Dragon Gate “Dead or Alive 2019” May 6th, 2019 Results/Write-Up

Added by Zack Monday

From Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

1) Eight Man Tag match: Dragon Dia, Jason Lee, Keisuke Okuda & Yuki Yoshioka vs Natural Vibes (Genki Horiguchi, Punch Tominaga & YASSHI) & Mondai Ryu

Winners: Lee, Dia, Okuda & Yoshioka after Dia took out Genki & YASSHI with an Asai Moonsault, Okuda traded shots with Mondai, before unloading a series of kicks to Ryu’s chest and hitting the ropes, Ryu stopped Okuda and hit the ropes himself, only for Okuda to level him with a Flying Kick. Lee slid into the ring and used The Maximum Driver (Spinning Fisherman’s Driver) to get a 2, before Yoshioka came flying off the top with a Frog Splash on Mondai and held on for the 3.
Jason Lee is awesome and worth checking out if you have not seen his work. I like Keisuke Okuda’s style and want to see more of him. H.A.G.E is still alive and kicking, with Punch being a perfect Arai or Genki sneaky fun style.

2) K-Ness & Ryo Saito vs Shachihoko BOY & Stalker Ishikawa

Winners: K-Ness & Saito after Stalker told Shachihoko to go to the top, while he held Ness and readied for a Body Slam, only for K-Ness to reverse Stalker, Body Slamming him to the mat and then calling out to Shachihoko, who dove off the top with a Moonsault to Stalker and Ness & Saito dog-piled on Shachihoko for the 3!
Stalker was funny and solid, pulling off more moves than I can remember seeing him pull off. Cool sequence on Ness & Saito arguing, BOY & Stalker go for stereo Head Scissor Takeovers, only for Ness & Saito to push them aside like nothing and continue arguing. Also, Stalker is the champion of rope-walking, defeating his partner in a game of mid-rope chicken and I await the next challenge.

3) MaxiMuM (Kaito Ishida & Masato Yoshino) vs R.E.D (Ben-K & Eita)

Winners: after Ben-K leveled Yoshino with a Spear and covered, Eita broke up the cover and pulled Masato in Vertebreaker position, only Yoshino escaped, Eita caught him with a couple strikes and hit the ropes, but Yoshino floored him with a Lariat! Ben-K waited for Eita to get up, before using a Spear to take his partner down! Ishida threw Ben-K to the floor, as Yoshino used a Slingblade on Eita and finished him off with The Lightning Spiral and the pin.

The dissension between Eita and Ben-K is amusing and Ben-K plays up the prick role pretty damn well. Good action throughout the match, Kaito Ishida brings a lot of force and some great fire. Masato Yoshino will always be the Speed Star and is still as quick as anyone in that ring. Good match

4) Six Man Tag match: Strong Machine Gundan (Strong Machine F, Strong Machine G & Strong Machine J) vs Tribe Vanguard (Kagetora, KAI & Yosuke Santa Maria)

Winners: Strong Machine Gundan after Gundan punished Santa Maria with a series of moves, capped off by G & H combining for The Doomsday Bulldog, putting Maria in place for G to connect with a Jumping Elbow Drop and cover, but it was broken up. Gundan got rid of KAI & Kagetora, before G & H nailed Maria with a sandwich Machine Lariat and J used The Devil Windmill Suplex (Bridging Hammerlock Suplex) to get the 3.
The Machines continued to punish Santa Maria, as KAI & Kagetora dragged him out of the ring.
The Strong Machine Gundan is a bruising, old-school trio that put the hurt on their opponents. I like the combination of the 3 and want to see more. Santa Maria was the ultimate underdog in this one and showed some good fire.

5) Open The Brave Gate Championship match: Susumu Yokosuka (c) vs U-T

Winner and STILL Open The Brave Gate Champion: Susumu after stopping U-T’s momentum with a Lariat, Susumu steadied U-T and hit the ropes for Jumbo NO Kaichi, turning U-T inside out and covering, but he kicked out! Susumu pulled U-T and scored with The Yokosuka Cutter and covered, but U-T, with blood flowing from his nose, kicked out, got to his feet and collapsed at Susumu’s. Susumu got up, with U-T scratching and clawing his way up his shorts, and used Mugen to put U-T down and get the pinfall! (Bad Ass!)

Great limb work from U-T, focusing on Susumu’s arm and taking away the fear of Jumbo NO Kaichi. U-T is so damn good with the little things and really making it look like he’s trying to take Susumu’s arm. Great counters, really fun sequences from these two, Susumu is special and has always been. The crowd was into this more than anything else, so far and it brought a little extra to the table. U-T showed really good heart and his timing of counters was perfect. Really Good match with a KILLER Finishing Sequence! Recommended

6) Open The Triangle Gate Championship match: R.E.D (KAZMA SAKAMOTO, Takashi Yoshida & Yasushi Kanda) © vs Mochizuki Dojo (Hyo Watanabe, Kota Minoura & Masaaki Mochizuki)

Winners and STILL Open The Triangle Gate Champions: R.E.D after Kota powered Yoshida over the a Suplex, Kanda flew across with a Front Dropkick to Kota, but Masaaki was right there, raking Kanda’s eyes, before hitting the ropes and blasting him with a Front Dropick. KAZMA hit the ropes and charged at Mochizuki, who blasted KAZMA with a Thrust Kick and went for Sankakugeri to the Face, but Yoshida stopped him and knocked him to the mat. Hyo charged in and unloaded on KAZMA, before hitting the ropes, but Kanda nailed Hyo with a Briefcase shot to the back, allowing KAZMA to connect with Shotei and follow with a Michinoku Driver, hooking the leg for a 2! KAZMA & Kanda pulled Hyo up and looked to send him in, only Hyo countered and sent Kanda crashing into KAZMA, before using The Panther Clutch on Kanda, for an extremely close 2. Hyo unloaded on Kanda and hit the ropes, but KAZMA stepped in and PLANTED Hyo with a Pop Up Powerbomb, before rolling him up and using a SICK One Arm Package Piledriver to drop Hyo on his head and get the pin. (Dope!)
Solid as hell! This featured some really good looking, super talented kids in Hyo Watanabe & Kota Minoura, teamed with one of the best coaches you could ask for in Masaaki Mochizuki, I am extremely intrigued by this tandem and their backstory. R.E.D is just mean, nasty and experts as timing their attacks. This was a really cool struggle that I enjoyed.

7) Open The Dream Gate Championship match: PAC © vs Dragon Kid

Winner and STILL Open The Dream Gate Champion: PAC after killing DK with a Sit Out Powerbomb for a 2, the crowd was fired up, PAC looked a little frustrated, as he dragged DK to the corner and made his way to the top. DK continued to fight and crawl up the corner, leading to PAC dropping down, pushing DK into the corner and unloading with an Enziguri to the face, before lifting DK to the top and climbing back up, pulling DK over and scoring with an Avalanche Tombstone Piledriver! PAC positioned DK and went back to the top, flying off with The Red Arrow to finally keep Dragon Kid down for the 3. (Big Time match!)
PAC sure does make his matches feel big time and special and it translates so damn well in the Dragon Gate setting. Dragon Kid is as never say die as it gets, all of his career he has been that symbol of spirit in DG and for that to be the antithesis of PAC’s just ruthless evil approach, it’s money. These guys escalated to some pretty GNARLY big moves, head drops and timely aerial assaults. Definitely the best match on the show, unless this Main Event is something that blows me away. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

8) Unit Bonds Steel Cage Survival Five Way match: Big R Shimizu (R.E.D) vs Kzy (Natural Vibes) vs Naruki Doi (MaxiMuM) vs Shun Skywalker (Mochizuki Dojo) vs YAMATO (Tribe Vanguard)

Order of Escape:

1) Kzy after fighting his way to the top of the cage, while Susumu Yokosuka climbed up and handed Kzy a bag, which he pulled out his Bazooka from! Kzy shot the streamers at the outside interference and got enough clearance to grab his Flag!
2) Shun after Hyo Watanabe ran out, dressed as Yosuke Santa Maria, ran out, scaled the cage and Kissed YAMATO, knocking him back to the ring, before kissing Yosuke Santa Maria, distracting him long enough for Shun to retrieve his Flag!
3) YAMATO after Darkside BxB Hulk returned, climbed up the cage and stopped Big R from escaping, knocking him to the ring and allowing YAMATO to finish climbing up and retrieve his Flag!
4) Doi after Big R put Doi down with a Sit Out Powerbomb and made his climb to the top, only for Dragon Kid to climb up and fight Big R. away from grabbing the Flag, instead Big R. turned and dove off the plank with a Splash, but Doi moved! Doi climbed up and retrieved his Flag!

Each escapee and their Faction got into the cage, one after another and cut promos about the strength in their units and if they will release anybody. Shun Skywalker releases himself from Mochizuki Dojo, which pisses Masaaki off. All other units remain intact, until Big R. got his turn. He called for KAZMA, PAC and Yasushi Kanda to join him, when they got into the Cage, Big R. talked to each member, before laying out Ben K with a Lariat and joining all R.E.D members in stomping him out and throwing him out of R.E.D!

Faction members outside of the cage provided comedy, perfectly timed interferences, stopping the rival competitors from getting to their Flag, throughout the match. Big R is awesome, a great big man in this company and a great cocky heel monster in this match. This match is pure fun, the action is great, with the competitors in the match it would be hard to mess it up. Big R’s struggle to climb the cage, the addition of the outside attacks is hilarious and makes sense. Shun Skywalker is very impressive, big, tall kid, brings it and makes it loud, incredible athleticism. Hyu Watanabe Santa Maria and Yosuke Santa Maria are involved in some top of the cage hilarity. DARKSIDE BxB HULK returns during a Big R. escape attempt, to which YAMATO smiles! Ben-K may just be an asshole and that probably answers my earlier question about the R.E.D dissension. This match is a lot of fun and definitely recommended.