Scenic City Invitational 2019 Night 1 (8/2) Results

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1)  SCI First Round match: Slim J vs “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy

Winner: Slim J after B-Boy unloaded with a series of Slaps to J and followed with a Snap Brainbuster and the cover, J kicked out! B-Boy pulled him back up and hooked for a Brainbuster, only for J to counter with an Inside Cradle for the quick 3!

2)   SCI First Round match: Nick Iggy vs Kevin Ku

Winner: Ku after Kevin blasted Iggy with a kick, he used a Single Leg Spinebuster to transition into a Single Leg Crab, wrenching far back and stomping the back of Iggy’s head, forcing the Referee to stop the match.

3)  SCI First Round match: Billy Buck vs Marko Stunt

Winner: Stunt after leveling Buck with a Spear, Stunt went to the top and connected with a 450 Splash, getting the 3.

4)  SCI First Round match: O’Shay Edwards vs JD Drake

Winner: O’Shay after Drake missed a Moonsault, O’Shay pulled DJ up and used a Swinging Uranage to put Drake down for the 3.

5)  SCI First Round match: SUP Underground Champion “The Pitbull” Bret Ison vs “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

Winner: Tremont after Ison set up a Door across 2 chairs, he pulled Tremont into the corner, rocked him with a Spinning Elbow and lifted him to the top. Brett fought up, only for Tremont to battle out, landing a series of Headbutt, before using a Uranage to take Ison off the top, through the door and down for the 3. (Good big boy fight. Ison brought the fight right to Tremont, who was incorporating the violence and getting his advantages. Big win for Tremont.)

6)  SCI First Round match: AC Mack vs Jaden Newman

Winner: Mack after catching Jaden with a Low Blow and using a Cradle for the 3.

Marko Stunt confronts AC, leading to Mack asking for the match and they square off, until SCI Staff and Referee breaks them up.

7)  SCI First Round match: Tony Deppen vs Daniel Makabe

Winner: Makabe after Makabe clubbed the back of Deppen’s head and hooked for a Straight Jacket German, Tony fought out, landed multiple back elbows and went for the ropes, Makabe countered and went for a Leg Trap German, but Tony rolled through and caught Daniel with a Jumping Double Stomp! Makabe rolled to the floor, only for Deppen to use an INSANE Tope Suicida to take out Makabe and land on the chairs! Deppen fired up, crushing Makabe with Running Elbows in the corner, before lifting him up, connecting with a Gamengiri and climbing up. Deppen hooked for a Superplex, planting Daniel to the mat and rolling over, pulling Makabe into a Fireman’s Carry, but Daniel grabbed Tony’s injured arm and ankle, twisting him down and looking for Cattle Mutilation, but Tony fought out. After some back and forth, Daniel countered Tony and used The European Clutch to pick up the fantastic win. (Fantastic wrestling match! Great counters, hard hitting, incredibly technical work and a great story. BEST MATCH ON THE SHOW!)

8)  SCI First Round match: Joey Lynch vs Anthony Henry

Double Countout No Contest after Lynch used a Butterfly Driver, onto a knee to set up a Running Knee Strike and the cover, Henry kicked out! Lynch postured up and went for a Moonsault, but Henry pulled him out of the it and they traded counters, until Henry dropped Lynch and then used a Powerbomb to get a 2, before transitioning to a Single Leg Crab. After some battle, Lynch kicked Henry away and used an Inside Cradle for a 2, before rocking Henry with an Enziguri and hitting the ropes, Henry caught Lynch with a Head Kick and hit the ropes, but Lynch followed him in and hit a Canadian Destroyer, quickly popping up and hitting the ropes, but Henry countered and put Lynch down with a Pop Up Powerbomb. After some recovery, Henry started towards the top, Lynch ran up with an Enziguri and hooked for a Superplex, only for Henry to fight him and they both crashed to the floor! With both men down, the Referee had to count, getting to the 9 count, before they both crawled in, just as the bell inadvertently rang. The ref told them to continue, they charged in and both went down from Clothesline, each trying to get the cover, before they were separated by JD Drake and Joey’s brother Matt JD took off and crushed The Lynch Mob with a Cannonball, followed by a Running Dropkick from Henry!

The Work Horsemen beat down The Lynch Mob, with JD crushing Joey and Matt with Vader Bombs.