Ground Zero ‘It Was Written’ Results (Last show before tonight’s LIVE show in IndependentWrestling.TV)

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From Imperial Beach, California, 8/24/19

 The replay of this show, any many other Ground Zero events can be seen on IndependentWrestling.TV.

 Lucas Riley & Matt Vandagriff vs True Grit (Hoss Hogg & Jesse James (5-4)

Winners: True Grit (6-4) after James LAUNCHED Matt with a Shoulder Block, Riley nailed Jesse with an boot out of the corner and rope-walk countered into a waist lock, where he and Vandagriff combined for a DOPE Blockbuster/German Suplex combo, Matt pinned by Hoss broke it up and threw Vandagriff into the corner. Hoss countered Riley attack, putting him in the corner, where Lucas dove off with a Hurracanrana, but Hogg caught him and used a Powerbomb, only Riley flew back and caught Jesse with an Ace Crusher! Lucas & Matt charged Hoss, who countered, causing Matt to Superkick Lucas and allowing Grit to use a Double Team Sit Out Powerbomb to get the victory. (Good big guy brawlers vs flippy energy and really solid tag team wrestling from both. Rugged, grinding and hard hitting, True Grit controlled their portions and really based well for Vandagriff & Riley to get nutty. Good finish, let’s see if this leads to Riley vs Matt.)

Hype for “Mama Said Knock You Out,” Ground Zero’s LIVE debut on IndependentWrestling.TV and hosting Andy Brown defending the Ground Zero Championship, if still champion, against Tony Deppen!

Suede Thompson vs “La Chingona” Ruby Raze (5-6)

Winner: Ruby (6-6) after Suede attempted to Suplex Ruby through 6 unfolded Chairs, set up seat to seat, on the floor. Ruby blocked, but Suede got to the apron, where he nailed Ruby with Superkicks, until Ruby caught one and swung Suede, face-first, onto the apron, before Powerboming Suede onto the Chairs! After a unrecorded flurry of offense, Ruby covered, but Suede kicked out, to the surprise of the commentary team (including Ground Zero Champion “Uptown” Andy Brown). Suede caught Raze with a Knee Lift to the jaw, followed by a Lariat to get a 2. Suede nailed Raze with a forearm in the corner, before lifting her to the top and landing a chop to the chest. Suede followed up for a Superplex, but Raze fought out of it and pulled Suede down into a Jig n’ Tonic to pick up the win. (I like the idea of using the wins/losses, especially if you are checking out a promotion for the first time, it gives you a quick look into a wrestler’s standing in the promotion. This match was fun, Raze is an ass kicker that kicks ass and has a personality to match her vicious attack. Suede is great, has always been, but his charisma really shines through when he can play the dickhead and from underneath, because he’s exciting and knows his timing. I’m rhyming. Bad ass match, the crowd was STOKED for Raze’s victory and this match brought the hard-hitting energy.)

Slice Boogie vs “The God Damn Man” Tyler Bateman (10-6)

Winner: Bateman (11-6) after Bateman threw Boogie back into the ring, but favored his ankle, before getting back in, catching a Lariat from Boogie and LEVELING him with a Lariat of his own. Bateman planted Slice with a Saito Suplex, but took his time before hooking the leg, allowing Boogie to kick out. Tyler stalked and recovered, calling out to his Hounds, before nailing short Kawada Kicks to Boogie’s face, but limping into offense, giving Slice to moment to push Tyler into the corner and follow with a snap German Suplex, before hitting the ropes and landing a Scissor Kick to the back of the head, following with the cover, but Tyler kicked out. Boogie recovered a little, before lifting Tyler, who countered out, nailing Slice with a SLICK Back Elbow, before slamming Boogie, face-first and following with a Sliding Dropkick. Tyler charged into the corner, where Boogie caught him with a Big Boot and followed with a Spinning Reverse DDT and the cover, but Tyler kicked out! Boogie lifted Bateman and scored with a Curtain Call and covered, but Tyler kicked out, sending Boogie into a tantrum, before trash-talking and pulling Tyler in for a Cradle piledriver, which Bateman backdrops out of, but Slice held on, rolling Bateman through, Tyler came back with a Knee Strike to the face, followed by a Brainbuster and Death From Above to finally put Boogie away. (Hell of a match. Really hard-hitting, but great psychology and another killer performance from Tyler. Slice is just getting going and really making GIANT strides in progress, his character is fucking awesome and he plays an asshole as good as you’d want him to. His offense is very diverse and he has the strength to yoke his opponents, making everything look forceful. RECOMMENDED!)

The Get Down (“The New Age Punisher” B-Boy & “Young Fuego” Adrian Quest) (3-0) vs PPRay (“The Professional” Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) (2-1)

Winners: PPRay (3-1) after Quest charged in with a Back Elbow to Rosas, in the corner, he charged in with two more, finishing “Three For The Homes,” before sending Rosas to B-Boy, who lifted him over the shoulder, just as Avalon pulled him off and rocked B-Boy with a Punch. PPRay took out Quest with Superkicks, Avalon followed with a Suicide Dive, as Rosas and B-Boy went back and forth, until Rosas scored with a Fameasser and a kick to the face, breathing life into B-Boy. Rosas hit the ropes, but B-Boy countered, went low, tripped up Rosas and followed with a Roundhouse Kick to the head, followed with a snap Brainbuster and the cover, but Ray kicked out! At the 6 count, they tagged their partners, who hit the middle of the ring and traded punches, getting the crowd on their feet, before hitting the mats and tagging their partners back in! B-Boy and Rosas stepped to the middle and traded punches, until Ray dropped B-Boy, only for Quest to roll Rosas into Wheelbarrow position on Avalon and nail Peter with an Enziguri, followed by B-Boy hitting a Shining Kick. B-Boy went for a Wheelbarrow roll through, launching Quest to Avalon, who caught Adrian, nailed B-Boy with his feet and combined for The Up and At ‘Em (Fireman’s Carry popped into a Assisted Vertical Suplex)! PPRay nailed B-Boy with Superkicks, followed with The Smash & Dash (Rosas dives into the middle rope, holding the opponent in the corner, as Avalon nails an Enziguri) to put B-Boy down for the 3. (FUCKING AWESOME! This match was everything you’d want in a wrestling match, with GREAT chemistry between all 4. Peter Avalon is out of this world right now, looking like a stud and going hard as fuck. Quest is so damn exciting, quick and full of heart. He is going to be a big deal in wrestling in a year or two and B-Boy is the consummate professional ASS KICKER. Great FUCKING match. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

 Eight Man Tag Team Elimination match: The Millennials (Brendan Divine, Daniel Moon, Danny Divine) & “Sweet” Robin Shaw vs 8-Bit Lit (Hunter Freeman, J2 Mattioli, KC Douglas & Michael Hopkins)

Winners: 8-Bit Lit (8-Bit have a very cool entrance, all of the lights go out and they come out, with jackets that light up numerically 1-4, as a video game inspired song starts, all timed perfectly.

Order of Eliminations: 1) Douglas eliminated Shaw after J2 nailed Robin with an Enziguri, followed by KC nailing a Superkick, Freeman launched Hopkins into a Superman Punch, followed by Freeman dropping the BIG MAN with a Yakuza Kick! Freeman tagged in KC, who scored with a Swonton Bomb and the whole team covered for the 3. 2) Divine Brothers eliminated Douglas after KC fought off the remaining 3 opponents, only for The Divines to combine for a Full Nelson spun into a Flatliner combo and pin. 3) Moon eliminated Freeman by surprising him with a School Boy and pulled the tights for the 3. 4) Moon eliminated Douglas after Douglas blasted Danny with a Superkick from the apron, he attempted a Vaulting Sunset Flip on Moon, who sat down and held the ropes for the 3. 5) J2 eliminated Brendan after countering a Vertical Suplex with an Inside Cradle for the 3. 6) J2 eliminated Danny after countering a Full Nelson into a Victory Roll for the 3. 7) J2 eliminated Moon after J2 turned Moon inside out with a Spear, he followed with a modified TKO to pick up the victory and send the crowd into a frenzy. (AWESOME HEAT! This match was fun as hell and the crowd was losing their minds for the finish.)

‘The Ultimate Finesser’ Chris Bey (0-7) vs Douglas James (6-3)

 Winner: James (7-3) after Bey wrapped DJ up in an STF and tortured him, until DJ was able to get to the ropes to break the hold, but holding on for a 4 count. Bey kicked away at DJ’s face, kicking him to the apron, where Bey swung wildly with clubs to the back. DJ staggered to his feet, Bey went for a Slingshot attack, only for James to catch him and use Go To Sleep to set up a Busaiku Knee Strike, putting Bey down and in position for DJ to go to the top and connect with The Eat Your Heart Out (Twisting Frog Splash) to get the pin. (Great match. Full speed, hard hitting as hell and really great professional wrestling. Two of the best going right now. RECOMMENDED)

Partners In Crime (Slice Boogie & Dylan Kyle Cox) vs “Dirty” Dom Kubruck (7-5) & “The King of Dong Style” Joey Ryan (0-1)

Slice Boogie is wrestling for a second time on the night, replacing Cox’s originally scheduled partner, Cameron Gates, who is injured.

Winners: DKC & Boogie after Ryan used The Dick Plex on Boogie, he went for The Sweet Tooth, pulling the Sucker from his tights, but DKC stepped in the way, taking the Sucker in the mouth and the Superkick, but Boogie pulled Ryan in and scored with a Gotch Style Piledriver. Just as Boogie got to his feet, Kubruck nailed him with a Springboard Meteora and fired up, only for Halston Boddy to come to the ring, distracting Dom and allowing DKC to use a School Boy to get the 3. (Bad ass match. Good fun, with incredibly entertaining work from Dom and Boogie. The students of Santinos and the Level Up program are breathing some incredible fresh air into the lungs of professional wrestling.)

Dom Kubruck was stalking Halston Boddy and questioning him, when Mike Camden runs down and attacks Dom from behind. Camden rolls Dom into the ring and continues the assault, as Halston trash talks and slaps Dom.

Ground Zero Championship match: “The Last of a Dying Breed” Andy Brown© (13-3) vs Jake Atlas (7-6)

Winner and STILL Champion: Brown after Atlas countered Andy’s Rolling attack with an O’Connor Roll for a 2, Atlas popped up and drilled Andy with a Knee Strike, followed with an elbow, before hitting the ropes, only Andy followed and MURDERED Jake with a Pump Knee Strike! Andy went for the ropes, only for Jake run past into a Springboard DDT, before hitting The LGBDDT and covering, but Andy kicked out, Jake immediately popped up and landed a Superkick and covered, but Andy kicked out! Jake sat in disbelief, how could Andy have survived, before pulling himself up and dragging Andy into a Double Underhook, which Andy escaped and hit a Pump Knee, pulling Atlas in for a Package Piledriver, only for Jake to counter with a Frankensteiner for a 2! Andy dropped Jake with a Superkick, followed with a Running Knee to the back of the head and a Package Piledriver, before covering, but SOMEHOW Jake kicked out! Andy left the ring and grabbed a Chair, throwing it into the ring and looking to smash it over Jake’s head, but Referee Rick Knox stopped him and took the Chair, leading to Andy attempting a kick to Jake’s nuts, but Atlas caught his foot! Jake flipped off Andy and started punching away at him, until Andy blocked one and went for a Low Blow, which Atlas caught and threw a Superkick, which Andy caught and went to throw Atlas, only for Jake to turn it into an Ace Crusher, sending Brown crashing into Referee Knox! Atlas looked to follow up with The LGBDDT, but Andy countered with a kick to the nuts and followed with a School Boy, as Ref Knox counted the 3. (Big Epic war of attrition Main Event. These two threw everything at each other and damn near attempted murder with the level on violence on some of these strikes and moves. Long and meaningful, emphasizing the importance of the championship and how strong Andy’s fighting spirit is. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

This was a fucking outstanding show. All of the matches brought their own blend of styles and entertainment, with a high emphasis of hard-hitting wrestling. I am very excited to see how over the 8 Man Tag was, because I hardly knew any of the wrestlers going in, but the crowd was losing their shit