GCW ‘Nick Gage Invitational 4’ (9/21/19) Results

Added by Zack Monday

From The Summit Park District Building in Summit, Illinois

NGI4 First Round, GCW World Championship Triple Threat Fuckery: “THE GOD OF THIS SHIT” Nick FUCKING Gage© vs Matthew Justice vs “The Husky Heartthrob” Kody Rice

Winner and STILL GCW World Champion: Gage after using a Top Rope Piledriver to send Justice and himself crashing through a Bundle of Light Tubes and onto Rice, who was prone on the mat. (Great start. Rice is crazy as hell, wrestling in those tiny trunks and suspenders, and taking some gnarly stuff. Justice is a mad man and adds a level of recklessness and size that brings a lot of intrigue to the Deathmatches he’s in. Gage is the fucking man and gets the BEST reaction from the crowd.)

NGI4 First Round Triple Threat Fuckery: Jimmy Lloyd vs “The Wizard King” Orin Veidt vs Yuko Miyamoto

Winner: Yuko after busing a Bundle of Light Tubes over Veidt, as he sat on the top, Yuko followed up and use a Sit Out Tombstone, off the top rope, driving Orin through a Door propped up on 2 Chairs and to the mat, following with the pin.

NGi4 First Round Triple Threat Fuckery: “The Big Dog” Mance Warner vs SHLAK vs “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

Winner: Warner after Tremont put SHLAK through a Door, covering in Light Tubes, propped up in the corner, Mance tossed Tremont a Bundle of Light Tubes, before charging in with a Knee Strike, busting the tubes into Tremont’s face and covering for the 3. (This was AWESOME. Tremont is a legend and has been through years of the gnarliest punishment, but he continues to work his ass off and kill it, even busting out a Suicide Dive for the first time! SHLAK is a motherfucking force of nature and one of the most unique characters in all of wrestling. His passion for unadulterated violence and willingness to bring the most force, always leads to entertaining madness. Mance is a jack of all trades and one of my favorite wrestlers to watch, not only in the Deathmatch scene, but all of wrestling. The Big Dog gives you a feeling that he studied The Sheephearders’ legendary bloodbaths and brings that Southern violence mixed with incredibly entertaining visuals and interactions. This match ruled, the amount of glass broken is preposterous and the escalation of violence and unpredictability makes this my first HIGHLY RECOMMENDED match.)

NGI4 First Round Triple Threat Fuckery match: Alex Colon vs Eric Ryan vs “The Devil’s Big Red Dick” Markus Crane

Winner: Colon after blocking Crane’s Frankensteiner off the top and using a Styles Clash, sending Crane crashing through a Barbed Wire wrapped Light Tube Board, on top of Ryan, through a Door, set up on Chairs and covering for the 3. (Incredible stuff. Three of the best Deathmatch wrestlers in the world just going fucking bananas.)

Four Way Scramble: “Base God” Gringo Loco vs Jake Lander vs “All Heart” Blake Christian vs “The Sauce” Alex Zayne

Winner: Zayne after Christian used an INCREDIBLE Springboard 630 to the floor, taking out all 3 of his opponents, Blake celebrated and then pulled Zayne to his feet, throwing him into the ring and following. Christian lifted Zayne to the top and followed up, but Lander had recovered and charged into the ring, stopping Blake’s momentum and then pulling him off in Powerbomb position, turning a charging towards the corner. Christian countered Jake with a Hurracanrana, sending him into the corner, where Loco was starting to climb to the top, Loco nailed Lander, rocking him back, into a Poison Rana from Christian! Loco steadied himself on the top rope and used a Springboard Ace Crusher on Lander, before Blake took Loco out of the ring with a Standing Frankensteiner, taking both men over the top. Zayne went to the top and nailed Lander with The Crunchwrap, before KILLING Lander with The Taco Driver and holding on for the 3. (Incredible aerial madness. All four of these guys showed the fuck out, nailing everything and combining for some of the most unique multiple man spots. Christian is a star in the making and this FAST ascend to the top that he and Zayne are making is a pleasure to watch. This match needs to be seen HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thank you to all four of these guys.)

“The Wild-Eyed Southern Boy” Tracy Smothers vs “Mr. Fun Size” Marko Stunt

Smothers gets on the mic and just gets INTO IT for a long ass time. Tries to get the crowd to sing along with his “Happy Birthday” to Jim Cornette.

Winner: Stunt after Smothers wrapped a Chain around his fist and used a Fist Drop on Marko, Logan got up on the apron, swinging at Tracy, who caught the punch and poked Logan in the eyes, knocking him off the apron, but giving Marko time to recover and use a School Boy for the 3.

Nick Gage Invitational 4 Final and GCW World Championship match: Nick FUCKING Gage © vs Yuko Miyamoto vs Mance Warner vs Alex Colon

Winner of the Nick Gage Invitational and STILL GCW World Champion: Gage after putting Miyamoto down with The Chokebreaker, Gage pulled Colon to the corner and covered him with Light Tubes and a Broken Table. Gage starts his way to the top, only for Warner to smash a Bundle of Light Tubes over Gage’s head, from the apron and make his way to the top, only for Gage to snatch him up and use a Top Rope Piledriver to drive Mance onto the fuckery on top of Colon and cover Colon for the 3. (Awesome!)

After the match, as Gage is celebrating his victory, a masked man slid into the ring, smashed a BIG Bundle of Light Tubes over Gage’s head and used The Chokebreaker to put Gage down! The Maasked Man grabs the Title, pulls down his bandana to reveal Rickey Shane Page, who spray paints the front of the Title and tells Gage to come and get it.

WHAT A FUCKING TOURNAMENT! One of the best lineups you could get right now and all of the matches delivered big time. GCW is the kings of the Deathmatch and this tournament was a strong foot down in testament of that. The angle that was started to end the show is something I am extremely fired up for, these two men have one hell of a history against each other and the level of violence that will come from these two top dogs of the Deathmatch will be extraordinary. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW