NJPW “Best of the Super Juniors 26 – Night 1”

Added by Zack Monday

May 13th 2019, Sendai

Shingo vs SHO is going to be hard to beat in this tournament.

1) NEVER Openweight Champion Taichi & DOUKI vs Yota Tsuji & Ren Narita

Winners: DOUKI & Taichi after Tsuji tortured DOUKI in a Boston Crab, Taichi kicked away and then raked Yota’s eyes, causing him to release the hold. Taichi dodged Tsuji in the corner, following with a quick Gamengiri, which allowed DOUKI to hit a Running Lariat and follow with The Suplex de Luna (Wheelbarrow into a Bridged Dragon Suplex) to get the 3.

2) Six Man Tag match: Bullet Club (“The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles, Jado & El Phantasmo) vs Yuya Uemura, Rocky Romero & Bandido

Winners: Bullet Club after Yuya blasted Robbie with a Running Dropkick in the corner and covered for a 2, Uemura fought with Robbie, getting him over with a Double Underhook Suplex for another 2. Yuya locked Robbie in a Boston Crab, until Phantasmo & Jado used Stereo Superkicks to the back of his head, breaking the hold. Uemura tagged in Bandido, who fell victim to a Knuckle Lock, double Springboard Frankensteiner, taking Bandido to the floor, where Phantasmo quickly used a Slingshot Tope to take him out! Uemura and Eagles traded strikes in the ring, until Robbie scored with a kick to the gut and an Asai DDT for a 2. Robbie pulled Uemura up and used a Backpack Driver to get the 3.

3) Shota Umino & IWGP Junior Tag Champion YOH vs Ryusuke Taguchi & IWGP United States Champion Juice Robinson

Winners: Juice & Taguchi after Robinson got the advantage on Umino after a big Flapjack, Juice hit the ropes and leveled Umino with a Lariat, causing Shota to roll into the corner and Juice followed with a big Cannonball and the cover, but Umino kicked out at 2. Juice pulled Shota out and applied a DEEP Tenzan-style Boston Crab, battling for control, before repositioning in the middle of the ring and sitting back further, forcing the Tap Out.
As Juice is celebrating, the lights go out and the mysterious video-package for Juice’s challenger is shown.

4) Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI & Tetsuya Naito) vs Will Ospreay & Toa Henare

Winners: LIJ after Naito countered Toa and used a Rope Walk Swinging DDT, setting Toa up for Destino and the pin.

5) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: TAKA Michinoku vs Tiger Mask

Winner: Tiger Mask (2) after catching TAKA with a kick to the gut, TM snapped off a Sit Out Tiger Driver and held on, but TAKA kicked out at 2! After a little recovery, TM hit the ropes and blasted TAKA with a Flying Kick, quickly following with a Bridging Tiger Suplex for the 3.
Tiger Mask seemed to injure his right knee.

6) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs Titan

Winner: Titan (2) after Kanemaru became frustrated and grabbed his Yakitori, taking a big swig and after fighting with the Referee, Yoshinobu went for The Yakitori Surprise, only for Titan to avoid and catch Yoshinobu with a Superkick, following with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip, before locking in Titan-X and rolling back into a cradle to get the victory!

7) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham vs “The Villain” Marty Scurll w/Brody King

Winner: Scurll (2) after a lengthy pinfall attempt exchange, saw Gresham use The European Clutch for a 2, as Scurll caught him in The Chickenwing, but Gresham rolled back for another 2! They got up and Marty annihilated him with a Lariat, quickly following with The Black Plague and the cover. (Really Good Stuff.)

8) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Last Dragon” Shingo Takagi vs IWGP Junior Tag Team Champion SHO

Winner: Shingo (2) after Shingo planted SHO with Noshigami, he was too fatigued to follow up, waiting for SHO to stagger to his feet, before exploding into the ropes and hitting The Pumping Bomber, following with the cover, but SHO kicked out at 2! Shingo called for the end and pulled SHO up for The Last of the Dragon, only SHO countered into a Cross Arm Breaker! They fought for position and control, with Shingo seeming to power out, but SHO was relentless and nearly forced Shingo to Tap Out, but Shingo got his toes on the ropes to break the hold! SHO fired multiple kicks to Shingo’s arm, which only appeared to anger the man, Shingo caught a kick and floored SHO with a Lariat, before pulling him in, but SHO fought back and they traded hard shots in the middle of the ring! Shingo got the advantage after multiple unanswered shots, only SHO flew in with an elbow and fired up, until Shingo shut it down with a Punch and then a stiff Headbutt to set up The Pumping Bomber and cover, but SHO kicked out! Shingo pulled SHO up and desperately planted him with The Last of the Dragon, holding on to end this blow away battle! (AWESOME! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

9) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Dragon Lee vs “Bone Soldier” Taiji Ishimori

Winner: Ishimori (2) after Lee put Taiji down with The Ghetto Stomp and covered for a 2, he circles around the ring and called for the end, pulling Ishimori for Desnucadora, only Taiji countered with a sick Crucifix Driver. They squared off, with Taiji dodging Lee’s knee and planting him with a Reverse Rana, only for Lee to pop up, score with the Bicycle Knee and hit his own Reverse Rana, but Taiji popped and charged, Lee caught him in Tombstone Piledriver position, which Taiji reversed and then popped Lee into a Double Knee Gut Buster and covered, for a 2! Ishimori dragged Lee to his feet and scored with The Bloody Cross, putting Lee down for the 3. (Really Good!)