Hoodslam “War Journal” (7/6/19) Results

Added by Zack Monday

From The Oakland Metro Opera House in Oakland, California, June 7th 2019

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Fuck The Fans

Stoner U Kick Off match:

1)  Big B vs Bartman

Winner: Big B

Main Show:

Congratulations to former Stoner U student and Hoodslam regular Manny Faberino, aka Monsoor, on his 50 man Battle Royal victory at today’s WWE Super Showdown!

1) Six Person Tag match: The Caution (Dark Sheik, Anton Voorhees & Sweet Boone) vs Stoner U Dojo (The Stoner Brothers (Scott Rick & Rick Scott) & “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart)

Winners: The Caution (This match was so fucking good. Hoodslam crowds are always rocking and into the show, but this match was above and beyond the call of duty.)

2)  Juiced Lee vs Matt Carlos

Winner: Carlos

3)  El Chupacabra vs Bat Mauel

Winner: Chupy with an AWESOM Yoshi Tonic off the top.

4)  Three Way Dance: (If a opponent pins Nuggs, they will receive a shot at the Golden Gig!) Woah Woah Dojo (Golden Gig Champion Coach Joey Nuggs & Ken from Street Fighter) vs Brutal Rob Hands & James C vs Steven Tresario & Johnny Butabi

 Winners: Woah Woah Dojo when Ken picked up the win.

5)  Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fanny Packs match: Richard Shhhhhnary© w/The Berkeley Brawler vs Funnybone

Winner and STILL Best Athlete in the East Bay: Shhhhhnary

6) Eight Person Tag match: The Squad (Inter-Galactic Tag Team Champions D-Rogue & Lisa Lace, Kenny K & Hip Hop Harry) vs Pooh Jack, Viva Van, Cereal Man & Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Shared a Blunt with MVP, as he said he had never smoked before one of his matches, so we all broke him in the right way!

Winners: MVP, Pooh Jack, MVP & Van (Great, wild brawl)