GCW ‘Crime Wave’ (25/4/19) Results

Added by Zack Monday

From The Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1) Fuck Fest: Grim Reefer vs Façade vs YUTA vs Pinkie Sanchez vs Brandon Kirk vs Kit Osbourne

Winner: Façade after using a Rope Walk Springboard Coast to Coast Dropkick on Kit, putting him down for the 3.

2) Gringo Loco vs Ophidian

Winner: Ophidian after battling on the top, Ophidian used a Jumping Meteora to send Loco crashing on to a Door, set up on 2 Chairs and pinned.

3) Marko Stunt vs Jimmy Lloyd

Winner: Lloyd after Marko recovered from a pair of Scissors to the head, Lloyd scored with Spinning Roundhouse Kick top the head, followed by a Tiger Driver ’91, following with a SICK Gonzo Bomb to put Marko down for 3.

4) Mance Warner vs SHLAK

Winner: Mance after using a Super Chokeslam to put SHLAK on a Door, THE DOORS WOULD NOT BREAK TONIGHT, SHLAK powered up, only for Mance to obliterate him with multiple Chair shots, followed by Knee Pad Up, Knee Pad Down and a sick Running Knee Strike against the ropes, allowing Mance to get the pin. (Awesome and Wild)

5) “The Notorious 187” Homicide vs Colby Corino

Homicide cuts a vicious promo about Colby’s father, Steve Corino and promises unmitigated violence against Colby.

Winner: Homicide after locking Colby in a NASTY STF, Colby continued to fight, only for a Woman to get on the apron and throw in the Towel, ending the match.

Homicide gets on the mic, announces the woman as Steve Corino’s Goddaughter, calls her a whore and gets very personal towards Steve, while continuing to torture Colby with a STF.

6) “No Legs” Dustin Thomas vs KTB

Winner: Thomas after KTB lifted Dustin in a Vertical Suplex, while standing on the top turnbuckle, Dustin countered with a Flipping DDT, quickly followed with a 619 and capped it off with a Slingshot 450 to keep KTB down for the 3.

7) GCW Championship match: Nick fucking Gage© vs Conor Claxton

Winner and STILL Champion: Gage after crushing Conor with multiple Boot Scrapes, Conor kept calling for more, so Gage put a piece of Broken Door over Conor’s face and CRUSHED it with another Boot Scrape, before pulling Claxton out and putting him down with The Chokebreaker, following with the pin. (Crazy)

Gage gets on the mic and hypes the upcoming GCW Title defense against Joey Janela. “This is my fucking house!”

8) “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs Tony Deppen

Winner: Janela after they battled to the top and fought for control, Joey powered Depped into a Torture Rack and used a FUCKING PSYCHO DRIVER off the top! Janela quickly crawled into the cover for the 3. (Awesome)

Great promo from Joey, putting over his return from injury, how FUCKING AWESOME Tony Deppen is and hypes the GCW Title match vs Nick Gage.

Picture Credit: @DJStrongStyle