RESULTS: PWG Smokey & The Bandido

Added by Stuart Rodgers

1. Trevor Lee defeated Darby Allin via pinfall following a double stomp

2. Puma King defeated Flamita & Rey Horus in a 3-way via pinfall on Horus after a powerbomb off the second rope

3. Zack Sabre Jr defeated Hechicero with a bridging pin

4. Bandido defeated Rey Fenix via pinfall following a package piledriver

5. Timothy Thatcher defeated Brody King via submission

6. The Rascalz (Xavier/Wentz) retained the PWG Tag Team Titles defeating LAX (Santana/Ortiz)

7. Jeff Cobb defeated WALTER to WIN the PWG World Title

Thanks to @SoCalUncensored for the results