IPW:UK ‘Super 8’ (20/9/15) Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

IPW:UK ‘Super 8’ (20/9/15) Results

In the pre show match to qualify for the Super 8 tournament, Sha Samuels defeated Noam Dar, Kenny Williams & Paul Robinson in a 4-way

1. Tournament 1st Round Match: Will Ospreay defeated Jody Fleisch

2. Tournament 1st Round Match: James Davis defeated Doug Williams

3. Tournament 1st Round Match: Sammy Smooth defeated Sha Samuels

4. Tournament 1st Round Match: Rampage Brown defeated Dave Mastiff

5. First Tournament Semi-Final: Will Ospreay defeated James Davis

6. Second Tournament Semi-Final: Rampage Brown defeated Sammy Smooth

7. DnD & Tennessee Honey defeated Josh Shooter, TK Cooper & Dahlia Black

8. Super 8 Tournament Final: Rampage Brown defeated Will Ospreay to WIN the 2015 IPW:UK Super 8 Tournsment

Thanks to @ProWresLand For the results.

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