Rev-Pro LIVE In Southampton Results (18/11/18)

Added by Stuart Rodgers

  1. Sha Samuels defeated Rishi Ghosh, during the match Samuels harassed the bar staff and ended up bringing a pint of lager to the ring
  2. Shane Taylor defeated Dan Magee
  3. Rev-Pro Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter defeated Kimber Lee
  4. Team White Wolf (A-Kid/Carlos Romo) defeated HxC (Dan Head/James Castle)
  5. Josh Bodom defeated TK Cooper
  6. The Great O-Khan defeated Michael Oku (AKA OJMO)
  7. MK McKinnan defeated Mark Haskins, the latter refused to shake MK’s hand after the match but as you can see by the picture, he did land a kiss on him.

Thanks to @Jon_Wrestling for the results/picture, if you go to Jon’s twitter you can see the Haskins/McKinnan kiss in gif form 😉