the corner with a Deep South Destroyer attempt, but Pondo did not rotate and they just landed on the Board. Murdoch covered for the 3. (Brutal. Bloody as hell, Pondo is 50 and leaking like a motherfucker.)
Long Pondo promo, putting over Deathmatch wrestling, his 50 years on the planet and fucking up Murdoch’s finish.

5) Blood Feast Deathmatch Tournament – Semifinal Round: “The Wizard King” Orin Veidt vs Eric Ryan

Winner: Veidt after Ryan pulled Orin in for the finish, he pushed Orin to the side and pulled a Light Tube covered Board into the ring. Ryan set the Board up in the corner and pulled Orin up for a Tiger Bomb, only for Veidt to counter with a Frankensteiner Rollup and hold on for the win.

6) Blood Feast Deathmatch Tournament – Semifinal Round: G-Raver vs John Wayne Murdoch

Winner: Raver after they battled to the top and Murdoch got the advantage, he positioned for The Deep South Destroyer, only for Raver to use a Back Body Drop, sending Murdoch crashing down, onto a Bundle of Light Tubes. After Murdoch staggered to his feet, Raver flew off the top with The Meteora and covered for the 3. (Best match of the night. Good back and forth, crazy violence and fun spots.)

7) Blood Feast Deathmatch Tournament – Final: G-Raver vs “The Wizard King” Orin Veidt

Winner and Blood Feast Champion: Raver after jamming the Tattoo Needles into Orin’s head, Raver threw a Chair into Orin’s face, followed with an Exploder into an unfolded chair. Raver made his way to the top, as Orin made his way to his feet and flew off with The Meteora, putting Orin down for the 3.