RESULTS: PWG ‘Neon Knights’ (16/2/18)

Added by Stuart Rodgers

1. Adam Brooks defeated Brody King, pinfall following a senton bomb
2. Dalton castle defeated Joey Janela, pinfall following the ‘Bang-A- Rang’
3. Travis Banks defeated David Starr, pinfall following a ‘Kiwi-Crusher’ off the middle rope
4. Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Flip Gordon, submission via a pretzel type leglock
5. Keith Lee defeated Matt Riddle via ‘Gound Zero’ –  The ring also broke during this bout.
6. Chuck Taylor retained the PWG World Title against Trent? via pinfall following a low-blow and a small package
Credit to @BrianDaBrain of PWP Ponderings for the graphic and the results.
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