NJPW G1 Climax – Night 2 (13/7/19) Results

Added by Zack Monday

From Ota City General Gymnasium

1)   Six Man Tag match: Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI, “Cold Skull” SANADA & “The King of Darkness” EVIL) vs “Golden Star” Kota Ibushi, Yuya Uemura & IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay

Winners: LIJ after BUSHI went for a Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker on Uemura, Yuya reversed and used a Backslide for a 2. Yuya fired back with Forearms and hit the ropes, but BUSHI caught him with an Enziguri and followed with a Code Breaker to pick up the win.

2)  Bullet Club (“The Rogue General” Bad Luck Fale & “The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens) vs Suzuki-Gun (Lance Archer & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

Winners: Bullet Club after Chase dodged Kanemaru out of the corner, he countered a Lariat into a Backslide and BLASTED Yoshinobu with a V-Trigger, before planting him with a Package Piledriver and covering for the 3. (Archer vs Fale will be a good fight for sure, Archer does a great job getting you invested in the incoming death. Chase Owens is THE MAN.)

3)   Six Man Tag match: KENTA, Clark Connors & Karl Fredericks vs “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi, Ren Narita & Shota Umino

Winners: KENTA, Connors & Fredericks after Karl smoked Ren with a big Dropkick, he pulled Narita back up and sent him into the ropes for a Spinebuster, before wrenching Narita over in a DEEP Single Leg Crab, forcing Ren to Tap Out! (AWESOME! Karl Fredericks trained in Reno, but did a lot of work in the Northern California independent scene. I am so stoked to see Karl look as great as he did. Connors was awesome, a great teammate that really played up making the saves and setting his teammates up. The Young Lion fire was the best part of this match.)

4)  Suzuki-Gun (British Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. & “The King” Minoru Suzuki) vs CHAOS (IWGP Heavyweight Champion “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI)

Winners: Suzuki-Gun after HASHI went for KARMA, only for Zack to counter and wrap himself around HASHI’s body, eventually taking him down and working into a NASTY Cross Arm Breaker, forcing YOSHI-HASHI to Tap Out. (Good tag match right here! ZSJ is on a mission to take some limbs and get some wins, with his eyes set firmly on beating Okada, tomorrow night! Suzuki & ZSJ are an incredible duo and one that is can’t miss for me.)

5)   G1 Climax – B Block: “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi vs Juice Robinson

Winner: Juice (2) after Juice hooked for Pulp Friction and lifted, Shingo countered and snapped down with a great Noshigami, before unloading with an INCREDIBLE Pumping Bomber and hooking Juice’s legs, for a 2! Shingo fired up and pulled Juice up for Made in Japan, but Robinson countered out, only to eat 2 BIG Elbows from Shingo, who hooked for Last of the Dragon, but Juice escaped and used a School Boy for a 2. They popped up and Shingo went for a boot, but Juice caught it and scored with The Left Hand to God, followed by another Left Hand to God, before putting Shingo down with Pulp Friction and covering for the 3. (This was fucking awesome! Incredible fire from both and they just BROUGHT IT to each other’s faces. Shingo is a great addition as a Junior Ace that now finds himself as a little bit of an underdog against the Heavyweight field, but it’s so fucking intriguing and violent so I am ALL IN. Juice was money and looked like he is ready to bust his ass in this G1! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

6)  G1 Climax – B Block: IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley vs TAICHI w/Miho Abe

G1 Climax debuts for both.

Winner: Moxley (2) after TAICHI threw Moxley a chair, which he caught, TAICHI charged and Moxley threw the chair into TAICHI’s face. As the Referee came down, Moxley pulled TAICHI in for The Death Rider, only for TAICHI to counter and use The Gedo Clutch for a 2. TAICHI fired up and threw a Superkick at Moxley, who caught the kick and face-planted TAICHI, before PLANTING TAICHI’s head with The Death Rider and covering for the 3. (Good brawl)

7)   G1 Climax – B Block: IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito vs Toru Yano

Winner: Yano (2) after Yano pulled Referee Red Shoes’ shirt over his head, Naito pulled Yano in, only to be countered and after Yano nailed Naito with a Low Blow, he pulled Naito’s shirt over his head and used a School Boy to pick up the big victory! (Fun.)

8)  G1 Climax – B Block: Jeff Cobb vs NEVER Openweight Champion “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii

Winner: Ishii (2) after Ishii charged into the corner, only for Cobb to catch him and use a Stalling Uranage, which Ishii fired up from and dumped Cobb with a Turning Powerslam, Cobb fired up and threw a Lariat, which Ishii blocked and transitioned into a German Suplex, but Cobb fired up again! Ishii charged, only for Cobb to dump him with an Exploder, but Ishii fired up, leading to Cobb drilling him with a Dropkick, rocking Ishii back, but he fired back with a Lariat and both men went down! After a little recovery, Ishii hit the ropes for a Sliding D, but Cobb blocked and pulled Ishii to his feet, where Ishii countered with a Dragon Suplex and then a crazy Lariat, covering, but Cobb POWERED UP at 1! Cobb nailed Ishii with a Thrust Kick to the chin and followed with a Bridged German Suplex for a 2. After some recovery, Cobb pulled down the straps of his singlet, before sending Ishii into the ropes, Ishii fired back with a Lariat, but Cobb ducked and rocked Ishii with Standing Clotheslines, before cooking for The Tour of the Islands, only Ishii escaped and caught Cobb with an Enziguri, quickly following with a Sliding Lariat and the cover, but Cobb kicked out. Ishii hooked for a Vertical Drop Brainbuster, but Cobb powered him up, Ishii dropped down and then traded HARD Headbutts and elbows, until Ishii finally rocked Cobb enough to put him down with The Vertical Drop Brainbuster and getting the pin. (Epic Heavyweight Collision. Really wanted Cobb to win this one, but you can’t go wrong with either results. What a physical war, brutal strike exchanges, bodies being hurled and FIGHTING SPIRIT all throughout! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

9) G1 Climax – B Block: “Switchblade” Jay White w/Gedo vs Hirooki Goto

Winner: Goto (2) after Goto pulled White up for Ooshigaroshi, Jay escaped and hooked for Blade Runner, only for Goto to fight out and used a HUGE Shouten Kai to get a close 2! Goto followed with The Ooshigaroshi into a Final Cut and covered, but again, White kicked out. Goto crushed White with a Mid-Kick, he quickly followed with The GTR and hooked the leg to pick up the win. (This was really, really good. Goto looks incredible and super rejuvenated, the Ooshigaroshi modification was fantastic. White is so solid and plays the evil asshole to a T. BOOM, great end to the first night of B Block. RECOMMENDED!)

Goto gets the GO HOME promo for the night.