Fight Club: PRO ‘Project London’ Nights 1 & 2 (28 & 29/8/18) Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Dave Green was on hand for us at Bush Hall in London to bring us all the results and happenings from Fight Club: PRO’s latest excursion into London. Check back tonight for the results from the third and final night or follow along on The Indy Corner twitter account for results as they happen.

Night 1:

  1. Millie McKenzie via DQ after Chris Brookes, Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis attacked her, Trent Seven, Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate made the save.
  2. Chuck mambo won a 4-way match pinning Lucky Kid following a frogsplash, also in the match OMARI & MK McKinnan
  3. New Talent Tournament: Kieran Kelly defeated Hari Singh via pinfall after a ‘Busaiku’ knee strike
  4. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) defeated El Phantasmo & Trey Miguel. Great match which got a standing ovation.
  5. New Talent Tournament: Scotty Davis defeated Jack Ball via pinfall with a bridging dragon suplex
  6. Main Event: ‘Schadenfeude’ Chris Brookes, Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher/Mark Davis) & Jinny defeated Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne & Millie McKenzie after Jinny pinned Millie wilth a roll-up.

Night 2:

  1. MK McKinnan defeated Will Ospreay by countering a ‘Stormbreaker’ – Dave said “Best opening match I have seen this year, rematch please”
  2. New Talent Tournament: LJ Cleary defeated Dereiss after some outside interference by associates of Cleary.
  3. 7-Way Scramble Match: Jinny wins after pinning Bea Priestley following a rolling kick. Also in the match were Millie McKenzie, Charli Evans, Valkyrie, Isla Dawn & Session Moth Martina. Following the match Bea & Millie got into it, so do Ospreay & Dunne, a brawl then starts and we now have a mixed tag match set for night 3.
  4. Tyler Bate defeated El Phantasmo via pinfall following the ‘Tyler Driver 97’
  5. Chuck mambo wins a 4-way pinning OMARI with a crucifix driver, also in the match, Trent Seven & Jordan Devlin
  6. New Talent Tournament: NIWA defeated Michael May with a deadlift powerbomb to advance.
  7. ‘Schadenfeude’ (Brookes, Davis & Fletcher) defeated The Rascalz (Xavier/Wentz) & Trey Miguel when Fletcher rakes the eyes of Miguel and Brookes hits ‘Death By Roll-Up’ for the win