RESULTS: Rev-Pro LIVE At The Cockpit 30 (8/7/18)

Added by Stuart Rodgers

1. The Arrows Of Hungary defeated The Hunter Brothers, pinfall following the ‘Crossfire’

2. ‘Dominator’ Great O-Kharn defeated Martin Kirby, pinfall following the middle rope double Mongolion Chop

3. The Lords Of Legion (Lord Gideon Grey/Rishi Ghosh) And The Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los federales Jr) defeated Colt Cabana, Sugar Dunkerton, Kurtis Chapman & Chuck Mambo via pinfall when Ghosh pinned Dunkerton after a top rope rocket launcher launched by Federales Jr

4. #CCK (Chris Brookes/Kid Lykos) defeated Speedball Mike Bailey & Lucky Kid, pinfall following a brainbuster by Lykos on Lucky kid

5. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher/Mark Davis) defeated Adam Brooks & Sean Kustom, pinfall by Fletcher on Kustom

6. Rev-Pro Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter defeated Veda Scott

7. WALTER defeated Josh Bodom, pinfall following a powerbomb

8. El Phantasmo defeated Naoki Tanizaki, pinfall after a double moonsault.

Thanks to gadget80 for the results