PROGRESS Chapter 43 ‘Tropic Thunderbastard’ (29/01/17) Results

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PROGRESS Chapter 43 ‘Tropic Thunderbastard’ is in the books, anyone who follows us on twitter – @TheIndyCorner, would of seen all the results as they happened thanks to our good friend Dave Green (give him a follow @dagreeno). There should be a full review on the site tomorrow/Tuesday thanks to @MrLARIATO.

After Chapter 42 announced for Chapter 43 was PROGRESS champion Pete Dunne (who of course missed that show due to his commitments with the WWE UK Championship Tournament) vs Jimmy Havoc. There was a lot of discussion as to would Dunne actually be the due to the fact WWE have been ‘throwing their weight around’ with guys from the UK they have under contract, which I suppose they are entitled to do.

The semi-main event if you like was the Thunderbastard match itself, PROGRESS tweeted they were not going to announce the 8 participants so everyone would find out on the day who was taking part in the match. One of the wrestlers who was in the match had put on his twitter account that he was at PROGRESS on Sunday so of course, people put two and two together and worked out that he was one of the eight participants of the Thunderbastard match. This wrestler of course said he never said he was wrestling just that he’d be there but PROGRESS came out and said they would have to announce all eight competitors and shortly after they did so announced was Trent Seven, Dave Mastiff, Nathan Cruz, Zack Gibson, Jack Sexsmith, Paul Robinson, Mark Andrews & Marty Scurll. I personally felt, not all these eight would take part in the match and true to form, it was announced Robinson was injured. While observing twitter and what Dave was tweeting out I thought we would get the usual surprise from PROGRESS and a name we either hadn’t seen before in PROGRESS or at least someone we hadn’t seen for a while appear in the match but instead, at the show it was announced Pastor William Eaver would take Robinson’s place. As there is a storyline going on in PROGRESS at the moment which has seen Sebastain have a hold of sorts over Eaver (incidentally, earlier on in the afternoon, Sebastian had put Eaver as head of the ‘ring crew’) I messaged dave and said Sebastian will take Eaver’s spot in the Thunderbastard match.

On with the results:

The London Riots (Rob Lynch & James Davis) defeated The Kings Of The North (Damien Corvin & Bonesaw)

Natural Progression Series: Laura DiMatteo defeated CHAKARA to advance

Jurn Simmons (making his PROGRESS debut) defeated ‘Bodyguy’ Roy Johnson

The South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper & Travis Banks) defeated RingKamf (wXw Unified Champion Axel Dieter Jr & Walter)

Thunderbastard Match: First out was Mark Andrews followed by Marty Scurll. Trent Seven came out third and the fourth man out was Jack Sexsmith. The fifth entrant was yes, Sebastian. His stay in the match wasn’t long as he was almost instantly eliminated by Sexsmith. Also, Eaver decked him too. The sixth man out was Zack Gibson he was followed by his Origin stable mate Nathan Cruz and to round it off, the third member of The Origin in the match, The Bastard himself, Dave Mastiff. Not sure of how it went down but Mastiff turned on Cruz & Gibson. For those who don’t know, Mastiff and the fourth member of the group El Ligero have been teaming up more recently and been taking things a bit more light heartedly as the ‘Banter Edition’ of The Origin and I don’t think Cruz & Gibson are quite on board with that. Back to the match, Trent Seven eliminated Scurll. Cruz & Gibson team up to eliminate Mastiff, Andrews eliminated Seven, Sexsmith eliminated Cruz so down to the final two as it was Mark Andrews and Zack Gibson. At just under the 33 minute mark Andrews hits Gibson with a shooting star press to get the win and be the 2017 Thunderbastard winner thus guaranteeing himself a title shot when he wants it.

Jimmy Havoc defeated PROGRESS champion Pete Dunne via DQ after interference from Trent Seven. And this signalled the expected surprise of the evening, not one return but two as both former champion Mark Haskins came down but former NPS winner Flash Morgan Webster did too to aid Havoc. It was announced they have both been cleared to wrestle following their respective injuries and along with Havoc have challenged British Strong Style to a war. Hopefully the next #MatchDayMonday will tell if/when this match will take place.

So that’s your lot guys, as I said, hopefully on Monday/Tuesday there will be a full review of the show on the website thanks to Mr LARIATO, the show itself should drop on the weekend over at

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