ICW New York “What’s Beef?” Live on IndependentWrestling.Tv

Added by Zack Monday

From Ultimate Fitness Queens in Woodside, New York, May 18th 2019

Larry fucking Legend is back in the ICW ring and handling the master of ceremonies duty, like a boss, as usual. This crowd is FIRED UP!

1) New York City Street Fight: Grim Reefer vs “The Different Boy” Jimmy Lloyd

Winner: Grim Reefer after suspending Lloyd from the top rope and dropping him on a Chair with a DDT, following with the pin. (Not bad. Reefer pulls out some wild shit and Lloyd is willing to die for the fun of it.)

2) First Time Ever Encounter: Rich Swann vs “The Guy” Marko Stunt

Winner: after Swann connected with a Frog Splash, but didn’t hold the cover, instead, Swann went back to the top and scored with another BIG Frog Splash, holding on for the cover, but Marko kicked out. Swann went for a Phoenix Splash from the second rope, but Marko moved and quickly followed with a Canadian Destroyer and the cover, but Swann kicked out at 2. Stunt hooked for a Suplex, Swann countered out with a series of sick kicks to Stunt’s head, before hitting a 450 Splash off the second turnbuckle to get the win. (BAD ASS! Great back and forth, Mark was more vicious and aggressive than I’ve ever seen him. The size of these men make their matchup really fun, able to throw each other and make head drops look crazy! Reccommended)

 3)  Jordynne Grace vs “The Smoke Show” Scarlett Bordeaux

 Winner: Scarlett after taking back her panties from the Referee, slapping Grace across the face and having the Ref hold Grace, as Scarlett jams the panties into Grace’s mouth and kicks her in the face, allowing Scarlett to get the pin. (Grace is great.)

4)  “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson vs “The Man Eater” Maria Manic

Winner: Dickinson after Maria picked up a 2 after a Chokeslam, she pulled Chris up for a Powerbomb, but Chris backdropped his way out of it and then used a Dead Lift Powerbomb, before rolling Maria up and using The Pazuzu Bomb to send Maria crashing through a Door in the corner, following with a pin. (Awesome! Just fucking awesome! Maria is so incredibly tough and Dickinson just thrives at bringing the best, more vicious side out of his opponents! Highly Reccommended!)

 5)   IndependendWrestling.Tv Championship match: “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy© vs “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Janela comes out in a Orange Cassidy cosplay, portraying the Tangerine Cassidy persona. They exchange some incredibly entertaining, slow-motion work, which I am normally not that big on. These guys just have fun together and that makes it even better.)

Winner: after Janela smoked Orange with a Superkick and followed with an INSANE Spinning Package Piledriver, to get a 2, Joey went to the top and flew off with a Moonsault, but Cassidy was able to move out of the way! Orange slowly made his way to the top, Joey had rolled to the opposite side of the ring, but Orange dove off with an Elbow Drop anyways, crashing to the mat. Joey and Orange each grabbed a bottle of Juice and took a sip, before turning and spitting the Juice into each other’s eyes! Both men writhed in agony, until Joey accidentally used a School Boy on the Referee and Orange counted the fall, distracting Joey and allowing Cassidy to use The Mousetrap Clutch to get the 3! (This was wonderful stuff ladies and gentlemen, exciting and fun. HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED!)

6) Fatal Four Way match: Pinkie Sanchez vs KTB vs “The Notorious 187” Homicide vs Joe Gacy

Winner: Homicide after Pinkie hit a wonderful Knuckle Lock Springboard Moonsault DDT to Gacy, KTB got his hands on Pinkie and used a Rope Walking Springboard Death Valley Driver, flying through the air and driving Pinkie through a Door in the corner! Homicide hits the ring, throws KTB into the ring post and then used Da Cop Killa on Pinkie to pick up the victory! (Fast paced, high impact and a whole lot of fun! Great position for a match like this and they all kept the crowd on their feet!)

Chris Dickinson hits the ring and challenges Homicide to a match in July!

7)  Last Man Standing match: “The Draw” Sami Callihan vs Nick Fucking Gage

Winner: Gage after Sami used a Death Valley Driver to send Gage crashing on to 2 unfolded chairs, placed back to back and followed with a Pump Kick to get the cover, Gage kicked out at 2. Sami pulled a Door from under the ring and threw it in, taking his time as Gage recovered in the ring, Sami got in the ring and set the Door up on 2 chairs and then set up 6 chairs, seat to seat, Sami played to the crowd, who boo’d him and then went for The Pump Kick, Gage caught it and transitioned into a Figure Four. Sami was able to break the hold and then they fought to standing positions on the chairs, Sami put Gage through the chairs with a Piledriver and covered, but Gage kicked out! Sami called for the end, waiting for Gage to get up, before charging at Gage, who caught him and used a Piledriver through the door to set Sami up for The Chokebreaker and the pin! (Long brawl. Gage used a brutal Piledriver to send Sami through a door. Good chemistry and Sami was able to bring all of the hate out of the Queens crow

Fun show! ICW New York blended some really wild match combinations and everything was enjoyable.

Marko Stunt vs Rich Swann way my match of the night

Joey Janela vs Orange Cassidy, Chris Dickinson vs Maria Manic and the Four Way are also recommended!