Rev-Pro LIVE At The Cockpit 33 (7/10/18) Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

1. Josh Bodom defeated Kurtis Chapman via pinfall following a tombstone on the ring apron and a Bliss Buster.

2. Cassius & Chuck Mambo defeated No Fun Dunne & Rishi Ghosh after Lord Gideon Grey hit Ghosh with his cane and Mambo hit him with a frog splash for the pin. Ghosh is expelled from the Legion Of Lords.

3. Zoe Lucas defeated Bobbi Tyler via pinfall then calls out champion Jamie Hayter who does come out and sneak attacks Lucas and hits her with a Falcon Arrow and leaves her laying.

4. RPW Cruiserweight Champion David Starr defeated MK McKinnan via pinfall following a straight jacket German suplex. This has been reported as an OUTSTANDING and MUST SEE match.

5. Dominator Great O-Khan defeated TK Cooper via pinfall following a flatliner, claw backbreaker and claw slam. O-Khan continues to beat down Cooper which sees Rishi Ghosh run out to make the save. And it is now O-Khan vs Ghosh at Global Wars next Sunday.

6. Team Whitewolf (A-Kid/Carlos Romo) defeated HxC (James Castle/Dan Head)

7. Main Event: El Phantasmo defeated Jody Fleisch via pinfall following a superkick after Fleisch missed a SSP which saw him land on his feet.

Thanks to gadget80 for the results