PAID Promotions (31/8/14) Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Results from PAID Promotions in Morecambe, at the Winter Gardens for the first wrestling event at this historic venue in 40 plus years.

RJM beat Bubblegum via TKO

Cyanide beat Martin Kirby after landing on Kirby on a bodyslam attempt

Danny Hope beat Ryan Grayson with a superkick

CJ Banks beat Kris Travis with a running knee

Joey Hayes beat Chris Ridgeway via a JKO

CJ Banks beat Danny Hope via forfeit after Hope was beaten up backstage by unknown attacker

RJM beat Cyanide via countout

RJM beat CJ Banks to win Golden Chance tournament, to have the right to cash in a title shot any time in the next 6 months.

Next show is 28 Septemeber back at Winter Gardens with Joey Hayes vs Craig Kollins for the title and the debut of Lion Kid

Thanks to Matt Barker for the results.

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