SUP All Hell Breaks Loose (8/4) Results

Added by Zack Monday

Southern Underground Pro From Basement East in Nashville, Tennessee

 Scenic City Invitational 2019 Winner Daniel Makabe is brought to the ring. Makabe cuts a promo on not being able to compete tonight, due to his injured ear. Zachary Cooper comes out and cuts a Heel promo, talking about it being his birthday and saying he is taking the show over. He tells Daniel and Ring Announcer Jessie to clear the ring, as he lays over the top rope and demands everyone sing him “Happy Birthday.” Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) come out, Garrini gets on the mic and tells Zachary that if he wants to fight, he gets one.

 1)  Symphony of Destruction Zach Cooper vs SUP Tag Team Champion “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini w/Kevin Ku

Winner by Referee Stoppage: Dominic after Cooper became too injured to continue the match. Favoring his shoulder.

2)   “The Cornbelt Cowboy” Manders vs Jaden Newman

Winner: Newman surprised Manders with a big Elbow Strike, seeming to flash KO Manders, which allowed Newman to cover for the 3. (Good brawl. Big bully vs fiery smaller statured, Manders loses for the first time in SUP. This is a great build)

Manders calls for an immediate rematch, but Newman refuses, telling Manders that he has to win one before facing him, buddy.

3)  Alan Angels vs “The Natty Fucking Daddy” BP4

Winner: Angels after BP4 was able to fight to the ropes, breaking a vicious modified Ankle Lock by Angles, Alan called for the end and pulled BP4 in for The Wing Snapper, only for BP4 to counter and use a Pop Up German to set up a Pump Handle Angle Slam and cover, but Alan kicked out. BP4 left the ring, grabbed an Angry Orchard from the merch booth and started getting sick, Angels pulled himself up, BP4 swung the beer, Angels countered into The Wing Snapper (Double Arm Stretched Foot to the Back Cracker) causing BP4 to spit out the beer and Angels covered for the 3. (Fun match!)

4)  Cabana Man Dan vs Marko Stunt

Winner: Cabana Man Dan after Marko countered out of CMD and went for a Springboard Mark Out, hitting the move, only for CMD to float over, folding Marko’s shoulders to the mat for the big 3. (Great match. Respectful rivalry, with the personal tensions getting squashed in the process of a fantastic professional wrestling. RECOMMENDED!)

As Jesse is firing up the crowd, starting the second half, Manders comes to the ring, with a Referee lassoed, and demands a match, bringing out Dominic Garrini!

5)  “The Cornbelt Cowboy” Manders vs “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini

Winner: Dominic after Garrini flew into a Front Guillotine Choke and started to wear Manders down, Manders powered him up and hit The Stamped to pick up a close 2. Manders, after a little recovery, went for a Gut Wrench Powerbomb, but Dom countered into a Triangle Choke, manipulating Manders’ fingers, until The Cornbelt Cowboy used a Dead Lift Powerbomb to pick up a 2. Manders called for the end and charged, Dom kicked him away and landed a NASTY Knee Strike to the face, before PLANTING Manders with a Snap Piledriver and covering for the 3. (Bad ass! This match was a brilliant fucking slugfest. Manders has some incredible fire and is just going to keep getting better and better. Dominic is a brutal master and a legitimate weapon in an style in that ring. RECOMMENDED!)

Manders was left in the ring, recovering from the loss, when the crowd chants “One More Match,” he looks for someone in charge, before leaving to the crowd chanting “Manders.”

6)  SUP Tag Team Champion Kevin Ku w/Dominic Garrini vs “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy w/Daniel Makabe

Winner: B-Boy after they squared off, late in a heated battle, and started trading strikes, which B-Boy got the best of after a nasty Knee Strike, followed by an elbow and another knee, rocking Ku enough for B-Boy to snap off a Brainbuster and cover for the 3. (Good. This show rules. Great blend of styles, they brought their respective bombs and at the end, it was a test of will and Ku could not hang in the striking department, which is saying a lot. The love the Southern crowd has for B-Boy is a beautiful thing, it makes me so happy to see B-Boy get love everywhere he has gone and is going.)

7)    ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack vs “The One Kick Man” Logan Stunt

Winner Mack after distracting the Referee, nailing Logan with a Kick to the nuts and covering for the 3. (Jesus! AC knows how to draw some fucking heat. He KILLED Logan with that Chair Shot to start the match. Brutal scene, AC cutting a promo on losing in the SCI Final to Daniel Makabe and mocking the Stunt Family.)

8) Craig Mitchell vs “The Sauce” Alex Zayne

Winner: Mitchell after Mitchell spiked Zayne Half and Half Suplex, he followed up with an Emerald Flowsion and the cover, but Zayne kicked out. Mitchell pulled Zayne up, hooking for a Package Piledriver, only for Zayne to escape and score with a Shining Wizard, Zayne went to the apron and used a VICIOUS Slingshot Guillotine Leg Whip, following with the cover, but Mitchell kicked out. Zayne went back to the top, only Craig was up and crotched him on the top, before slapping him across the face and hooking for a Super Package Piledriver, but Zayne tried to fight out, only for Mitchell to drop down and KILL Zayne, following with the cover. (OMG! What a match, but that FUCKING FINISH!)

9) SUP Bonestorm Championship Fatal Four Way match: “The Pitbull” Brett Ison© vs “The American Kaiju” O’Shay Edwards vs JD Drake vs Anthony Henry

Winner and STILL Bonestorm Champion: Ison after withstanding an absolute war, Brett nailed Henry with a Chair Shot and pinned, as O’Shay was struggling with JD on the floor.

What a show! This blends the Southern Underground Independent feel with a Strong BJ, hard-hitting and intense style, fucking perfect for a Sunday afternoon. This whole weekend of Southern based wrestling was a homerun and definitely something you should check out.